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Meet another one of Sherrod Brown’s violence-prone Occupy friends

For months now, we have been informing you of Senator Sherrod Brown’s love affair with the Occupy movement. In our original post, we highlighted an appearance he made on Hardball where he praised the energy coming out of the socialist movement as “always a good thing.” He and Chris Matthews went on to conclude that Washington needs to look to these people for solutions.

Months later, fellow contributor Jason Hart reminded us of how Sherrod Brown denounced the non-violent Tea Party movement, who have yet to rack up even a single arrest at their peaceful protests. Yet, to this day, he still echoes on his own website the rhetoric of the filthy, violent and criminal crowd that makes up the Occupy movement and that has resulted in thousands of arrests nationwide, including rapes and homicides.

Then, of course, came the big news three weeks ago when Occupy Cleveland members planted what they believed was C4 explosives on a Northeast Ohio bridge and attempted to blow it up. When the Occupy movement right in Sherrod’s backyard started with rape and finally graduated to terrorism, I expected him to come out and say “Enough” and denounce these people. Nope. Nothing but silence from Sherrod Brown (not to mention former governor and Obama lackey Ted Strickland). After praising the movement so heavily, their silence after the bomb plot could be interpreted as a tacit approval of their tactics.

Now, meet another Occupier in Ohio whose violent past and recent manifestos should raise eyebrows, this time in Columbus. From Media Trackers Ohio, we learn that Occupy Columbus leader Jesse C. Kloth, aka “Vegas Verbz”, posted on their Facebook page that what they needed to boost their pathetic participation was to ratchet things up by employing violent black bloc tactics.

Screenshot courtesy Media Trackers Ohio

You can find out what black bloc is here, and no, I don’t believe for a second that Kloth is “not sure exactly what black bloc is.” Kloth told the world on his Myspace blog what he planned to do to “rich people” after the 2010 elections where Republicans won every statewide office in Ohio and picked up several Congressional seats:

2010…bad movie worse election. i dont give a shit about Obama’s approval rating. i dont like democrats or republicans. i am a socialist. if they wanna extend bush’s tax cuts, I’m more prone to pistol whipping rich people for their money. in actual fact, i actually prefer it that way. tea party says less government then get rid of the cops and let me taks out my aggression on aomeone who deserves it. if they dont want public option in health care they can deal with unmedicated antisocial personalities like me.
by the way…typing this on my phone so pardon the editing
so yeah…i am kind of pissed that the entire state of ohio went Republican but if people want to be stupid and lazy and vote for people who will bleed and rape them…reap it. if ya sat at home, fuck u too. i will take what i need. i want revolution just lime the tea baggers its just that when i bring my guns out it will be a different color of crowd.

Jesse Kloth also has a record involving drug offenses and multiple arrests for assault and domestic violence. Below are two of his mug shots, obtained from Mugshots Online.

It should come as no surprise that Kloth was previously employed by big labor as an AFL-CIO field organizer from 2005 through 2009, which probably further endears him to Sherrod Brown. Yes, as a big labor operative and Ohio Occupier, Sherrod Brown and Jesse Kloth are big fans of each other. In fact, here is a photo from Kloth’s Facebook page showing he and the Senator together at a campaign event.

Sherrod’s brother in arms has already stated that he frequently carries a gun, posted a picture of it, and said that he is ready to use it against “the rich”. Columbus Police might want to keep an eye on his encampment outside the Ohio Statehouse, where one of Verbz’s partners was already arrested for illegally carrying a concealed weapon and urinating on a statue of President McKinley.

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