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Obama "amused" at the idea he needs to show leadership

An excellent video highlighting another one of the moments of cluelessness from the President’s press conference this week. Obama commented on the idea that he has not been very involved with the debt ceiling negotiations.

“I’ve gotta say, I’m very amused, when I start hearing comments about, “Well, the President needs to show more leadership on this.”

Yes, that’s so amusing. Don’t you agree? People are asking the President to show leadership, and he finds it amusing. The first responsibility of Congress is to pass a budget. The House has done so. The President’s party controls the Senate. Guess how long its been since the Senate passed a budget? OVER TWO YEARS.

You are the leader of your party, Mr. President. Last year, your party controlled both houses of Congress and did not even pass a budget. Is that amusing to you?

And where is the President’s plan to get back to a balanced budget? The American people overwhelmingly favor making a balanced budget a Constitutional requirement. Democrats like to crow about the balanced budgets during the end of the Clinton era. So where is their plan to return to such fiscal responsibility?

They have none. Obama’s own forecasts have TRILLION dollar deficits for decades to come. For opposing this and wanting to return to balanced budgets, the President and his allies call Republicans “extreme”. Really? Was it “extreme” when we had balanced budgets in the late 90s? Was Bill Clinton “extreme?” When President Clinton was a leader and worked with the Republicans to produce a balanced budget, did you find that…amusing?

Back to the press conference. Obama scoffs that he hasn’t been a leader in the current debt limit and budget discussions? After all, listen to him explain how he’s been a leader.

“Let me tell you something. I’ve been here. I said we’ve gotta get this done.

Well, there you have it! He said “Get this done!” Leadership in action! What a piece of garbage this guy is. Click the video to watch what Obama’s actions say about his leadership.

What an embarrassment.

UPDATE: While Mitt Romney will certainly not be my choice in the GOP Primary, this ad of his does a good job of pointing out what Obama’s “leadership” has done for a Pennsylvania factory that he touted would benefit from his “stimulus” bill.

(Note: I am not a Romney supporter in the primary, but he would still be several orders of magnitude better than Barrack Obama, and I would certainly enthusiastically support Romney in the general election.)

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