Jon Husted Scores Major Endorsement in Governor’s Race

The prominent 2nd amendment group Ohioans for Concealed Carry have announced their endorsement of Jon Husted for Governor. Ohioans for Concealed Carry is a grassroots political advocacy group whose original goal was passing concealed carry in Ohio, and has since worked to expand carry rights. Recently in late April an appeals court sided with the group in a case against the city of Cleveland; Ohioans for Concealed Carry sued the city claiming their gun regulations ran afoul of state law. The group has challenged the City and won other prior cases as well.


This endorsement of Husted in the crowded GOP field for Governor is a big win for Husted. Of the four known candidates: Husted, DeWine, Taylor, and Renacci, all but DeWine have high ratings with 2nd amendment groups like the NRA and Buckeye Firearms. Husted’s obtaining this endorsement helps boost his conservative credentials in a primary battle that could be won by a slim margin if all four contenders stay in the race until next May.

Author: Jim

I was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and my Master’s degree from The University of Akron. Since college I have worked in the political field with campaigns, the party, and conservative groups.