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How the environmentalists lie about fracking

With all of the recent talk about shale gas in Ohio, I’ve seen a few signs popping up in people’s yards that say “Stop fracking”. Since they were all in one neighborhood, it was obvious that someone canvassed the neighborhood scaring people about the practice, and then asked for permission to put the signs in their yards. The problem is that most of the things that anti-fracking liberals use to scare people are lies.

I have embedded a video showing the fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, process at the bottom of this post for your review. A fellow named Josh Fox made a 2010 documentary that highlights the supposed “evils of fracking”, and this movie really started the anti-fracking movement. One of Fox’s main claims is that fracking contaminates ground water with gas, and he shows two homes where you can light a fire out of the faucet when the water is turned on. It’s quite dramatic footage.

The problem is, that Fox doesn’t tell the whole story. In that part of the country, people have known there was naturally occurring methane in the water for decades. In fact, Fox admitted to knowing this and having reports of it happening long before fracking came along, but he completely omitted that information from the movie. Watch his answer when he is asked why he omitted the information.

What a smug reply. “There were also reports of people getting hit by cars in Denver in 1987. They’re not relevant”. And does he really believe that the fact that people there lit their water before fracking is not relevant?? When the video of his answer was first put on YouTube, Fox got a bunch of lawyers to have it removed, and did the same thing on Vimeo. He didn’t want his acknowledgement that people lit their water before fracking being made public.

In other words, Josh Fox is just a liar, and he didn’t want people to know he had been exposed. (Obviously YouTube later put the video back up.)

Furthermore, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) investigated the wells at both of the houses featured in Fox’s movie. The result? The methane in their water was naturally occurring and not caused by fracking.

The fact is that America is sitting on a mother lode of shale gas and oil, and that fracking is a safe way of recovering it. We should be thankful for the resources we have been blessed with and the science available to take advantage of it. Instead, the usual liberals are wringing their hands and trying to stop it.

I had the good fortune to hear Ann McElhinney speak at Right Online. She and her husband, the man questioning Fox in the video, have investigated other claims made by Fox, and are producing a film of their own to counter Fox’s lies. I look forward to seeing it when it is ready.

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