Manning’s accusation smacks of sour grapes and desperation

After Tuesday’s primary election, we now know the makeup of the new Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee going forward. As we told you before, it was a bad night for Kevin DeWine and his allies.

For example, there were 15 members that we know voted for the illegal rule change regarding who can be seated on the committee. Only 6 were re-elected. The author of the amendment, Charles Knight, went down to defeat.

In an effort to save face, DeWine came out and declared victory. And now, committee member Andrew Manning, one of the few sitting members left who are loyal to DeWine, is making allegations against Governor Kasich.

“After the meeting,” Manning added in the affidavit, “I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I have always tried to conduct myself ethically, and this did not sit well with me.”

Manning says he is uncomfortable with Governor Kasich, but happily spent thousands of dollars of donor money sending out mailers to fool people into thinking he was an ally of the Governor and would work with him.

Photo of mailers courtesy GOHP Blog.

The fact of the matter is that Manning is making wild accusations, but offering no evidence at all. And why did he wait until now, if this had supposedly been going on for weeks? Because they lost, and lost big.

Ohio Republicans signaled that they have had enough with the corrupt leadership of their party, and now DeWine and his allies are trying to tear down the Governor in response. Remember how DeWine’s staff gave Sandy Calvert instructions on how to work against Governor Kasich? I wouldn’t be surprised if Manning got his marching orders just like Sandy did.

Yes, Manning is so ethical, that he voted to change the rules of who could serve on the State Central Committee, long after candidates had already filed and started campaigning. He is so ethical, that he embrazened his campaign literature with a logo that said “Tea Party Values”, after supporting an amendment that was clearly aimed at keeping the Tea Party out. He is so ethical, that he used Governor Kasich to win his committee race, and then goes out and tries to tear him down.

*sniff sniff* Smell that? It’s the odor of desperation.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

17 thoughts on “Manning’s accusation smacks of sour grapes and desperation”

    1. Ouch, nice DUI Mr. Manning. Mark Weaver decided to not put that that little fact on your mailings. Nice find Anonymous.

  1. This ridiculous accusation would only be made as some kind of slash and burn last gasp by Team DeWine. They know they lost, so make baseless accusations like this to take the other guy down with him.

    Think about it. If DeWine thought he had the majority, he would know his seat was safe and it would be in his best interests to go out of his way to unite the Party and work with Kasich to support him.

    But what does he order? An all-out assault.

    And one that Joe Hallett bought into hook, line and sinker.

    How are reporters not seeing this by now?

    For pete’s sake. Call him out.

    1. Hallett is a liberal. Dewine and Husted are liberals. Kasich is a conservative. It’s not hard to figure out.

  2. Aren’t there “truth in advertising” laws that may have been violated by any/all of these incumbents who put the “Tea Party values” info on their fliers when they obviously do not support or represent “Tea Party values”? Just a thought. . .

  3. If Kasich is a grand supporter of conservatives then how could he possibly put JoAnne Davidson and Doug Preisse in leadership positions? Seriously.

    1. So you’re trying to say Kasich isn’t a conservative? Seriously?

      Your post may be the stupidest comment ever seen on this blog.

    2. So if Kasich wants Preisse and Davidson in charge of the Party that means he supports and wants conservatives leading the ORP. Correct?

    3. This is a coalition of people from Kasich and batcheleder, to tea party folks, to moderates like Davidson and Montgomery. All want to see husted/dewine out for one or a combination of three reasons: 1. They are liberals. 2. They have put corrupt people like buereck and sisk in charge. 3. They promote husted over and at the expense of othe republicans. All are valid reasons.

    4. this is the same Davidson who, while still on the committee, was part of the unanimous voting bloc that just re-elected DeWine back in 2011?

      Why the sudden change of heart, Jo Ann? $$$

  4. First of all Manning must be stupid to think DeWiner won.

    Secondly, Manning must not really care about the GOP to take DeWiner’s fight public. What does he think he is going to gain by doing this?

    It’s a sad, sad day when adults make up stories i.e. LIE.

    Manning might have some credibility to an independent person IF he would have said something before the election, but to wait until after…..

  5. The committee will decide,folks. Not Kasich. Any speculation that Kasich is pushing for someone in particular is just rumor. And he wasn’t the only one who thought DeWine needs to go. So does Batchelder and the tea party.

  6. This blog is like a combination of High School Government/Civics class and the National Enquirer. Seriously…time to pack it in.

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