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Hey remember when Sherrod Brown attacked Mike DeWine for voting with the president 96% of the time?

We all know what a hypocrite Sherrod Brown really is. For example, he accuses his opponents with a bogus “war on women” while hiding his own alleged history of physical and emotional abuse against his wife.

Tonight, we have another example for you. Let’s take a journey back in time 6 years ago when “No Fear” Sherrod was running for the Senate against incumbent Mike DeWine. Watch the video where Sherrod attacks DeWine for voting with President Bush 96% of the time, and tries to tell Ohio voters how “bipartisan” he is.

So, how bipartisan was Sherrod Brown once his party took control?

In 2009, Sherrod Brown voted with Barack Obama 96% of the time.
In 2010, he voted with President Downgrade 98% of the time.

In fact, Sherrod Brown is so bipartisan, that in the 111th Congress (2009-2010), he only voted with Democrats 97% of the time. How’s he doing in the current Congress? He has increased his bipartisanship by 2/3, and only voted with Democrats 95% of the time.

What else does Sherrod have to say about toeing the party line?

“There’s an old line that Mark Twain used to use, ‘When two people think alike all the time, one of them ain’t doing much thinking.'”

You don’t say, Mr. 95%?

Sherrod Brown wants you to believe he’s a moderate middle class warrior. He isn’t. He is tied as the most liberal in the Senate. He takes millions in Big Labor cash and votes how they tell him to. He isn’t fighting for you, he’s fighting for an extreme progressive agenda and doesn’t care one bit about the massive debt bomb that it is bringing upon this country.

Ohio shouldn’t be represented by a man this extreme. Sherrod Brown’s politics belong in a state like Vermont or California, not here.

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