Loudmouth purity patrolman turns out to be a paper tiger

Tom Zawistowski, self-appointed leader of Ohio’s tea party movement by virtue of his numerous press releases, has been talking big about bringing down what he calls “the establishment” for months now.

Who is the evil “establishment”?

Anyone who doesn’t toe his line 100%. Agreeing with somebody on 80% or even 90% of the issues isn’t good enough for Tom. That just means you are a RINO and must be torn down.

His Ohio Citizen’s PAC endorsed 25 candidates for Ohio legislative seats. He also aimed for knocking off incumbent Congressmen David Joyce and John Boehner. He made bold predictions in numerous emails:

Can you feel the Panic in the Political Establishment???

Can you feel the change coming? Can you feel the power of the people surging? Can you sense the panic from the political establishment?
Have you heard about Shannon Jones begging RINO Senate Leader Keith Faber for more money for mailings this week because she is afraid of Kelly Kohl’s? Have you heard about the poll in the 8th Congressional district that shows John Boehner below 50% in his race against J.D. Winteregg? Do you know that Union backed RINO Dave Joyce in NEOhio is only at 35% in the polls and fighting for his life against Matt Lynch?

Our “sweat equity” will beat their money…

How many incumbents did Tom Z defeat?

One, in Peter Stautberg. (Peter Beck doesn’t count. With 69 indictments against him and most every Republican in the state calling for him to resign, he was done for on his own.)

Boehner got over 70% of the vote. Shannon Jones won by 40 points. Joyce beat Lynch by double digits.

Tom even launched a campaign against the governor after failing multiple times to recruit a primary challenger for him. He actually called it “Operation Do Not Vote For Kasich”.

We need to emphasize the point how much they need our support on May 6th and you need to communicate this to all or your contacts. We want our people to vote, but we do not want them to vote for Governor. Just leave it blank. Vote for Josh Mandel and Yost and DeWine and Housted, all of whom are un-opposed in the primary, but leave the Governor blank. Why? Because we want to show the good governor what votes, and how many workers, he is not going to have come November if he does not give us a reason to support him. Get the word out all week long. I would love to see a huge vote difference between what the others get and what Kasich gets.

To other purveyors of purity, it was just assumed in their world that Kasich would have fewer votes. It was just a question of how many.

The result? Kasich received more votes than any other statewide candidate.

Zawistowski’s campaign of name-calling, negativity and division doesn’t seem to be resonating with Ohio voters, does it?

I don’t agree with what Governor Kasich has done 100%, either. I’d say it’s probably around 85%. The difference between me and Tom is that I don’t believe that 15% is reason to tear him down with as much fervor as the Democrats do.

Ronald Reagan’s 80-20 rule applies here. Reagan, who these folks would call a RINO in 2014, once said “Somebody who agrees with me 80 percent of the time is a friend and ally, not a 20 percent traitor.”

It looks like Ohio’s Republican primary voters agree with me and the Gipper.

With the hyberbole of his rhetoric leading up to the primary, and the dismal results he obtained, Zawistowski has revealed himself to be nothing but a loudmouth paper tiger.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

7 thoughts on “Loudmouth purity patrolman turns out to be a paper tiger”

  1. The ORP was pretty successful in this primary but while you taking time to trash Tom Zawistowski (again) maybe you could ask Matt Borges about behavior and his openness to work with conservatives?

    We took Peter Stautberg out by running a clean, old-fashioned campaign — we went to the door of nearly every GOP super voter in HD-27 and presented them with Congressman Stautberg’s voting record. Nothing was made up nothing dirty or insulting..

    Meanwhile with Matt Borges’ help the Stautberg team ran (in my opinion) a dirt bag Columbus-based campaign — an endless stream of slick mailers filled with insulting caricatures, half truths, and disingenuous comments about Tom Brinkman jr. and his record.

    But hey, its OK when they play that game — but Tom Zawistowski making a questionable statement — oh boy we need to get right on that — in fact maybe one article is not enough?

    Borges apparently gave the Stautberg campaign enough money to do even TV spots trashing Tom (TV adds in a State house PRIMARY?). Then after Brinkman wins fair and square — by a small landslide — guess who is the only GOP winner NOT receiving a congratulatory email from Matt Borges?

    Get this Matt Borges sends out an email congratulating all the OGOP winners except Brinkman and then calls for party unity. As of this morning (as far as I know) not a single elected republican official has called to congratulate Tom Brinkman. Oh they are such good sports — sooooooooooo willing to work with conservatives (as long as they knuckle under of course).

    So why doesn’t 3BP call up Matt Borges and ask him about this? Let’s get his definition of tolerance to all viewpoints in the ORP. GOP unity seems means getting into lock step with Kasich-Borges — loyalty is a one-way street with those guys.

    Most of the party leadership is marginally conservative a lot of them are liberals so Ohio voters are left with a very poor choice of voting for socialist democrats or liberal republicans.

  2. Hahaha — as soon as I saw results Tuesday I thought, “Boy, it was stupid of me to underestimate the impact of all Kasich’s advertising plus Kasich’s name appearing first on the ballot,” and then I thought, “I bet my ‘conservative’ pals at Third Base Politics will have a heyday with that tweet.”

    Forget Medicaid expansion, Common Core, “green” energy mandates, increasing state spending, increasing state debt, failure to advance workplace freedom or meaningful pension reform or municipal tax reform… the REAL problem in Ohio is that there are conservatives willing to criticize John Kasich when he says or does something damaging to the cause of limited government.

    Thank goodness Kasich Base Politics is on the case!

    Keep on doing what you do, serving as an outlet for the things the Kasich Admin wants to say but can’t say officially. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking there are many people left who don’t realize that’s all you’re doing.

    1. Yes, Jason, I had a little fun with your tweet. 🙂

      I’m not talented enough to smear your research when you break a story before the media does, but maybe I’ll work up to that quality of writing someday.

      And you’re right of course. I couldn’t POSSIBLY have opinions of my own. It’s cray-cray to think that anybody disagrees with you or Tom, right?

      The Kasich Admin LOVES when I say Medicaid expansion was wrong, and shhh!!! They really wanted to say it was wrong to push it through the Controlling Board, but just couldn’t, so they asked me to say it instead!

      1. Nick, I thought sure you said Medicaid expansion was not a great option but Kasich was right to grab those dollars for Ohioans to make the best of a bad thing?

        But, the fact is the Governor couldn’t get it through the legislature — those crazy conservatives sticking to principle again — pathetic!

        So he did the old end around. Pokem in the eye, that’ll showem.

        But all is well that ends well I guess. Principles Schminciples, who needs them?

  3. I’m sure Columbus is basking in glory from the wins in their sleaze campaigns. What did surprise me was the low turnout. Apathy has already set in and this glorious win for the ORP will only result in more people staying home.

    Whatever good things Kasich may have done will be overshadowed by his enormous budget increases and Medicare expansion. After his first two years in office I no longer agree with him even 50% of the time? Fitzgerald will not be getting my vote, neither will Kasich. Kasich will probably win with Independent and Democrat support, but it will not bode well for the future of the Republican Party in Ohio. When the conservative base stays home, we all lose.

    1. John, as you well know, they have no official platform. Their unofficial platform is to elect themselves and their friends no matter what the cost or consequences.

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