Huffington Post smears John Kasich with racist misquote

The Huffington Post has long been known as a liberal blog, but they have been trying to rebrand themselves as a legitimate news organization, calling themselves “The Internet Newspaper”.

That effort isn’t going too well, and a stunt they pulled today showed that they are still a liberal rag who will smear conservatives to fit their political agenda.

Today they hosted an event in Tampa with several personalities. The program was about the nation’s job crisis, and Governor Kasich was on the panel. The governor made a comment that we need to promote entrepreneurship to the inner cities to inspire more black Americans. Unfortunately, HuffPo completely misquoted Kasich and made his comment sound racist. Here is what they reported, followed by a screenshot of their article.

John Kasich: African Americans Can “Come From The Streets And Own Small Businesses”

According to HuffPost’s Jon Ward, the Ohio governor said that African Americans need to be convinced that they can “come off the streets” and become small business owners.

A real journalist, Joe Vardon from the Columbus Dispatch, later posted an article with the truth about what Kasich actually said.

To illustrate his point, Kasich said he recently read an article about rap mogul, actor, and businessman Jay-Z, who is a minority owner of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

“He’s running the whole God-darn place now,” Kasich said, referring to the Nets. “People like that, who have shown that they can come from the streets, and have a tough beginning and then be able to become incredible entrepreneurs, we’ve got to get that into our schools and the inner cities where we can show kids that hey, you can be what you want to be.”

Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, grew up in the Brooklyn projects and his early life struggles are well known. Kasich was clearly speaking about Carter in this context.

This was a clear a deliberate smear by the Huffington Post. Someone over there got wise and they have since changed their article. That makes it clear that they knew they were guilty of false reporting and went back to fix it.

Jon Ward, the reporter referenced in the article, also tweeted the smear, which was then retweeted by dozens of followers. I have included a screenshot of that as well.

If The Huffington Post had any credibility, they would issue a retraction and an apology to the Ohio governor’s office. Many Republicans already avoid “news” outlets like HuffPost and I’m sure you won’t see John Kasich sitting down with them again anytime soon. If more Republicans start rejecting their invitations, they have only themselves to blame.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

12 thoughts on “Huffington Post smears John Kasich with racist misquote”

  1. The irony is dripping here. You decry HuffPo but won’t go on record admitting that the ENTIRE THEME of the GOP Convention “We Built This” is based on one huge out of context lie being used to attack the President.

    I’m not that surprised given that you guys tend to have a problem with intellectual honesty. More soon at PB.

  2. Not the same at all, Eric.

    HuffPo deliberately misquoted Kasich. They didn’t just take him out of context, they lied about what he said.

    Obama was not taken out of context in the first place. They have been playing audio of several sentences of what Barry said. He told business owners that other people made their businesses happen. Most business agree with the sentiment that they did indeed “build that”, depsite Prince Unicorn telling them that they didn’t.

    Knock yourself out trying to make the equivelance, though. I’m sure PB readers will love it.

  3. i guess when you are as entrenched in delusion as you are you can’t see it. the full context of what the President said clearly indicates he is talking about those businesses not building the infrastructure that allowed them to thrive. he wasn’t talking about their businesses, but it’s too juicy and the electoral path to victory for romney is so thin – or nonexistent – as to cause such delusion.

    looks to me like huffpo paraphrased what kasich said, not lie about it. is he not saying that blacks in urban areas need to be taught they can be just like Jay-Z and “come from the streets” – or the projects and be rap moguls?

    i don’t mind the message so much – other than the bizarro world in which kasich touts the accomplishments of a rap star…but to say it while doing nothing for inner city schools but steal their funding to balance his budget is a bit much. not to mention support national policies that continue to widen the rich-poor gap. there is a reason romney is polling AT (not near) ZERO with African Americans.

    “He told business owners that other people made their businesses happen” – did you really just claim HuffPo lied about what kasich said and then say this? I guarantee you cannot point to any evidence that the President said what you are saying he said. If you can I will stop blogging forever. Any evidence whatsoever that Obama told business owners that “other people made their business happen” and I’ll hang up the keyboard. or maybe i should bet you $100 like i did Joe C. over at bizzyblog way back when. be easy money.

    1. Any evidence whatsoever that Obama told business owners that “other people made their business happen” and I’ll hang up the keyboard. or maybe i should bet you $100 like i did Joe C. over at bizzyblog way back when. be easy money.

      Are you actually serious? Your ability to create your own reality is mind boggling.

      “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t built that! Somebody else made that happen.” -Barack Obama

  4. If all he said was what you quoted then you’d be right. But you are either ignorant or are intentionally misleading in your selected pull from the actual President’s words. If we consider what he said JUST BEFORE what you’ve quoted (you know, the full context), we get this:

    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

    Now, let’s review the video of said remarks so we can pick up subtle nuances like pauses and manner of speech:

    You’ll notice – if you are not blinded by partisan blinders or convention themes – that he quickly follows “Somebody invested in roads and bridges” with “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that.”, clearly referring to the roads and bridges not the business.

    You can argue poor sentence construction, poor delivery, but you can’t say he said something he didn’t say which is precisely what you and all the other Republicans who think they’ve found the key to Romney winning have done.

    Sigh. I guess I’ll keep blogging…and get Joe C. to donate $100 to NARAL Ohio during the DNC! Woohoo!

    1. Wow. You’re actually trying to tell me that “you didn’t build that” referred to roads and bridges?

      You have officially reached a new low. Give it up dude.
      Not even the empty suit president has made THAT claim.

      And even if that WAS what he said, President downgrade is STILL wrong, because business pay taxes just as much as anyone else does. In many cases, they pay a lot more.

      This post wasnt even about Zero, yet you still bring “You didnt build that” back up.

      Watching the likes of Chrissy Matthews slobber all over himself in his defense of Obama is one thing, but you’ve got him beat with that ridiculous defense.

      Astonishing. (OK not really. Its been obvious for awhile that you’ll say anything to change what Zero said.)

  5. Yes if you have more than a third grade reading comprehension it’s obvious what he was referring to and smarter people than us agree. You’ve clearly bought the out of context attack hook line and sinker. I get that. It’s what you do here. Objective observers will still know you are wrong. The funny part is even if you CONCEDE your argument you still lose it, especially when your party uses a venue primarily publicly financed.

    The disconnect humors me greatly.

    I had high hopes for you and your credibility, Nick. You disappoint.

    Thanks for playing.

  6. I just can’t figure liberals out…

    Kasich tells people something like “You CAN be succesfull”… and liberals bash him.

    Obummer tells people “You didn’t do that, you needed help”… and liberals laud him.

    Kasish believes in peoples abilities… Obama believes in government. Pretty much sums it up.

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