Kevin DeWine and his cowards hide behind secret ballot

Kevin DeWine is going to go down in history as the most corrupt chairman of the ORP ever. And he doesn’t seem to care. The more people that turn against him and call for him to resign, the more desperate and brazen he seems to become.

As a brief recap, remember that just a couple of weeks ago, he and his allies proposed an amendment to change the rules of who can be seated on the State Central Committee, even though candidates had already filed for the election weeks ago. On Friday, the committee met and voted on several issues, including the rule change.

The committee consists of 66 members, and a majority of them, 34 or more, is required to make such a rule change. However, DeWine declared a victory for the rule change with a 29-28 vote, claiming a majority of members present. This is clearly a violation of the bylaws, and is bound to be challenged in court.

We now have some new information about Friday’s events. Most votes of the committee, and even most of the votes on Friday, are conducted in the open. However, for the proposed rule change, they used a secret ballot. So, it appears that to protect their seats from a fair election, DeWine and his allies are willing to:

  1. Change the rules after candidates have already filed, and early voting has already begun,
  2. Violate the party bylaws in order to enact their rule change, and now…
  3. Hide behind a secret ballot so voters can’t hold them responsible.

Unbelievable, despicable and very, very cowardly. I spoke with a SCC member yesterday, who informed me that in his 8 years on the committee, it was only the 2nd time he could recall a secret ballot being used.

We, and some tea party affiliated groups are doing what we can to identify the members and who voted how. Right now, our advice is to call your committee members and ask them how they voted, and also to ask them if they stand by Kevin DeWine or not. If they voted for the rule change or indicate they support keeping DeWine as chairman, then obviously you need to vote for their opponent on March 6. Every State Senate district is represented by one man and one woman on the committee. Find out what Senate district you live in, and then go here to identify who represents you.

If you get an answer from your committee people, please email me with your report at bytor3bp @ (remove the spaces)

Finally, don’t be fooled by any mailers you receive from the Ohio Republican Party. Once again, Kevin DeWine is spending party resources to protect his and his allies’ own seats, and using tea party type logos on them to trick people. These two were received last week. Just like 4 years ago, they are attempting to thwart the tea party while pretending to have “tea party values”.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

13 thoughts on “Kevin DeWine and his cowards hide behind secret ballot”

  1. Please be aware of a fraudulent list of Tea Party candidates running for SCC. This list, created with no input from the Tea Party groups has several red flags. The Tea Party list of candidates in question shows Bob Bennett as a Tea Party candidate. This could not be further from the truth and the integrity of the list and the writer of said list should be in question.

    This list also has Columbiana County GOP Chairman Dave Johnson as a Tea Party candidate – which could not be further from the truth. Dave Johnson during the 2010 state primary fights told the Tea Party groups to, “get off our high horses because the Tea Party/9.12 groups do not exist without the GOP.” Unfortunately Johnson is running unopposed — but he is no Tea Party supporter.

    We will be posting more info on the CTPP blog and will forward. Oh and BTW — thanks for starting to expose the OLC for the frauds they have always been.

    1. yea, i think weve got a good idea on who you are. No group is perfect and theirs many mistakes made and to be made by OLC and other groups. But, to call them frauds is just spite for some personal issues you probably have. All you do is divide and destroy. Your either an infiltrator or a big baby, who wants everything HIS was exatly when he wants it. Ive been in this from the beginning and have watched the OLC make some mistakes and i disagree with some of their method…….but will stand with them and work WITH them. Go start trouble somewhere else.

  2. King: I’ve seen the Tea Party list you’re referring to, and the author clearly states that not everyone on the list is a traditional TP candidate, but that everyone on the list IS dedicated to kicking out Kevin DeWine. If you read his whole post, this is clear. Bob Bennett voted against the rule change and also will vote to replace Kevin DeWine. I believe thats why he is on the list. The list was authored by a good guy, and he is not in question at this site.

  3. King: by OLC do you mean the Ohio Liberty Council? How/why are they frauds and how has that been “exposed” here at TBP? I’ve been reading faithfully for a few months now and I’ve seen feisty disagreements with the timing of a RTW effort, but nothing scandalous. Did I miss something?

  4. Sadly, I heard that everyone in the room was agreeing that they were against this so that when they go home they can claim it was someone else who voted to be sneaky, low down, snake in grass political scum. Folks, we have all be bam boozled which is why all of them need to go, either this year or very soon.

  5. I don’t know what you mean by OLC, but the Ohio Liberty Council is in no way fraudulent. It is under a NEW president who leads with emphasis on a mature and engaged focus on strong conservative values through activism stressing education and involvement at the legislative level, while remaining active in individual local community political activities. I disagree with your assessment, as would several hundred Ohio Liberty Council members.

    If you DIDN’T mean Ohio Liberty Council – please CORRECT that perception!

  6. Where can we all see this “list” you all keep referring to—in our district, we have one incumbent running against a non-incumbent for both the Central Cmmte Man/Women–would love to know exactly how the incumbents voted/if the non-incumbents are TP–thanks.

    1. We are compiling a list of who voted how on the amendment in last Friday’s meeting. It is not complete enough to be published yet. In fact we need your help. Email or call you incumbent SCC members are politely ask them how they voted and report back to us.

      There is another list of candidates to support if you want to oust DeWine as chairman. It was published even before the vote and was compiled by a tp group. It is not our list but its a good resource. Access it here:

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