I’m a Rubio Delegate, and I Just Voted for Kasich in Ohio. Here’s Why.

[The following is a guest post from a personal friend, Phil Van Treuren. I am also a Rubio delegate, and already cast my vote for Rubio weeks ago. But Phil has a point here and if I still had yet to vote, I would be thinking long and hard about this. -Nick]


By Phil Van Treuren

No doubt about it: Marco Rubio would be one hell of a standard bearer for the GOP in a general election. He’s the best candidate to beat Hillary in November, boost our underticket candidates, and grow our party. I’m proud to be a Rubio delegate, and would be proud to call him my president.

But I voted for John Kasich, not Rubio, in the Ohio primary yesterday.

My reason is simple: to stop megalomaniac Donald Trump from clinching the nomination and leading our party into a train wreck this fall.

Listen: Ohio is a winner-take-all primary state. The top vote-getter receives every one of our 66 delegates. If we handed them out proportionally, I’d gladly vote for Rubio in hopes of him clinching a few.

But that’s not the reality here, folks. Neither Rubio or Cruz have a hope of winning Ohio; polling consistently shows them far behind Trump. John Kasich, though, is running neck-and-neck with The Donald here, and a few extra votes could put him over the top.

If Trump gets the nomination, you might as well start calling Hillary “Madam President.”

Worse than that: with Trump on the ballot, we’ll have a slaughter of the Republican underticket in Ohio unlike anything you’ve seen in a generation. Say hello to a Senator Strickland, GOP losses in the state legislature, and a bloodbath for Republican candidates in counties across the Buckeye State.

I get it: a lot of you Rubio and Cruz supporters don’t like Kasich. You want to cast your ballot for your favorite candidate out of principle, even if they don’t have a chance of winning Ohio.

If this were any other year, I’d say go for it. But this year we’re faced with the prospect of a candidate who could saddle every Republican in Ohio with his narrow-minded, bullying brand of politics.

I refuse to giving Trump the delegates he needs to hang that albatross around our necks.

Here’s the long and short of it: a vote for anyone other than John Kasich in Ohio is a vote for Trump. I hate that it’s reached that point, but it’s reality. And I hope that my fellow Rubio supporters — and Cruz folks, as well — will join me in doing whatever it takes to keep Trump from taking Ohio.

Phil Van Treuren is a city councilman in Amherst, a former winner of the Ohio Young Republican of the Year Award, and a member of the Lorain County Republican Party Executive Committee.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

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  1. Some additional thoughts here:

    Those of you who know me on Facebook know how infuriated I was yesterday. After Rubio’s spokesman said Rubio voters in Ohio should vote for Kasich to stop Trump, the Kasich campaign responded by insulting Rubio, and offering zero reciprocal help from Kasich supporters in Florida.

    Even after the Kasich campaign took the low road here, Senator Rubio himself took the high road, ignored the nasty comments from Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols, and continued to personally ask us Ohio Rubio supporters to vote for Kasich.

    If Rubio is your preferred candidate here in Ohio, and he is asking you to vote for Kasich, then you would be supporting YOUR candidate’s wishes by doing so.

    I’ll repeat one final thought. If by some miracle, John Kasich were our nominee in November, I’d happily vote for him over Clinton or Sanders. But I will never, ever, vote for Donald Trump.

    1. Nick, you should check to see whether you can rescind your early voted ballot and get a new one — I think that is possible.

      As I wrote in my letter, no campaign can endorse the strategy without looking weak. Thus, Cruz supporters reacted very strongly against the idea and Kasich’s camp can’t endorse it either if he wants to look electable at the convention. Rubio did the right thing once he realized he already looked weak — he chose to serve our country by trying to stop Trump. I am proud as hell of him for making that choice. I think he will be on the bottom of the ticket.

      1. You’re getting nowhere with Cruz supporters because the Cruz campaign is still viable and is fighting to win Ohio, Florida and 1000 delegates beyond Tuesday. Cruz has already won some states that he allegedly had no chance of winning, and he may do it again. The best way to help Cruz is to vote for him, not prop up anyone else’s dead campaign.

    2. This is such a sick way of thinking and voting. First off noone wants kasich. If they did he would have a state by now. He doesnt. There are reasons for that. Kasich is an ego maniac. A passive agressive liberal who is for common core. By doing this voting strategy you are giving him the green light to keep going. Trump doesnt even need ohio as he will get sll the other states And florida too. Rubio is a jerk to think this would work. Everything runio dies back fires on him. You would think he’d learn. Kasich is laughing his ass off.

    3. I too am from Ohio and want Marco Rubio nominated at the convention. I would appreciate your vote for him at the Convention! Thanks

  2. Here’s the problem with this approach – while it’s theoretically a good landing spot for the 165 delegates Ohio and Florida will be casting on March 15th, we have to be a lot more worried about the 1000+ delegates that come later. If this continues as a 4-man race, Trump can continue getting his 30-40% of the vote and coast his way to the nomination.

    According to this week’s ABC/WashPost poll, in one-on-one matchup Ted Cruz beats Trump 54-41%. And if you exclude Trump and Cruz supporters from their poll, the remaining Republican voters prefer Cruz 72/17. It is vital we get this down to a 2-man race as we now enter the winner-take-all states.

    If Kasich and Rubio win their states, they’re not going to thank the voters and then drop out and endorse Cruz. They’re going to call their wins a turning point and continue their campaigns. And then Trump can start sweeping most of the remaining 1000 delegates by getting his usual 38% of the vote. It’s simple math – we can’t be so obsessed with 165 delegates that we sacrifice 1000 more.

    The nominee is going to be either Trump or Cruz. Kasich and Rubio have no realistic path to 1237. If you’re like me and don’t want Trump to be the nominee, the best thing GOP voters across the country can do is get behind Cruz now. I don’t know who is going to win what on Tuesday, but we do know the best way to defeat Trump is make sure Cruz is his only opponent.

    1. Mar. 15 decides whether Trump can get to the magic number. Period. Calendar does not favor Cruz as the race proceeds. States like NY, NJ, CT are just not that into guns and so the presence of Rubio or Kasich beyond Mar. 15 hurts Cruz at the convention, but it doesn’t meaningfully change the difficulty of Cruz getting to 50.1%.

  3. Like Jeff says you really only have two choices Trump or Cruz. Rubio will lose Florida and he is done – – he is done now and you all know it.

    And Kasich? Seriously, our governor gets 4 – 7% in most state polls and in most primaries — sure a higher percentage will vote for him if he is the GOP candidate in the general — but he will be McCain III ( like Romney was McCain II). John Kasich will run another pathetic Mr. Milktoast campaign against a disgusting candidate — afraid to call her out because he daughter and wife might not approve or someone might suggest he is against all women..

    I think all this too cute strategy is just a bit disingenuous.

    Phil and Nick you don’t want Trump — OK I can’t really blame you on that. A lot of the things he does makes me apoplectic too. So senseless to talk like that.

    But you have no excuse for not getting on board with Cruz – – no excuse other than the fact that maybe you are really are just not conservatives? You want a CINO like Rubio or Kasich not a true conservative?

    If stopping Trump is really your goal then a straight up vote for Cruz the only way. He is the only one of the three that has a prayer of beating Trump. We all know that.

    1. But not in Ohio. Cruz has no chance in Ohio. Hence the wisdom of tactical voting.

      Cruz folks seem to be willing to gamble with the future of our democracy by playing with fire in Ohio and Florida — all to bolster the slim chances of Cruz getting to 50.1%. (Cue the “not gonna happen” Cruz gif). Frankly, it’s totally selfish and borderline unpatriotic given the threat posed by Trump.

      1. Yeah what about it Eric are you endorsing Cruz after Tuesday or will you have some other convenient excuse for Kasich or Rubio to hang on?

  4. Trump is the only candidate of the remaining four to have shown any moderation on economics, and that will important factor in winning Midwestern states last won by the GOP 1988. Rubio’s strident neoconservatism of more foreign aggression and immigration, is a non-starter.

    John Kasich has ZERO chance of winning the nomination in the primaries, he wants a brokered convention, which will have no legitimacy.

    I understand that the blog writers here have an ideological commitment to mass immigration, but I am here to ask if you would really rather see a Democratic President?

    Trump is not Hitler, but Hillary is a Clinton.

    1. The idea that Trump has any coherent ideological or policy positions would be funny if he weren’t a clear and present danger to democracy. There is a case to impeach him on day one of a Trump presidency.

      The whole point of #nevertrump is to wake up the populace to the fact that he is a completely unacceptable and dangerous figure, and to give the GOP a last chance to run a credible candidate who can defeat Clinton. Trump gets trounced by Clinton in the polls for the same reason. The 10% in the middle would rather suffer through Clinton than risk the future of our country on an incompetent fool like Trump.

      1. “clear and present danger”

        That’s what we call “derangement syndrome”. If anyone satisfies that description, it is Hillary Clinton. She is the one running the modern day political machine.

        Look at Trump’s career in real estate and media, do you see a reckless disregard for the law? Do you see FBI investigations? What you do see is some remarkable successes, clouded only by the collapse of Atlantic City.

        The idea that Trump is going to turn the country into a dictatorship, is only one step removed from thinking he is the Antichrist. We have survived 8 years of Obama, and the Republicans have bounced back after being discredited for a failed economy and the Iraq War. 8 years of Trump will remind Congress to stop abdicating its constitutional role.

  5. you like to keep saying Cruz supporters are playing with fire, gambling with the future of our democracy, being selfish and unpatriotic blah blah blah – I could easily say the same thing about Rubio himself, Kasich himself and all of their supporters who refuse to support Cruz knowing that their candidates are truly “dead men still running”

    I understand the logic of voting for Kasich Tuesday, and I may end up doing so even though I do not like it much – but frankly the continuing string of insults coming from you is making me less inclined to do so, not more – don’t tell me I am unpatriotic because I won’t play the game being made necessary by your jerk candidates that won’t GTFO – you wanna say it is unfortunate but a good idea, fine – but get off your soap box and stop trash talking those of us who support a truly conservative and constitutional candidate – you want us to give up what may be our only chance to vote for the guy that we believe is truly our best hope to pull back our country from the precipice? then do so with respect, not with disdain and criticism

    and I find that particularly ironic coming from someone who says he would hand the election to Hillary before he would vote for Trump if he is the eventual nominee – you want everyone to be “patriotic” and “unselfish?” – try looking in the mirror, Nick (and anyone else that feels that way – I don’t like Trump, but as Reagan more or less said, “my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy” – that applies is even 60% friend (vs 0% HRC) also

    1. Supporting Cruz after Mar. 15 is fine. Voting for him in Ohio — as Cruz campaign continues to push for — is the gamble I am referring to. And it is reckless.

      1. there you go again – telling me I am reckless – do you not read anything we are saying? Kasich and Rubio are being reckless staying in this long when they have ZERO chance – not to mention they are two of the betrayers that have created the Cult of Trump – if Kasich stays in and wins OH then drops out and endorses Cruz, then I will admit you were right – but if he loses or wins and does not drop, then he is the one screwing the party, and you convinced us to help him

        now I have a question for you – if Trump gets the nomination, will you vote for him? I already know how Nick feels unless he has changed his mind – but so far, you won’t say anything except that you want to stop Trump – fine – but I doubt I am alone when I say put up or shut up – will you support the eventual nominee, no matter who that is?

        and to repeat one more time, you want to tell us we should vote for Kasich to stop Trump, fine – but LAY OFF THE INSULTS AND PEJORATIVES

  6. by the way – I also agree with Jeff – if I really thought Kasich was still in it for “the good of the cause,” I would be much more likely to play the “stop Trump” game – but I agree with Jeff – that egotistical ahole is likely to stay in if he wins – and based on his “we don’t need your stupid help” response to Rubio, I think there is plenty of reason to consider him exactly what I called him

    and as Bernie points out, you have no excuse to not get on board with Cruz – how about you start doing what is necessary for the good of the party like you want us to do?

  7. Ok Eric, I’m curious to see if you really believe the rhetoric you’ve been pushing. You claim you’re all about stopping Trump. You say we have to nominate someone else. And we all have to strategically vote for whoever can best stop him. So I have just one question……..

    On March 16th are you endorsing Ted Cruz and calling on Kasich and Rubio to drop out? I can’t wait to see if you really are what you claim to be, or if you’re just another Kasich stooge trying to fool us in a desperate bid to prop up Kasich’s dead campaign.

  8. latest poll released today

    Kasich 33
    Trump 33
    Cruz 27

    so much for “Cruz has no chance in Ohio”

    1. Ted is surging late? I’ve been working doors in OHD#27 for the past week — very conservative district and there is a lot of support for Cruz and Kasich here.

      1. I don’t remember where I saw it, but I saw a headline that said Cruz was surging in OH – I checked Real Clear Politics, and there was a poll conducted 3/9-11 by CBS/YouGov – that is the poll I quoted

  9. OK polled Trump 32 Cruz 20 – Cruz won 34 28
    TX polled Trump 28 Cruz 37 – Cruz won 43 26
    KS polled Trump 35 Cruz 29 – Cruz won 43 28
    ID polled Trump 30 Cruz 19 – Cruz won 45 28

    AK and ME did not have recent polls before their primaries/caucuses, but the January AK polling was the same story

    Over and over Cruz outperforms the polls. That is especially true on closed primaries (like OH).

    Cruz has no chance??? I call BS.

    1. CBS poll now looks like an outlier with two more recent polls showing Cruz 20 points back. And Ohio is open to independents, so not truly “closed.” Time to “hold your nose and vote for Kasich.”

  10. crickets from Eric…

    what about it, Eric? are you endorsing and supporting Cruz after tomorrow? will you vote for Trump if he is the eventual nominee?

  11. and Nick – have you changed your mind? or do you still say you will not vote for Trump if he is the nominee?

    1. What makes you think I have changed my mind? If Trump is the GOP nominee, I will not vote for him in November. I will vote for an acceptable third-party candidate or leave it blank for POTUS.

      1. How anyone can claim they are “conservative” and then advocate throwing their vote down the drain in pique futility is amazing to me.

        Either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will destroy any chance for saving what is left of the country as they will make 2 maybe 3 selections on the SCOTUS. With Trump there would at least be a chance of something better — maybe something good. With a 6-3 (or 7-2) Court first and second amendments go just as soon as they can get the cases they need to be decided.

        Clinton, Sanders (as well as Kasich) will refuse to correct the immigration problems (read this: http://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2016/03/14/john-kasich-goes-all-in-for-amnesty-illegals-made-in-the-image-of-the-lord/ ).

        So the day after the 12 million illegals are considered to be ‘legal” the drumbeat for “it is not fair” that they cannot vote will start. So before the 2020 elections they’ll all be voting. With Trump there would be very reasonable chance of turning this doomsday scenario around.

        You can put all the window dressing on that you desire but not voting for the republican is de facto voting for the democrat — period.

        Which of Hillary’s endearing features do you find attractive enough that you would like to hang them around the neck of your children and grand children Nick?

        IMO, you picked a very bad time to vent on prepubescent idealism — it’s excusable for the under 20 crowd.

        If you are upset that Trump be a poor candidate who would lose to Clinton your solution of joining the democrats and not voting for him seems self-defeating at the minimum….devoid of logic at worst.

        1. The same folks who think the GOP could have repealed or defunded Obamacare even though Obama has a veto…are now calling me an “idealist”?


          No, I’m not being idealistic. I’m maintaining a bare minimum of a standard of who I will support with my vote.

          1. Anyone who refuses to vote against Hillary is de facto voting for her – so much for your “minimum standards”. Apparently Hillary passes your litmus test?

            Off topic but who told the GOP to lie about defunding Obamacare in the 2014 elections? The Tea Party? Yes the GOP COULD agreed to fund a budget extension in 2015 in the lame duck and then a held real fight on the budget in the new Congress — we both know that Boehner and McConnell had no stomach (or interest) for that fight. But changing the subject does not address the discussion of who to vote for in 2016.

    2. I think Eric silence is your answer Bryan — no he won’t vote for Cruz either. But since Cruz is well spoken and clearly massively informed on the issues he does not have a plausible excuse for “staying home” if he is the nominee. So he won’t admit it publicly.

      I marvel at the logic of those of weak stomach who are so offended by the politically incorrect SPEECH of Trump that they will support, by their abstention, either a quasi-communist like Bernie Sanders, or a degenerate (and pathological liar) like Hillary Clinton.

      Too bad their “delicate sensitivities” trump (npi!) the future welfare of their children.

      For decades now our rights, liberty and pursuit of happiness, our America heritage has been eroded because of the feckless mainstream republicans and faux-conservatives continue to bring spit-balls to a gun fight.

  12. Where has our buddy Eric gone? The cat seems to have got his tongue, and it’s easy to see why. His mission has nothing to do with stopping Trump. For Eric it’s all about fooling Rubio and Cruz supporters into propping up Kasich’s dead campaign, which in the long run will help Trump by keeping Kasich around longer.

    1. Sorry for my absence guys — didn’t realize you valued my opinion so much. 🙂

      Here’s my omnibus reply to all comments above: before sending those letters, I had not done any political campaigning in my life. I do not intend to do anything else after Trump is safely not the nominee, and until then I will continue to oppose him. I find things to agree with or disagree with in each of the GOP candidates other than Trump and I care a great deal about electability over Clinton (which remains fluid), but my vote in the general election against Clinton/Sanders ultimately won’t matter because I live in a solidly blue state. I will never vote for Trump and folks who have succumbed to his siren song — or don’t care enough about the country to try to stop him right now — will not have my sympathy if he becomes the nominee and Hillary wins.

      My parting advice to all: vote your conscience tomorrow. Strategic voting is not illegitmate, especially when you consider the say-anything demagogue we are up against.

      1. Eric: “I will never vote for Trump and folks who have succumbed to his siren song — or don’t care enough about the country to try to stop him right now — will not have my sympathy if he becomes the nominee and Hillary wins.”

        So should anyone show you (or your children and their families) sympathy if you refuse to back the republican nominee and Hillary & Bill Clinton return to the White House (maybe in 2024 she will actually be able to steal all that furniture and artworks she had to return in 2000?) So maybe you are more OK with Hillary Clinton as POTUS than Trump or Cruz?

        Seems to me that you have adapted self-fulfilling (albeit a self-defeating) policy — you think that Trump (or Cruz) can’t beat Hillary so you will show everyone that you are right by not voting for them as the republican candidate. LOL

        Perhaps in your world voting for Hillary Clinton (or not voting TO DEFEAT her) is voting your conscience. Given the long list of ethical, moral and legal transgressions in her past (and only a percentage of those are actually known) that is pretty remarkable –IMO.

        In fact, I find it remarkable that anyone could find voting for Hillary Clinton with a clean conscience. Somehow the idea that Hilary Clinton is OK and Donald Trump is not seems to require a flexible ethical construct that could be conformed to rationalize almost anything? My opinion.

        1. Trump is a serial liar and has no moral compass. Republicans can and must do better. I see no point in engaging in horrible hypotheticals as some sort of litmus test for how conservative one is. It’s a false choice.

          In any case, every poll of Trump v. Clinton shows her wiping the floor with him, and both are known quantities at this point, so there’s no hope of beating her with Trump.

          1. Everyone in this conversation admits Trump is not their first choice Eric. What sets you apart is you would support Hillary Clinton (who is not a “serial liar”?) over Trump.

  13. Nick, there is no excuse for not supporting the eventual nominee no matter who it is. Bernie is right. If we hand Hillary POTUS, then we are absolutely destroying the SCOTUS and setting back the cause of conservatism two generations if not longer. You can kiss your second amendment rights at the very least goodbye.

    By the way, for the record, Congress could have defunded whatever they wanted if they had the fortitude and commitment to do so. Period. If they refused to pass a budget that included undesirable spending topically or in amount, then they would have been able to defund whatever they wanted. Maybe they would not have gotten everything they wanted, but they damn sure could have gotten something. But they want to cry and tell us they can’t shut down the government. Maybe it is because they just lack the spine. Maybe it is because they are entirely incapable of defining, adopting and defending a principled position. Or maybe it is because they simply do not want to get the spending under control. But do not tell me they could not do it, because that is a load of crap.

    Eric, I accept your assertion that your vote in CT does not matter. But if you support and encourage the people like Nick who are determined to F*** the country to make a point, then you are just as guilty. I appreciate that you are doing what you think you can. And I do not find your position entirely unreasonable or indefensible, whether I heed your advice or not.

    You are also correct that the one poll was indeed an anomaly. I do not think it is impossible that Cruz could win, but it is clearly very unlikely.

    At this point, I think it comes down to a choice between two ideas. First, one could indeed vote fro Kasich hoping he will carry Ohio. The other idea is that a Kasich loss will be best if ti gets him out as soon as possible (assuming it is not already too late).

    In the end, Eric said it best when he said “vote your conscience.” I am sure we will all do exactly that.

  14. Added note: Rubio now has higher “unfavorables” among registered republicans than Trump! The latest US YouGov poll shows that Donald Tump’s favorable/unfavorable ratio is above water at 66/33 while Kasich is 63/29; Cruz 57/40 and Rubio 52/45. Trump is the first choice among 53% of republican registered voters! Link:

    All of “reasons” for not supporting Trump are disappearing!

    1. Bernie, that same article has his unfavorable rating among the general electorate at 61%. And that’s before the Dem machine even takes the gloves off. Trump is unelectable.

      1. Eric: An absentee ballot can only be ‘rescinded’ if the voter requests it before it is opened and tabulated, which can happen several days before the election. The votes are not counted until after the polls close. I voted for Rubio. However, I will never vote for Mr. Kasich. I will vote for Trump if I can. There are myriad reasons I cannot vote for Kasich. From a practical standpoint, the man is in last place with the delegate count. Winning Ohio still leaves him in last place. It’s delusional to think he can win outright. As for a brokered convention. I hope it does not come to that. If Mr. Trump has a majority of delegates and does not receive the nomination, I believe it could cause irreparable damage to the Party. I’m not sure if I can stay with a party that ignores the vote and manipulates the process to undermine the will of the voters.

      2. One more thing. Think carefully. Do you really mean to say that you would make one of the following choices if Trump is the nominee? 1) Not vote at all in the General Election, 2) Vote for Hillary Clinton (if she is not indicted), or 3) Vote for Bernie Sanders. If Mr. Trump is our nominee (and he signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee and not run Third Party–if the Republican Party establishment does not support him, then Republicans end up looking like the fickle and feckless turncoats the epitomize career politicians).

  15. Well, Eric, we both got what we wanted. I voted Cruz, and Kasich stopped Trump.

    Now we get to see if JK is really in it “for the cause” or if he is a GOPe spoiler for their real worry Cruz.

    And it is looking more and more likely that we will get to see whether Nick will stand by his #NeverTrump stance and help Hillary be our next POTUS and do a couple generations of damage to the SCOTUS.

    Now one more time, Eric – will you support the eventual nominee? Time to man up and tel us your position. You have spent the last week lecturing us. Now tell us where you stand.

  16. Oh yeah, I assume everyone saw that Rubio’s campaign asked his supporters to rally around Cruz. Nick, are you on board?

    1. I actually was working last night and did not see that or hear of him saying that. However, I have said repeatedly that I would vote for Cruz in November. That hasn’t changed.

  17. Not if it’s Trump. This is going to the convention and I think the party needs to nominate whoever looks most electable at that time. It’s on to…

    Stop Hillary!

  18. Eric: “Bernie, that same article has his unfavorable rating among the general electorate at 61%. And that’s before the Dem machine even takes the gloves off. Trump is unelectable.”

    You are cherry-picking the results Eric. In the very same poll Hillary is essentially just as “unpopular” as Trump. So explain to me if you can why she is “electable and he is “un-electable”? No logic there as far as I can tell? From the poll internals:

    Trump: Very Fav. 19%; Somewhat Fav.17%; Somewhat UnFav. 11%; Very UnFav 50%
    Clinton: Very Fav. 23% Somewhat Fav. 20%; Somewhat UnFav. 12%; Very UnFav 42%

    So your case against Trump is flimsy given Clinton’s numbers. Also keep in mind Hillary is dealing with real potential criminal charges and real lying (sniper fire, no classified emails) – – the only thing against Trump is that you and some others do not like his style.

    Enlighten me please.

  19. so, Eric, you are not about stopping Trump – if you were, you would be pushing for Kasich to get out so Cruz has a chance to catch Trump – with Kasich staying in, Trump will win – Cruz has some chance, but it is very small – what you are really about is getting us another establishment candidate that is “electable” like McCain and Romney – at least we know your real stripes

    given your disdain for Trump and Hillary, it is probably unlikely that they ever talk to you – but I will thank you for both of them – I am sure they appreciate your efforts that in part are now helping them to win – you have helped Trump by keeping Kasich in it assuring Trump will be the delegate leader come the convention – so either he gets the nomination, or you and your GOPe buddies take it from him, and the resulting revolt ensures a Hillary win – the one thing I am sure will not happen is an establishment win, unless of course Trump is actually an establishment wolf in populist clothing thanks to some back room deal – so, thanks, Eric, for that – Donald and Hillary are very appreciative

    and for the record, you pestering us to vote Kasich to stop Trump then being unwilling to vote Trump to stop Hillary is completely disingenuous – you ask us to do what you won’t do – that is the sign of a manipulator and a user, not a leader or a teammate – there are a few things I would like to say about your character, but I will just say I wonder if your story about trying to make things good for “your family” was even true – at least I can say I voted for the best man despite the outcome

    to use a phrase I have used before, you are DEAD to me – from now on, your name is Fredo

  20. Bryan, before I put in all that effort, I did a lot of delegate math and could see that Ohio was the key (5% of the delegates needed). I think it is very likely that Trump now falls short of the magic number.

    Folks calling for consolidation behind Cruz are welcome to. Clearly, with Kasich staying in, there will need to be some more consolidation/strategic voting (in Cruz’s favor) in places like Arizona and Nebraska, to comfortably ensure that Trump doesn’t make it. But it’s now a different game with only 3 people left — last night’s results do not reflect the dynamic going forward.

    Neither non-Trump candidate has convinced me yet about their ability to defeat Hillary. Cruz certainly can claim the mantle of most conservative, but I wonder about his viability in swing states, which is the whole key to the general election. On the other hand, Kasich has not shown much ability/wherewithal to prosecute the case against Hillary, and that is concerning as well.

    The fact is that no commentary was ever going to get Kasich to drop from the race. (In game theory, it’s called a “commitment” strategy.) One can either accept that reality and strategize around it, or bellyache about it, to no end.

    The Cruz campaign has made #nevertrump the focus of its argument for the nomination. That’s a weak strategy, if you ask me. Needs to make a case that is stronger than “I’m better than the horror-show that is Trump.”

    I will be watching with interest, that’s for sure. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll retire back to the Nutmeg State.

    Best regards,

  21. OK, Eric. I guess you have been resurrected for me. And I won;t call you Fredo.

    Frankly, I think those are the most reasonable comments you have made.

    I agree there is a good chance DJT will fall short of 1237. But I still worry if he is not nominated even if he is short if he is way out in front. I am afraid that will cause a split in the party and a loss of votes one way or the other that will hand it to HRC.

    Cruz has consistently beat HRC in head to head polling. But it has not been by much. Currently, the RCP average is Cruz +0.8%. But the latest poll from 10 days ago has HRC ahead. Polls are what they are, but we can’t say he will lose for sure, nor can we say he will win for sure.

    You may very well be right that Kasich was never going to drop. I don’t get it, but it is probably true.

    I agree Cruz has to be more than #NeverTrump. I think he is and has been, but he has spent a lot of time on the #NeverTrump approach. And yes, that is weak.

    But after all of that, what do you see as the solution? You hate Trump. You don’t think Cruz will win. And you don’t think Kasich will win. So what is your solution? Give it to HRC now and avoid all the time spent worrying over the next 6+ months?

  22. update – it was the communications director for Rubio’s campaign that said that – but I do not believe Rubio has personally endorsed Cruz, and I am not sure that the statement was meant to be an official statement of Rubio’s campaign – it happened right after the campaign was officially suspended

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