John Kasich is on a mission to make Ohio business-friendly again.

We’ve all heard the numbers. And they’re ugly. Ohio is in decline.

  • We’ve lost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last few years.
  • Unemployment still near double digits.
  • Ranked 46th out of 50 for our business tax climate by the Tax Foundation.
  • Ranked 44th out of 50 best states for business by CEO magazine. (From 20th to 44th in 5 years, thanks Ted!)
  • Ranked 38th for business, 46th for economic climate and 47th for labor force by Forbes.
  • Ranked 38th by CNBC for business friendlyness and LAST in the midwest.
  • Ranked 45th in’s employment rankings.
  • Dead last by US News & World Report of all states for best place to build a nest egg.

Ugh. Depressing huh? Well, the good news is, the voters decided enough was enough and elected a new governor. And unlike the timid leadership we’ve gotten used to, John Kasich is rolling up his sleeves, bringing new and exciting ideas and getting to work fixing this great state we all love.

You’ve probably heard about JobsOhio, the plan to reform the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD). It’s commonly known among our government officials that the ODOD is one of the most inefficient and poorly performing parts of Ohio government. And one only has to look at all the companies that have left for other states to see that it is not working. If we don’t turn this around, and not only stop the bleeding, but actually start to attract global businesses to Ohio, those ugly numbers above are not going to improve.

JobsOhio would create a non-profit, private corporation to perform the development functions for the state. It would be staffed by businessmen and CEOs, people who actually know the business world, and can react quickly to opportunities and changes, unlike the sluggish bureaucracy we have now. Its staff would be rewarded for success, and penalized for failure. Kinda like the real business world most of us work in.

The left and the democrats in the statehouse are making a lot of noise about “transparancy”, but in fact, this is mostly politics. They want John Kasich to fail, and they will do anything to slow down his agenda. The bill that the Ohio House approved isn’t even final. It starts a 6 month study period, that will take input from all sides. And in the end, the way the current ODOD does business will likely be no more transparent than what is planned for Jobs Ohio. On the contrary, JobsOhio would be held more accountable for performance than the current ODOD.

And while “transparency” usually SOUNDS like a good thing, TOTAL transparency in this case would be counter-productive. Critics are saying that every dollar spent, and every meeting that occurs, should be easily accessible for all to see. But look at it from the other side. You are a business owner looking to move your business, or open a new plant. The team from Ohio is courting you, and you are seriously considering Ohio as an option. Then that becomes common knowledge before ANY deal is struck. Are you going to appreciate that any negotiations you make with Ohio are made public before you make your decision? Of course not. Why would ANY business want to show their hand to their competition, to the market, to their labor force, before making a decision? They wouldn’t, which is why the noise the left is making is not valid criticism, just the same old politics.

Ohio’s business community is getting on board. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce has whole-heartedly endorsed the bill.

“HB 1 allows Ohio to start moving at the speed of business,” said Phil Parker, president and chief executive officer of the chamber, in a statement. “As HB 1 is being considered in the legislature, businesses are making decisions on where to move and grow their operations. We need to be at the table for these decisions … we needed to be at the table yesterday.”

Full details of the bill can be read here. As far as the criticism you’re hearing, you may notice that its coming from the same exact people that have been running this state for the last 4 years. Do you want to continue their status quo, or do you want to try a new way?

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

7 thoughts on “John Kasich is on a mission to make Ohio business-friendly again.”

  1. Did the Governor’s Deputy Communication Director/ORP’s whore last cycle Jon Keeling feed you this tripe?

    First, things like JobsOhio has been tried by States for over twenty years. None of them have been viewed as delivering any better results than a public entity. Furthermore, they’ve all, ALL, been known for wasteful spending, influence peddling, self-dealing, and inflated claims of success.

    They simply don’t deliver. Period.

    Second, your tripe about transparency ignores that it is a concern not unique to Democrats, but has been joined by every newspaper in Ohio (including many that endorsed Kasich like the Dispatch) and no less than the Republican Speaker of the House and the Republican President of the Senate.

    Seriously, did Keeling feed you this garbage? He’s losing his touch.

  2. This just in: “Modern” aka “Modern Esquire” predicts a Kasich idea will fail.


    Yes, folks, the same guy who predicted a 20 point Strickland victory and claims that the Obama stimulus saved the economy and put us in recovery.

    The same guy who spends his waking hours on every liberal and conservative blog, every newspaper comment board in the entire state attacking John Kasich.

    This same guy thinks we should continue with the same old dysfunctional ODOD.

    Modern, you can stop attacking Keeling now. He has completely severed himself from this blog, for obvious reasons. Admittedly, he was better at this than me, though.

  3. You didn’t answer my question. Did you get talking points from Keeling (i.e.- the Governor’s office) for this post?

    A simple yes or no will do.

    If you want this site to have any credibility after Keeling was revealed to make it nothing more than a $11k astroturfing operation for the ORP, you’d answer.

    And if you actually BOTHERED to read what I written about RobsOhio, you’d know that I testify that I support the Administration’s efforts to reassign several of Depart. of Development’s so that it focused solely on job creation, retention, and recruitment. I testified as such to the General Assembly.

    Ohio is in a recovery. Even the Kasich Administration admits it. And the stimulus money played a huge role in Ohio’s economic recovery.

    Maybe instead of attacking me personally, you can respond to the substantive points I raised about RobsOhio?

  4. Now you’re going to lecture me about personal attacks? Hilarious after you have spent years on this site personally attacking keeling and making false accusations.

    I spoke with my state rep and read the news and the info about hb1 from the governors website, as I linked to. That’s where I got my info and formed my opinions. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t read it. Simple eh?

    I count 3 different logins for you now. Why is that?

  5. The only thing I ever accused Keeling was was an astroturfing out of state blogger getting paid under the table, and I’ve proven every aspect of that as completely true.

    If I forget to logout from checking our google ads account it shows me still logged in there. I don’t realize it until I post somewhere else because Google has changed the Blogger comment protocols.

  6. You haven’t proven anything, Modern. Jon did work for the ORP, and he also had a blog. He didn’t get paid for 3BP. A guy who works in politics also blogged. Very common.

    You really should be ashamed of yourself. But I digress. Its completely typical of the left to personally demonize and attack someone who doesn’t agree with their politics, which is exactly what you do.

    You didn’t like that Jon criticized Gov. Strickland. So you personally attacked him on this blog and yours, and then accused him of somehow being dishonest by theorizing that he was getting paid by the ORP to do 3BP. You called him a whore and other names.

    No one here is going to sink to your level and blog about you personally, Brian. You just aren’t that important. And we certainly won’t go around making false accusations for which we have no evidence.

    So, please don’t insult people here by acting indignant over “personal” attacks on you, while claiming that you never did it here. You’re a shameless liar and a smear merchant.

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