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Media Trackers Month-in-Review

Regular Third Base Politics readers may know I recently left a web development position at The Ohio State University to take on the role of Communications Director in the new Columbus office of Media Trackers. Media Trackers is a conservative nonprofit dedicated to covering stories legacy media outlets botch or simply ignore. In what I’m planning to make a more regular feature here at 3BP, here’s what we’ve been working on at my day job!

The first Media Trackers Ohio analysis focused on We Are Ohio’s funding — which will remain important going forward, as the union bosses have clearly decided the “We Are Ohio” brand helps their cause. Looking at final numbers as only GOHP Blog bothered to do after last fall’s election, we found that We Are Ohio took more than $20 million from unions outside the state.

In a follow-up piece, we dug even deeper into We Are Ohio contribution data. All said and done, the union front group got more than 95% of its funding from unions in 2011. Donations from individual Ohioans were outweighed by money from unions at a ratio of 91:1.

How’s that for a grassroots, citizen-driven movement? Makes you wish you listened more closely to the union shills who troll 3BP comments, I bet!

Media Trackers Ohio has reported on the Newark City Schools decision to spend textbook money on expensive Mac hardware instead, state bailouts of several school districts, and the response of one bailed-out district.

We’ve covered an attempt by Ohio University board members to block “fracking,” as well as legal issues with the OU board’s arguments.

We reported on the alleged bomb plot by Occupy Cleveland leaders, the extensive ties (with pictures!) between ProgressOhio and the Occupy movement, the trend of folding Occupy camps across the state, and the many warning signs displayed by Occupy Cleveland before the FBI bust.

We did a post-mortem on HB 194, the election reform bill kneecapped by Secretary of State Husted, and looked at “progressive” efforts to kill any changes that could impede their favored candidates this fall.

We’ve discussed redistricting, starting with some background analysis of the complex issue and then looking at the forces behind “Voters First Ohio.” When We Are Ohio joined Voters First, we reported how this proved Voters First is little more than another union front.

We recapped delays in Ohio’s Obamacare-mandated health insurance exchange and shared an update from Lt. Governor Taylor — the state plans to hold off until the upcoming Supreme Court decision, but should refuse to implement any portion of the miserable Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Recently, we’ve reported on the angry, pathetic socialists at Occupy Columbus and uncovered a long list of warning signs from Occupy Columbus leader “Verbz Vegas,” aka Jesse Kloth.

As you can see, we’ve been busy. For the latest coverage on all these issues and as much other Ohio news as two guys can keep tabs on, check out, follow @MediaTrackersOH on Twitter, or visit Media Trackers Ohio on Facebook!

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