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Kevin DeWine is out of control

Folks, we first told you about the Ohio Republican Party’s proposed new rule last week. Today, they met and narrowly approved the rule.

The rule itself is an outrage, because of the timing of it. To change the rules of the game after candidates have already filed, and voting has already begun, was bad enough.

What makes it even worse than that? They violated their own bylaws to do it. I believe that GOHP Blog was the first to report on this, and they did an excellent job explaining it.

DeWine, of course, is touting this as a victory, as the Plain Dealer comments, the vote is a “rebuke to GOP Gov. John Kasich.”

But apparently, no one on the State Central Committee bothered to check the Ohio Republican Party bylaws before they cast their vote.

Under the organization’s rules, Article 8, Section 1:

These rules may be amended at any meeting of the Committee by a vote of two-thirds of all of the members of the Committee, or they may be amended at any meeting of the Committee by vote of a majority of the members, provided that written notice of the proposed changes shall have been given in the notice of the meeting. (Emphasis mine).

Given that DeWine gave notice of the meeting, that means that a majority of the 66-member body must have voted in the affirmative. That’s 34 votes.

DeWine only got 29.

DeWine and his cowardly allies who are trying to change the rules to thwart the wills of GOP voters have now gone so far over the line, it isn’t even funny anymore.

We will have more about this charade, but unfortunately, yours truly is sick as a dog right now and can barely function. We hope to interview a current SCC member tomorrow to find out what went on behind the scenes today. Additionally, if anyone else out there has information, please contact us. You will remain anonymous if you wish.

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