Jon Husted Scores Major Endorsement in Governor’s Race

The prominent 2nd amendment group Ohioans for Concealed Carry have announced their endorsement of Jon Husted for Governor. Ohioans for Concealed Carry is a grassroots political advocacy group whose original goal was passing concealed carry in Ohio, and has since worked to expand carry rights. Recently in late April an appeals court sided with the group in a case against the city of Cleveland; Ohioans for Concealed Carry sued the city claiming their gun regulations ran afoul of state law. The group has challenged the City and won other prior cases as well.


This endorsement of Husted in the crowded GOP field for Governor is a big win for Husted. Of the four known candidates: Husted, DeWine, Taylor, and Renacci, all but DeWine have high ratings with 2nd amendment groups like the NRA and Buckeye Firearms. Husted’s obtaining this endorsement helps boost his conservative credentials in a primary battle that could be won by a slim margin if all four contenders stay in the race until next May.

Pro-Trump Ohio State Representative Announces Congressional Run

State Representative Christina Hagan, one of President Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic Ohio supporters during the campaign, has announced her intention to run for Congress in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District. The current Representative from the 16th, Jim Renacci, has announced his run for Governor which has created a flurry of speculation for who will be the next Congressman from the area.

Representative Hagan has made a name for herself not only in Northeast Ohio, but around the state. Hagan’s resume is full of notes that make her one of the more notable Representatives in Columbus. Hagan was appointed to her current seat in 2012, making her one of the youngest to serve in Ohio’s history. Hagan has also been on of the most prolific pro-life public servants in Ohio, as well as one of then Candidate Trump’s most energetic spokespeople on the Ohio campaign trail.


State Representative Christina Hagan

Hagan’s entrance in the 16th district’s race will soon be crowded by other contenders. Several other names have already been discussed, with each having as much, if not more name recognition than Hagan. Lt Governor Mary Taylor, although now currently in the beginnings of a gubernatorial race, is a popular name for the seat. Other names include State Representative Tom Patton, State Senator Frank LaRose (although LaRose is now campaigning for Secretary of State), Senate President Larry Obhof, Wayne County Commissioner and former State Representative Ron Amstutz, and even Cuyahoga County Chairman Rob Frost (the district runs clear into Cuyahoga county). At this point, it may be easier to discuss which politicians from in and around the district are not considering running for the seat.

2018 will have several competitive races, for Republicans at least. At this moment the Democrats’ shallow Ohio bench is embarrassingly apparent; no legitimate name has emerged as a contender for the 16th race. Beyond Northeast Ohio, the Democrats’s bench for statewide offices is just as poor; the best that has been able to step up for the Democrats include a recently defeated Congresswoman and a State Senator.


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UPDATE: Stow, Ohio: The New Home Of Democrat Vitriol

Third Base Politics first reported on the story about the Democrat Mayor of Stow Sara Kline and her husband, Robert Kline’s social media problems. Prior to our own story the disgusting tweets had been circulating through Stow and the surrounding communities for several days with no media outlet willing to report on the matter. Within hours of our story publishing, local news sources finally took notice. First the Akron Beacon-Journal ran a story on Thursday which was followed by a Channel 19 story on Friday night.

In the time since our original piece was published both Mayor Kline and Robert have made changes to their social media accounts. At first both changed their twitters to private, but then by Friday morning Robert’s twitter account had been deleted while the Mayor’s was still up but remained set to private. Mayor Kline has also deactivated her facebook account.

The Mayor originally defended her husband in a facebook post by stating that he had a right to his views because of the 1st amendment. Kline was forced to backtrack on these statements after other outlets began picking up the article; in a video message she then stated that she did not condone such rude language and that her family was working through how they would be using social media in the future. Mayor Kline has said that her husband apologized to their family for the hateful and vulgar tweets.

The Mayor’s words are all well and good, but it seems like both Klines have forgotten one thing: an apology to the community for this hateful language. The misogyny, vulgarity, and racism displayed in these tweets are not the sort of behavior that a public servant like Kline, who is a role model to young people in her community, should let standing. It is possible to very strongly disagree with President Trump without “R” rated language.

Make America Civil Again.

Stow, Ohio: The New Home Of Democrat Vitriol

Less than a month into Donald Trump’s first term as President not a day goes by where he does not face some sort of criticism. Trump faces criticism on TV, Newspapers, and most abundantly on Twitter due to his own large presence on the social media website. It is no surprise that many of the critical tweets directed toward President Trump lean towards the vulgar side, but when a twitter account belonging to a politician’s spouse is one of the most vulgar, people take note.

Robert Kline is married to Sara Kline, the two-term Mayor of Stow. Both Robert and Sara are staunch Democrats and active Democrat donors. Stow is a more prominent community in Summit County, and a popular suburb of Akron.

While Mayor Kline’s twitter is generally filled with professional messages regarding her status as mayor, her husbands is a polar opposite. Robert fills his days sending nasty and oftentimes vulgar replies to President Trump’s tweets, with the most offensive shared below. Mr. Kline has found it appropriate to call Ivanka Trump “a whore”, encourage Donald Trump to commit suicide, and also suggest that Mr. Trump perform sexual acts on other men. With behavior like this on social media, his real-world actions are probably not far away. Bullying and vitriol like this does not end at the keyboard.

Screenshot_7  Screenshot_6

Screenshot_3         Screenshot_1

Civility is truly dead.

Cordray, Alt, Delete: Didn’t this Ohio Dem Learn From Hillary’s Email Scandal?

It’s no secret that the Democrats’ bench in Ohio is on the light side going into the 2018 election cycle. Beyond Congressman Tim Ryan (a long shot due to his comfortable district) one of the only other big-name Democrats being discussed as a Gubernatorial candidate is Richard Cordray. In 2010 Cordray lost his re-election bid for Ohio Attorney General to Mike DeWine, after which he was appointed Director to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by President Obama. With 2018 fast approaching, its not surprising that Cordray’s name would be on the list: a weak bench in addition to his current tenuous position with a new Presidential Administration makes Cordray an attractive candidate.

How ironic it is that Cordray’s candidacy might end before it even begins due to problems oddly reminiscent of failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. The Daily Caller recently uncovered unusual facts about Cordray’s work devices. The usual fact being that, when a Freedom of Information Act request was submitted to the CFPB, no records of text messages for Richard Cordray were found to exist. Partial records were shown but only in communications received by CFPB employees from Cordray’s private number, while any records from Cordray’s number and device itself were not present. In a later communication the CFPB acknowledges that no records exists due to the fact that Cordray used a private device and did not turn over such communication records (as required by law).

Voters in Ohio already dealt with Hillary Clinton, a Democrat candidate who did not follow electronic record and security laws correctly. In a Politico Poll prior to the 2016 election 61% of respondents viewed Clinton’s handling of her email scandal as an important indicator of her character. In a similar situation, how will Ohioans view Cordray’s apparent similar lack of transparency and respect for public record laws?

While the Democrats are scrambling to find one legitimate Governor Candidate, the Republican field is already full. So far rumors hold Secretary of State Jon Husted, Lt Governor Mary Taylor, Attorney General Mike DeWine and Congressman Jim Renacci as exploring runs for the Governorship. Each of these candidates bring strong accomplishments, great name recognition, and fundraising abilities. Is Cordray the answer to stopping any of these candidates from running away with the election and allowing GOP domination of Ohio politics for another 4 years?


After Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat in Ohio, Democrats are contemplating running a similarly flawed candidate for Governor. Ohio Democrats: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Yost Entering Attorney General Race With Impressive Amount Of Cash On Hand

Current State Auditor Dave Yost is expected to announce today his run for Attorney General in the 2018 election. The current Attorney General, Mike DeWine, will be unable to run again in 2018 due to Ohio term limits. Sources close to Third Base Politics have reported that Yost has already raised over $1 million for the run, which is a very large amount for an Attorney General race in Ohio.

Yost originally planned to seek the AG position in the 2010 election before instead deciding to run for State Auditor. Prior to his run for State Auditor Yost served as County Auditor for Delaware County from 1999 – 2003 and then as Prosecutor until 2011. In the 2010 election for State Auditor Yost beat out now current Ohio Democratic Chairman David Pepper by a healthy margin and then won re-election in 2014 against Democrat John Patrick Carney by an even larger margin.

During his time as State Auditor Yost’s office has several accomplishments under its belt. Under Yost the Auditor’s office pioneered Share Ohio, a way for public entities in Ohio to share low-use equipment as a way to save money. Yost’s office has also performed over 70 performance audits of state and local entities to the tune of over $150 million saved in tax payer dollars. The office reported a savings of $23 for every dollar spent on performance audits. Beyond this Yost’s office has also found over $17 million in misspent or stolen public funds with each case being turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency with multiple convictions as the result.

Yost has also shown during his time as Auditor a willingness to buck other state officeholders if he believes they are in the wrong. During his first term Yost and Kasich were at odds over Jobs Ohio, with Yost asserting his right to audit the entity and Kasich disagreeing. Yost held that since Jobs Ohio received public funds that it was subject to state audit, while Kasich and the entity disagreeing due to its standing as a partly-private entity.


Posted by Dave Yost Attorney General on Monday, January 23, 2017

Yost’s announcement is expected at 11 am today, January 24th.

Letter from Republican State Central Committee member calls out Borges for behavior at RNC

Earlier today Third Base Politics broke a story showing 40 Ohio GOP County Chairmen throwing their support behind Jane Timken, a Canton area Republican challenging current Chairman Matt Borges on Friday. When you look at the list of chairmen supporting Timken one thing is clear: not one is from a central Ohio county.

After watching the Ohio campaign activities during the Presidential race this isn’t surprising when you had a State Chair actively working to undermine the Republican nominee. Well, if it wasn’t the Chairman himself it was an underling most likely on his marching orders. Unfortunately for those involved, the target of the nastiness, Bob Paduchik was chosen for a leadership role in the new RNC leadership.

So it should be no surprise that after not just the twitter-stunt but his whole 2016 behavior that local Republican leaders are a bit miffed at Borges. One Chairman, also quoted in the above article, has written his own letter to the state central committee to communicate his displeasure, as well as his intent to be the member to nominate Borges’ replacement for 2017 and beyond.

In a letter passed on to us Columbiana County Chairman David Johnson, whom is also the State Central Committeeman for the 33rd district, expressed his frustrations with the Ohio Republican Party Chairman’s actions in 2016, as well as his intention to nominate Jane Timken to take over as ORP Chair.


This letter shows how out of touch the ORP in Columbus has become: a stalwart supporter of Governor Kasich and the ORP feels that Borges’ actions have left him as a detriment to the continued growth of the Ohio Republican Party and that a change is needed. Chairman Johnson was very clear in his letter:

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, it was very clear that Donald Trump did not have the support of our State Chairman. This is not hearsay. This is not conjecture. This is first hand, eye-witness account. I spoke with the Matt Borges about this, directly. He knew well how I felt about it. I had hoped he would alter his course.


The State Central Committee meets on Friday for a vote.

New American Economy Launches Ohio Steering Committee


Today the New American Economy, a coalition of politicians and businessmen from across the political spectrum, launched a steering committee for the newly formed Ohio Chapter. The New American Economy group is focused on immigration reform; including securing the nation’s borders, updating and upgrading our visa program, and fixing and streamlining our immigration program. The Ohio initiative is joined by over a dozen other efforts in other states leading into the new Trump Administration.

The Ohio New American Economy Chapter will be lead by two prominent Ohio businessmen; Ray Leach of JumpStart Inc and Tom Demaline of Willoway Nurseries. Ray Leach’s group is a venture development nonprofit organization in the Cleveland area, while Tom Demaline’s Willoway Nurseries is a large growing operation located in several central Ohio counties. Both of these men bring specific areas of expertise on immigration to New American Economy; for example Mr. Demaline has taken an active role previously in immigration reform over the past two decades.

The United State’s immigration system’s current issues were shown as a central issue to the 2016 Presidential race. Prior to the election a Forbes survey showed that 70% of voters listed immigration as a very important issue to their vote. The New American Economy’s goals of reforming the nation’s immigration system, modernizing the visa program, and securing the border itself is a reflection of what voters showed was their top priority this year.



Tightening Rules Is Still Not Enough For Charter School Opponents

Earlier this week a certain Youngstown new source ran an article asserting that charter schools in Ohio should no longer receive educational grants from the federal government. Why? Because a few charter schools in Ohio have had less than satisfactory performance. The news source recognizes that new federal grants have additional rules and regulations that were crafted to avoid future under-performance, but these rules do not seem to be enough for opponents of charter schools.

This situation is a great example of opponents of charter schools. They will claim any reason to oppose charter schools, but when steps are taken to improve any situation that may be less than ideal, they will continue their opposition. This is because charter opponents are not against charter schools for “the children’s” sake, but for the special interests of the teachers unions.

Opposition to any sort of educational choice in Mahoning County, with Youngstown in particular seems hypocritical at best. Youngstown City schools have been such a long and spectacular failure that the state has had to step in and take control of the district. Situations like Youngstown City schools show why school choice, with charters in particular, is important. Students should not be condemned to such a poor public choice as Youngstown City Schools if there could be an alternative.

In 2015 the General Assembly and the Governor’s office, but controlled by Republicans, took step to refine rules governing charter schools in the state to improve performance. These state office holders recognized that a small amount of under-performing schools does not represent the whole of charter schools in the state, and that the best approach was a policy driven refinement based on what has worked and what has not worked in Ohio and other states.

It is hard to take such opponents like this seriously on their critic of charter schools, when other public school districts are constantly fleecing the taxpayer. One rural school district in Mahoning County in particular has put additional levies on the ballot almost continuously for the last several years. After the last attempt, the school district miraculously “found” over a million dollars in their budget not previously accounted for.

If regular news agencies put as much scrutiny on normal public schools as they did on charter schools, perhaps the overall educational performance in the state would improve.

Trump Makes Campaign Stop At Cleveland Charter School

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump made yet another campaign stop in Ohio yesterday. In the days since the Republican convention in Cleveland back in July, Trump has made multiple visits to Ohio with a majority of them being northeast Ohio. Since northeast Ohio has both a sizable population base as well as containing several counties that broke for Trump during the primary this makes good campaign sense.

This time Trump’s stop was at a Cleveland charter school. The school was the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy, a predominantly African-American school on Cleveland’s east side. Trump used this stop to stump for school choice, including a program to award grants for low-income children to pursue their choice in education.

This stop occurred during a time of bad press for charter schools in Ohio. The infrastructure and rules for charter schools in Ohio is still going through growing pains; a few schools have been in recent news for attendance problems and poor audits. These have only been further exacerbated by attacks from state democrats and teachers unions who see charter schools and other methods of school choice as threats to their traditionally comfortable hold on educators and their union dues.

However, schools like the Arts and Social Science show that charter schools can and most often do work in the state. This Cleveland school offers a valuable service and choice to many students who have been otherwise failed by the traditional public schools in the state. By offering additional choices, especially in a metro area like Cleveland, parents and students can choose the best model of education for their family.

It was refreshing to see Donald Trump take a positive view on school choice and to offer policy solutions that benefit families. Trump has embraced full school choice, which includes charter schools, private schools, and homeschooling. In comparison, Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton has given lip service support to public charter schools as recently as July 2016, but has made it clear she does not favor full school choice by opposing private schools. Clinton should embrace the view that Trump has taken; that of school choice as an “all of the above” for multiple options.