Kasich keeps Ohio’s 66 delegates from Trump

160315_vod_mar15_johnkasich_speech4_16x9_992I admit it, I didn’t think John Kasich would make it to Ohio’s primary. But he did, mainly by focusing only on a couple of states, staying out of the crossfire between the frontrunners and keeping his powder dry for Ohio.

Yesterday he soundly defeated Donald Trump. That makes it more difficult, but not impossible, for Trump to earn a majority of the delegates needed to avoid a contested convention. (A little education for Donald here: A majority is not “some random number”. It’s 50% of the delegates plus 1. Someone with “a great brain” like you should know that.)

Kasich cannot mathematically win the nomination outright. But if he has a couple hundred delegates at a contested convention, he may indeed play a role.

Obviously, Governor Kasich was not my first choice, but he and his team deserve congratulations for a hard-earned win.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

14 thoughts on “Kasich keeps Ohio’s 66 delegates from Trump”

  1. Nick,

    I am grudgingly happy that Kasich won. I am glad DJT did not get the delegates. But I am unhappy that JK is going to stay in the race despite the complete lack of a road to victory. I think you and I both agree that DJT is not our desired nominee. But I am concerned whether Kasich staying in helps or hinders our desired outcome. If he stays in, I agree that it makes it less likely (maybe unlikely) that DJT gets 1237. But I think it also makes it less likely (very unlikely in fact) that anyone else (Cruz) could get to 1237 or even get close to DJT. So it seems to me like him staying in the race makes it more likely that DJT gets to the convention with a solid lead even if he does not get a majority.

    And it worries me tremendously what will happen if people perceive that the nomination is “stolen.” I understand that even though it has been a while, it is definitely not unknown that it takes a few votes to get a nominee, and that it is not always the delegate leader that is nominated. But even though history is what it is, not everyone is rational (obviously). If it is like 1100 to 1000, and the person with 1000 gets it, maybe people could accept it. But if it is 1200 to 600, I do not see how people will accept anything other than a DJT nomination. And any outcome that splits the vote (3rd party) or significantly hurts turnout (staying home instead of voting) will result in a win for HRC. I suppose it is possible this could all work out, and I truly hope it does. But I am seriously worried that despite having the weakest opponent possible, we are going to find a way to lose.

    I also honestly think that Kasich did not win because so many people like him or would choose him as their candidate. I think it is because so many people voted “strategically” even though I did not. If he was gaining in popularity for real, I think it would manifest itself in places other than just Ohio. And in every single state except Ohio, Kasich was badly beaten by Cruz by anywhere from 11 percentage points (FL and IL) to 24% (NC) or even 30% (MO). To me, that is not a sign of a candidacy in ascendancy. And with him now having zero chance of hitting 1237, I think that will make it even worse for him, even if that is offset in whole or in part by Rubio’s exit.

  2. By now I hoped that everyone who voted for Kasich as part of the #NeverTrump effort would have called on Kasich to get out of the race. People who don’t like Trump need to get behind the one candidate left with any shot to defeat him – Ted Cruz.

  3. Great point Jeff, but please don’t hold your breath on that! It has been revealing to watch he collective actions of the national republican “leadership” as they fume and flounder on how do deal with Donald Trump, the candidate they created with their duplicitous, cowardly, self-serving, actions over the last two decades.

    Two things about the cabal represented by the John Boehners and Mitch McConnells and the many other “mainstream’ republicans become obvious during this self-generated “Trump crisis”: 1.They are politicians without principles who really stand for nothing except what they perceive to be best for their own re-election. and 2.They are feckless and incompetent beyond any reasonable definition of the words making it crystal clear why they have failed so abysmally in defending our Republic against the totalitarian onslaughts from Barack Obama’s party for the last seven and a half years.

    John Kasich has about as much chance of winning the nomination as a snowball in hell and even if he won it via some underhanded machinations in Cleveland it his platform would hard to distinguish from that of Hillary Clinton and the base of the party would stay home. He would lose the election because the democrats would drag him over the coals and call him every name in the book while Kasich would “refuse to take the low road to the highest office in the land”. That is Kasich = FECKLESS = FAIL. So how is it worse to lose with Trump than to lose with Kasich?

    We have one strong, principled conservative candidate left in the race — Ted Cruz –but the aforementioned clowns in the republican leadership have spent four years publicly trashing and attempting to destroy Senator Cruz for the very fact that he is a principled conservative and he would not support their phony game of charades. The dumb slug Boehner just in the last few days publicly mussed that maybe Ted Cruz was Lucifer. Oh but John Boehner is a loyal, mainstream republican.

    I have no crystal ball — so maybe the having Trump as the nominee will result in the unthinkable — i.e., the term of another Clinton in the White House. But on the positive side but maybe one thing that will also result will be the well deserved death of the Gutless Old Party.

  4. Interesting article Bryan. I must say while I share Mr. Leon H. Wolf’s frustration with Donald Trump and this whole just infuriating cycle (Silly me — I am not fond of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory)

    That said, I don’t think much of his thought processes

    Wolf raises several important concerns about Trump and his possible presidency. But most of those he is actually willing overlook. Amazingly among the short comings that Wolf WILL TOLERATE is Trump’s stunning lack of substance:

    Quote: “It isn’t the fact that, after running for President for nine months, he still demonstrates a startling lack of knowledge about basic policy issues, particularly foreign policy issues. That’s obviously concerning and by this point is illustrative of the fact that he is either uninterested in preparing for himself for the job he seeks to hold or (as I suspect) is incapable of ever becoming prepared.”

    I disagree Mr. Wolf! That is my MAIN objection to Donald J.Trump! Here is a man 9 months in o running for POTUS and he remains steadfastly and insultingly ignorant of nearly every detail of every issue. He has promised to reveal a his team of foreign policy advisers for months — so tar nothing. He continues to confuse the various international trade treaties even though he claims he is going go fix trade. This is nuts.

    Instead Mr. Wolf’s biggest fear is that Trump with be “authoritarian”? What kind of logic is that? We have just suffered through the worst authoritarian President in my memory how could Trump POSSIBLY be worse than Obama in that regard?

    And for that concern alone Wolf is wiling to risk seeing the final chapter of our Republic play out? Something that is at least seems plausible under a third Clinton term.

    Everyone had better start getting their heads screwed back on straight — this is no lie — anyone who does not do EVERYTHING they can including holding their nose and voting for Donald Trump if it comes to that should think about whether they are being honest when they tell their children and grandchildren that they love them. Pulling their world out from under them with the destruction of this Republic is not an act of love for anyone.

  5. An editorial writer from CNN finally writes what those of us with a brain in our heads have been saying since shortly after the 2014 election when the Congressional betrayal started becoming obvious. The moderate, establishment, we-know-best republicans have killed the GOP. Nice “leadership” John Boehner and Mitch McConnell — you fools.

    Now these same know-it-all moderates are hanging on a cliff’s edge by their finger tips, they are about to see the end of their party and they are STILL too thick-headed and stubborn to get behind Ted Cruz.

    John Kasich is one of the GOP moderate’s heroes so they cannot bring themselves to get him out of the race — as a result Donald Trump will come to Cleveland with 1238 delegates in hand.

    Then these same fools who brought their red-white and blue pachyderm to its knees will get even by not supporting the republican candidate — de facto voting for Hillary Clinton and the jackasses — hey that’ll show-em!


    1. Bernie – every day I hope and pray that somehow we will avoid a Hillary administration. But it seems more and more likely every day. And when I complain about how the GOPe has created this mess, I can’t tell you how many people say “but they (the GOPe) couldn’t do anything – Obama would just veto it.” And over and over I have to explain that he can’t MAKE them fund things. If they had the sack to stand up to him through the budget, he can’t do anything about it. “Oh, but they can’t shut down the government” they say.” “Yes, they can, and they should – it happened with Reagan EIGHT TIMES!” I reply. I also have to explain how they essentially gave him carte blanche authority to negotiate the Iran nuclear deal and the TPP thereby completely abdicating their responsibility, and they are mostly clueless.

      Taking a cue from the Brits, I say “God save the republic.” I am afraid, however, that God is leaving this one in the hands of men, and our free will is about to take us over the edge.

      1. Yes cowardly Boehner and McConnell who soiled their underwear at the mere mention of “Government Shutdown” thought they had outsmarted Obama but giving him a budget with everything he wanted! LOL. Then he couldn’t complain or trash them anymore — right? For a long time democrats have been saying republicans are stupid. Well now I have to admit that they probably had a point.

      2. Some kind miracle would be nice! I have always wondered in my Machiavellian heart of hearts if Donald Trump is not just a stalking horse for Hillary. About August 2016 he will intentionally implode or explode and give the win to the Jackass.

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