Kasich Derangement Syndrome among Ohio’s left worsening

I really didn’t want to do another Plunderpal post. Seriously. But the Kasich-hate over at that blog is getting worse all the time.

Back in February, the administration made a change in some of the signage used on Ohio highways, to include a new tip line to report suspicious activity to the Ohio Highway Patrol. The old number, 1-877-7-PATROL, was hard to remember, and kind of long for a person who is driving to punch into their cell phone, especially considering that you had to look for the letters on the keys. The new number is #677.

Even a simple change as this was enough to warrant a post full of scorn from Plunderbund, the main hangout for Ohio’s moonbat left. They dubbed it “Kasich’s anti-crime plan” and even described it as encouraging people to “nark on their neighbors”. As if no other jurisdiction has tip line for citizens to report crimes. What childishness.

Thousands of calls have been made to the tip line, and earlier today, one such call resulted in a major drug arrest.

The first bust stemming from Ohio’s new #677 tip line posted on highways statewide was a big one: 32 kilos of cocaine worth an estimated $2.8 million.

A Canadian man faces felony charges after being stopped about 2 a.m. today while driving a white 2003 Freightliner on I-70 eastbound near Springfield. He was stopped based on an anonymous tip phoned to the new #677 line that Gov. John Kasich ordered posted on highways around the state in February.

Was the new tip line the entirety of an anti-crime plan? Of course not. It was one simple change that Governor Kasich put into effect to make it easier for citizens to report drug activity. And it worked out big time today. You would think the Plunderpals would just ignore the story after they literally called it “nuts and unlikely to remove any illegal drugs from the streets.”

You would be wrong. Even after such great news as almost $3 million of cocaine removed from the street, they couldn’t contain their hate, and actually doubled down on the grade school sarcasm with another ridiculous post about it today. Again, they lie and say that the tip line is the “center of Kasich’s anti-crime agenda.”

Get a grip, guys. We know you are Democrats, and thus, will write negative posts about the Republican governor. I get it. But constantly looking for ways to take even the obvious good news and turn it into mindless ridicule like this is just infantile.

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  1. At first I thought, “what’s their angle,” and then I saw the closing demand for “cops on the street,” eg. offering up the taxpayers to whatever FOP demands.

    Shucks, everyone – did the Plunderbund Pals accidentally parrot Ohio’s union bosses again? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence!

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