Obama supporter in Summit earns visit from cops, assault charge

As a Republican, it takes some guts to pass out slate cards and voter information in Summit County.

It’s a key county for Democrats and is union heavy.

But that didn’t stop Wayne Darlington from working his Coventry precinct as the line of cars grew longer in the parking lot.

Despite being positioned well outside the required distance from the polling location, an Obama supporter took it upon himself to berate Wayne and then, wait for it…..

….throw his 24 oz. cup of coffee at him.

Fortunately, the act was witnessed by two volunteers and the police were called.

Our understanding is the Obama supporter earned a visit from the Sheriff and is being charged with assault.

What is it with Democrats and coffee throwing anyway?

UPDATE: here are several media links covering the story:

OH GOP volunteer says voter threw coffee at his face, will press charges

Summit County: Republican Party volunteer assaulted

Man charged with assault at Summit County polling place

2 thoughts on “Obama supporter in Summit earns visit from cops, assault charge”

  1. If you look closely at the political violence of the past several years…90% of it has come from the left, all they while Democratic bureaucrats (Jan Napolitano) publicly decry possible violence from the right.

    I firmly believe that all of the breast beating on the Left about possible viollence from the right is merely them projecting what they would like to do themselves.

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