Oberlin “feminists” accuse Christina Hoff Sommers of supporting rapists

Last week at Georgetown, Christina Hoff Sommers spoke at an event and some students responded with trigger warnings and exclaimed that her mere presence constituted “violence”.

Tonight she is speaking at Oberlin College, a bastion of liberalism in northern Ohio. She is a guest of the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians.

Below see some of the same type of rhetoric, including accusations of supporting rapists.






Ms. Sommers has just begun speaking.


Two days before this event, the Oberlin Review posted this editorial, complete with a “trigger warning”, in anticipation of Sommers’ visit.

UPDATE: below is the announcement made to the audience about the “safe space” alternate event. Note how they mock with air quotes that some people in the audience were present to hear both sides of the issue.

Sommers does not deny that sexual assault is a problem. But she does contend that a recent study inaccurately and grossly overstates the number of victims, and that there is a danger in using questionable data to combat the problem.

For example, if a married couple has been drinking and then have consensual sex, that is an instance of rape according to the study.

For simply pointing out these flaws in the study, radical feminists have rabidly attacked Sommers and attempted to silence her. According to them, her mere presence at the university to speak constitutes a “rape culture”. All because she contends that statistical reporting of rape should be accurate and use common sense.

To “prove” that Sommers supports rapists, they actually posted a couple of her tweets. Behold the rape culture:

On April 13, Sommers tweeted: “The wage gap is a myth. So is ‘rape culture’ & claims of gender bias in science. But women’s grievance industry goes on.”

On April 15, Sommers also tweeted: “Looking forward to visiting Oberlin next week. I see my talk is already the focus of a lively campus discussion.” She shared OCRL’s event page with all of her followers on Twitter, after which many of them flocked to the page to defend her viewpoint.

Wow, I’m convinced. She looked forward to visiting Oberlin and shared the event.


Not surprisingly, many in the audience were quite rude and frequently interrupted Sommers. Many students sat in the audience with duct tape over their mouths, inferring that Sommers’ mere presence was an attempt to silence them. Ironically, by labeling her a “rapist supporter” and interrupting her, they were actually striving to silence her.

For most in the audience, rational discussion of facts is not even welcome.

Example: Sommers discussed the myth of the wage gap and explained that, in general, women choose to follow career paths that pay less than men. More women choose to study arts and humanities, while men are more likely to study engineering and science. Since there is more of a need and demand in the job market for technological expertise, people (men AND women) who go into engineering will earn more than people (men AND women) who major in art history, for example.

When she suggested that women could earn more and close the wage gap by changing their majors to something like engineering, many in the audience jeered loudly and exclaimed “Don’t tell me what to do!!”.

Don’t give me facts. Just shut up. That’s how Sommers was responded to.

At the end, Sommers took questions. All but one were obviously hostile to her presence, and she took questions from an equal number of male and female attendees. A female student behind me exclaimed “Oh look! She called on a boy!” every single time she took a question from a male student, even though every one of the male questions she received was equally as hostile to her as the female questions.

After taking questions from three women in a row, she took the final question from a man. The student behind me again remarked “Oh look another question from a boy!”.

I politely asked her, “But weren’t the last three girls?”

She glared at me and said, “This is an event about FEMINISM!”

After her discussion with the male student was finished, the same student said to me, “It’s offensive that you said to me “Should she only call on pretty girls?””.

“That’s not what I said. I asked weren’t the last three questions from girls? You misunderstood, miss.”

She continued to accuse me. I didn’t bother to inform her that I was recording the speech and had our words on tape. It wouldn’t have mattered.

Overall, it was a saddening experience that is all too common these days. Too often, we see a refusal to engage in a mutually beneficial debate of facts and solutions. If someone’s opinion differs, even slightly, they must be demonized, attacked and shouted down. They must be falsely accused of hate speech and supporting rape.

That attitude was certainly on display last night in Oberlin.

UPDATE: More posters from the event are below.









Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

134 thoughts on “Oberlin “feminists” accuse Christina Hoff Sommers of supporting rapists”

      1. This is text book Cognitive Dissonance at work.
        Those poor college students need training to recognize and deal with their internal trauma.

  1. this is actually disguting that they’re calling a feminist scholar with WAY MORE experience than them an anti-feminist and rape apologist. If I was her I’d do a nice little rant for those special snowflakes

      1. Apparently, they need to do it faster and in a more effective way because our public “Schools” are pushing this agenda on our kids!

    1. ANYONE who disagrees with them is a “rape apologist”, or whatever other laughable insult they can think of (“shitlord” is a popular one, because lame insults are better than actual arguments). Because these people are legitimately insane and largely incapable of proper critical thought, and assume that by blaming someone of being something they’re not they’ll turn around and “listen and believe” rather than look at facts and have a well-constructed opinion and arguments.

      All these SJWs are pretty much unfit to live in civilized society since they’ll be “triggered” by literally anything and scream rape, racism or sexism (but only against women because patriarchy) at the smallest thing while themselves actually being the most sexist, racist and hateful people you can possibly find. They’re not people who exist to be useful to society, or to have fun, they exist to be offended at everything and to try to ruin anything other people enjoy.

      1. Saddest thing is that most of them are rich spoiled white teenage girls which are indubitably one of the most privileged group of people in existence and still claim to be opressed.

        I wanna see how much time they’d last on a brazilian slum.

      2. The reason they throw words like “shitlord” around is that the words they WANT to use aren’t PC — they’d be calling their opponents retarded if it wasn’t ableist.

    2. Today, all you need is to be a victim to have more credibility than an expert with a PhD.
      It’s a sad world we live in, I don’t see why colleges don’t intervene and stop the spread of stupidity.

      Oh right, the college boards no longer care for their students, only money.

    1. Elise: I do not see how it matters how big or how “strong”, or WHAT SEX the speaker is? That is a non sequitur.

      No well meaning person with a intellectual message for consideration deserves to be treated with such disrespect! There should be no debate on this IMO! It is called FREE SPEECH. Christina Hoff Sommers is covered by the First Amendment too.

      So what is your point? Are you are trying to minimize the outrage for that unruly tribe of irrational, immature, and misguided young “women”? These intolerant young savages deserve all the scorn that is heaped upon them. The are losers and users and not much else.

  2. It is this type of nonsense that is increasingly undermining the credibility of the liberal arts. Like Prof. Sommers I teach philosophy, which seeks to find truth above promoting an agenda. That pursuit should underlie the tasks in other fields within the liberal arts, but if these students are really representative of the narrowness and myopia going around, then they are only shooting themselves in the foot — possibly the head.

    I have attended many lectures about many different topics. Some were narrowly academic, others widely political. It is inevitable that in either case there will be mild to strong disagreement — this is the nature of good thinking. The idea, however, is to hear the speaker, grant her or him the strongest argument possible (the principle of charity), and then proceed to make inquiries with the speaker or simply reflect on what was said. These students did none of this. Their minds were made up well in advance, and it is this reason that this new brand of activism is more often than not dismissed as ideological rubbish.

    1. Is it so readily dismissed, though? Cooler heads may shake in disappointment, but institutions are nearly giving carte blanche to these activists. Obviously, forcibly dispersing such protests and silencing the activists is unacceptable. That would simply be the same abominable tactics that these authoritarian activists are using, and it is completely antithetical to free expression. But too many academic institutions, and people in general, are still ducking their heads instead of challenging these activists and calling them out on their stupidity.

    2. I really wish it was more and more discarded, but outrage culture is more and more active in the mainstream media, and anger and hatred get clicks and views and people tuning in on TV. It destroys me to see what people are doing to what was previously a college education focused around critical thinking. All I can hope to do is continue to make logical arguments and wait for the whole thing to blow in.

    3. Unfortunately, even in philosophy you get a lot of students thinking they’ve found the answer by misunderstanding Nietszche or worshipping Emmanuel Kant and learning nothing else from the classes.

    4. Sorry A Prof that is not the liberal/progressive/Alinsky/Clouard & Piven/Obama/Reid & Pelosi/democrat way. But as a professor at a liberal arts collage I’m sure you know that already! LOL!

  3. Thanks for documenting the event. I think the way debate and discussion gets shouted down is appalling.

    I’ll leave you with a quote a found from someone anonymous hero in a comments section. He summed it up better than anyone has:

    “A generation raised on blind obedience to the pillars of political correctness are now demanding the world cater to their emotional whims and anti-intellectual tantrums. Free speech and an open marketplace of ideas are anathema to them.”

  4. that moment when girls in their barely 20s harass a feminist scholar with experience double of their age.It is sad to see that they teach these children in school how their feelings are more important than facts…Grow a pair!

  5. “My healing will outlast your bullshit”

    Oh honey, if you were to actually heal what’s wrong with you, the game would be over and you don’t want that!

  6. It’s funny how these feminazis see harassment everywhere, but they have no problems libeling a professional scholar and a 2nd wave feminist as “rape supporter” without any evidence. To me, doing that is a harassment. But hey, it’s OK when they do it…

  7. Don’t worry Oberlin, all the pain and crying is over now. Soon you’ll have your lullaby, in the form of Michelle Obama delivering your commencement ceremony. In the meantime there’s Play-Doh and pillows in the safe space.

  8. “This is an event about FEMINISM!”

    So this feminist is essentially admitting that feminism ISN’T about equality because if it were she would not be complaining about boys being allowed to speak.

    Another feminist proving what all of us already know, that modern feminism is about female supremacy and male submission.

    1. It’s been argued that Feminism was never actually about equality; that, by definition, it is solely about the advancement and empowerment of women. And when women did not have equal rights as men, and in the places across the world in which they still do not, such empowerment is vitally required.

      But once women have been raised up to be the equal of men, as they should, then there would be no more need for feminism, right? After the scales have been balanced, tipping them even more doesn’t make them more balanced, it just unbalances them again but in the opposite direction.

      1. yes it’s about the advancement and empowerment of women, to bring them to equality with men. That’s the other half of that that people often leave out, deliberately or not. And these gender idealogues seem to have done so deliberately now, to pushfor female supremacy, not for feminism, but hide behind the label as trolls hide behind GamerGate to attack others.

  9. I don’t even necessarily agree with Somners on certain issues, but there are ways to disagree with someone and have a reasoned discussion without being rude and dismissive. Constantly interrupting, being purposefully combative, and equating Somners’ criticism of current rape statistics with rape apology is absolutely ridiculous. I identify as a feminist, but rational discourse has become virtually impossible in the current climate, where if you do not share the ideology of the very vocal, radical elements of feminism, you are essentially shouted out of the movement.

    1. Unfortunately, these people represent feminism FOR you now, largely because of internet culture. I wish that wasn’t the case, as I’m sure you do – but moderate feminists who like to believe ‘Oh, feminism doesn’t mean misandry/matriarchy’ aren’t calling the shots any more so the choices are a) abandon feminism b) fight to save it. I’ve not met or heard of anyone doing b.

      1. That’s true, but I’m not going to stop calling myself a feminist because of all the noise coming from that sector of the movement, for the same reason that I won’t stop calling myself anti-racist because of similarly vocal, political-correctness-run-rampant elements of that movement. I think the main problem is the overwhelming media presence of this segment of feminism, which by its nature shuts out any dissenting opinions.

        It seems like we’re starting to see the beginning of a push back, but I can only hope it doesn’t lead to a movement towards anti-feminism. There is still a lot of sexism in the world, and in spite of this nonsense, feminism is not worth abandoning.

        1. She can pull it off because she has a platform that she created with her talents and brains, and uses it to explain her views. Ordinary people like you who call themselves feminists WILL BE LUMPED IN WITH ALL THE OTHER NON-SOMMERS FEMINISTS.

      2. The central problem with feminism (“female-ism”) is built into its name and thus into its very nature. It was always based on the false assumption that the female experience of powerlessness and victimization far exceeds the male experience of powerlessness and victimization.

        Female-ism doesn’t need “fixing;” it needs replacing with a new gender-neutral gender politics (I’ll call it equalism) that validates the politicized perspectives of both sexes.

    2. Erika, I agree. I have become increasingly concerned that what started off as a political movement is growing into a cult. Trying to shut down the free flow of ideas is not a healthy sign.

  10. And now imagine if Mrs Sommers had been a man, I think the students would have been awaiting her with swords and pitchforks.

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  12. Feminism, as I understood it, use to be about women standing up for what they believe in, regardless what someone else may think. Now these so-called feminists in training are, like little robots of some backwards dogma, are attacking a woman who dares have an individual thought. It’s kind of ironic, really….not the least bit surprising but ironic.

  13. Sadly, institutions such as Oberlin are indoctrinating…I mean educating….the next generation.

    When all these privileged, pampered young men/women get out into the real world, they may (heavan forfend) end up in positions of power/politics.

    Our children are our future. You are looking at the future of this country. Tremble.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I can’t imagine how crazy things will be when young people like this are in positions of power
      . Heaven help us!

  14. I’m a rape victim. What she said was not offensive. Only to liberals who can’t act proper and have a discussion without name calling. Ms. Summers was correct in what she said. To the victims she never said it didn’t happen. She said it may be over reported. The wage gap is also fact. One thing she didn’t mention is we are turning our little boys into little wussies.

    1. “I’m a rape victim.” “we are turning our little boys into little wussies.”
      you do know that kind of talk is what makes rapists like the one who raped you in the first place..right? egging boys/young men that they are never masculin enough and getting them frustrated..

  15. Notice one of the signs says “Feminism. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” “I do not think it means what you think it means” ……

  16. I’m not going say I feel bad for Christina Hoff Sommers because she can handle a few special SJW snowflakes. But how is this acceptable behavior of UNIVERSITY STUDENTS to a guest? Where are the days when University students accepted different ideas and thrived to have their idea’s challenged? This ‘safe space’ mentality is going to be the down fall of our youth.

    1. I was wondering why the students would be allowed to post such signs?

      Aren’t they likely to “Trigger” someone? How could the students not think of that?
      (Sarcasm BTW)

  17. So called “3rd Wave Feminism” isn’t part of the Civil Rights reform movement of the 60’s, nor other stances that predate the popular usage of the word in the ’70’s. It’s a revolution, a half century old, and like all other revolutions, has reverted to a traditionalist hyperconservative orthodoxy.

    In the case of gender relations, it is the peak of irony that feminism (as opposed to Women’s Lib), is the new face of Victorian-style chivalry. Grown women are infantalized to a degree that would be irresponsible if done to an 8-year old. And men’s rutting behavior is ritualized through elaborate systems of manners and codes aimed at making women feel safe and valued.

    Feminism has rolled back the clock on gender relations more than a hundred years.

  18. Not that it’s very constructive at all to post this on a clearly conservative blog, but after reading this unfair, offensive article and these harshly ridiculing comments–I felt the need to offer my response. It will be a long one.

    Much of the mentioned student response to Christina Hoff Sommers (sponsored by a conservative student organization that last year brought porn star Ron Jeremy to campus), was led by victims of sexual violence. In the comments on this article, those students have been called “legitimately insane” and “unfit to live in civilized society.” One comment accused a rape survivor of not wanting to be healed because “the game would be over.” Just to give you an idea of what kind of people endorse this article, another commenter wrote “god feminist are such a hateful group, time for them to go away and die off.”

    What has generated this profound hatred towards these students–rape survivors and those who stand in solidarity with them? Your venom towards these students is unnerving. I understand that you don’t approve of their behavior or lack of respect towards Christina, but you should also recognize that a lot of these students have suffered trauma from sexual violence in their lives and are in the long and difficult process of healing from it. To have our school bring a speaker who preaches that rape is exaggerated in our society and who shames feminists more progressive than herself as well as a large percentage of rape survivors–YES, it will probably warrant a passionate response. Do you really ask for calm, detached, and well-reasoned arguments in this setting from people who have experienced sexual violence first-hand?

    Unless I am mistaken, the writer of this article is a MAN, complaining about the intolerance of college-aged feminists while at the same time cruelly mocking them and presenting a very one-sided view of his experience at the lecture. That does not surprise me, necessarily, but what does surprise me is the overwhelming support he has received in these comments.

    Some commenters are bringing up the topic of privilege? Yes, many students here are white, middle-class, and very privileged. Trust me–it’s something we talk about often. However, to claim that these victims of assault don’t have the right to respond so negatively towards Christina because of their privilege is ridiculous and ignorant.

    The writer of this article criticizes the principle of safe spaces and trigger warnings, and one commenter calls them the “downfall of our youth.” How do these practices hinder discussion or free speech? If any of you were actually familiar with them, you would know that they do not prevent discussion in any way–they are practices that provide emotional support to those who are sensitive to certain issues. With trigger warnings, people leave the room if they feel they might be upset by the discussion of something that has emotionally traumatized them in their lives. Safe spaces occur outside of the classroom and lecture areas/times and therefore cannot inhibit discussion within them at all.

    Again, to address this notion of these students not letting their “ideas be challenged” or not letting Christina speak, I’d like to compare it to a situation where a speaker is arguing a case that is racist in nature, if not considered to be overtly racist by the average population. Yes, all are entitled to free speech. That doesn’t mean that people have to listen. All right, so this is a “university setting,” and Christina was our “guest” at this event–(although only one organization invited her, not the university). I expect at least some of you to know that the history shows universities to be bastions of activism and justice movements–not just spaces for the stiff, detached, scholarly debates of academia. Were these students respectful at this event? Not really. Do they owe respect to someone they consider to preach hatred and oppressive thought? I don’t think so. That shouldn’t be the only front in the pursuit of justice–(and I recognize that noisy anger shouldn’t be, either).

    Not one but a number of commenters criticized the spelling on the students’ signs. Really? Is that snobbishness and petty criticism in light of extremely sensitive issues any more productive than the supposed irrationality of these students? Many complained that college-aged feminists should show more respect than someone “twice their age” who has academic credentials. I would argue that a PhD does not exempt someone from being offensive or hateful. That should be pretty clear. And people have a right to offer their voices no matter what level of education they have received.

    One commenter begins “I am a rape survivor” and demonstrates that they are not offended by Christina’s words. even so I would respond to that by saying that sexual violence is an incredibly huge and complex issue, and it affects many victims differently. To say that one survivor is not triggered or upset by something does not mean that those sentiments are universal. This is not to mention that the comment ends “One thing she didn’t mention is we are turning our little boys into little wussies.”

    I exhausted this much time and energy writing this long-winded comment on a little conservative blog because I am so disheartened and disgusted to see just how much energy is spent shaming rape survivors and feminists rather than showing support–WHETHER OR NOT you endorse their behavior in its entirety. I think it’s universally accepted that rape is a terrible and very prevalent phenomenon, so I don’t see why all of you can’t channel this emotional energy into opposing the phenomenon and cycle of sexual violence, and shaming rapists rather than those who are raped? Demanding logical discussion and “facing the facts” and looking at the numbers has its time and place, but so does passion, anger, sensitivity, compassion, and a desire for justice. To everyone who spent the time reading this overly long comment, please re-consider who is really worth bad-mouthing and shaming–as well as to what ends you are directing your emotional energy.

    1. Dear Student,

      I did not mock anyone in my report. I wrote what I observed at the speech, which was a lot of rude behavior towards a feminist speaker, in addition to many offensive signs that proclaimed that Dr. Sommers and other Oberlin students actually support rapists.

      I understand that you may not like that I reported on the speech. But saying that I mocked anyone is completely inaccurate.

      Thanks for reading.

      1. Look at those signs. Nobody needs to mock them; they’re doing a perfectly good job of it themselves.

    2. Oberlin Student,
      Your reply reinforces the point made in the article. When you get out of the Oberlin bubble and enter the real world, you will discover that real life doesn’t come with warnings. You are in for a sharp dose of reality. You don’t get trophies for everything.
      Your brand of feminism demonstrates a desire for women to be superior to men while at the same time claiming a victim role. You must understand that to those who have experienced life and lived through traumatic situations, your comment and your college are laughable. You want to perpetuate victimhood. Many people who experience sexual assault want to be viewed as survivors rather than cling to a victim status. Trigger warnings and safe spaces enable perpetual victimhood.
      Look at the Greatest Generation. Were there safe spaces and trigger warnings during World War II? No. If there were, society as we know wouldn’t be here. They put on their boots and got to work. Men went to war and women went to factories. No trigger warnings. No safe spaces. Just real life and responsibilities.
      It pains me to think how those of you who only live in a bubble would ever survive such situations. If you view the message of Sommers as being hateful when she wants equality and not superiority, then you really are ill prepared to handle the evils of the world.

    3. To Oberlin “student”: Of course you are entitled to your “long winded” screed. Obviously what bothers you about this blog site is the fact that you and your fellow “intolerants” can’t stand up and shout down the opposing points of views.
      Apparently you think the antidote to sexual violence is unqualified and universal hatred of human males. Why to think that a MALE should have be allowed to speak or to have opinion on this topic! Shocking, shocking, why it’s just shocking!
      Newsflash, Oberlin student, anyone who thinks that Christina Hoff Sommers supports violence against women is either amazingly ignorant or a fool or both. You object to her because she presents the truth. She merely points out that ACTUAL STUDIES show that individuals like you are vastly (and intentionally) over-estimating the levels of campus sexual violence. In addition, as we have clearly learned from now infamous UV and Duke not all reported rapes are real occurrences. Of course, false accusations by women and the undeserved criminal charges and public slander against men are not concerns of yours are they Oberlin student?
      You object to Ms. Sommers’ presence because your idea of winning a debate is to silence the other side — in fact that is the ONLY WAY you can win the debate. Your idea of free speech is that ONLY MY speech is free. You, Oberlin Student, appear to be the very definition of intolerance. Stunning though it may be to you, the First Amendment applies to others as well as you and your intolerant friends. It seems that the maturity of small children is all that is required for “college students” today. How pathetic.
      Feminism used to be something along the lines of “I am women hear me roar” but now not so much I guess? Now it is more like “I can’t stand the stress of hearing opposing ideas! Oh please give me a “safe spot” with lots of play dough and soothing music for me and my sensitive friends”.
      All that said what can we expect from Oberlin students? Most likely a post by a typical Oberlin professor would probably not have been much less ridiculous and or much less disgusting. Hate, snobbishness, intolerance, rudeness, and unappealing anti-social behavior seem to be the calling the calling cards of the Oberlin “students” who attended this affair. Thank you enlightening with your screed.
      Are there any mature well-adjusted male or female students at Oberlin College?

  19. In my experience feminist women, who vehemently deny that false allegations happen (or are more rare than unicorns), are the first ones to use them.

    Notice that Nick had that happen, in a small way, at the speech itself. And even if caught (he had it on tape), would start talking about “larger narratives” or “the greater good”.

  20. One of the few women trying to reclaim the word “feminist” as a positive title with positive ideas… and she’s heckled and jeered.
    “Obviously you don’t know what feminism is!” Apparently she doesn’t. My mother is one of the few out there that still calls herself a ‘feminist’ but does not buy in to all this insane nonsense. To her (and to me) third wavers calling themselves feminists is much like the KKK calling themselves Christian. Or ISIS calling itself Muslim. Hate groups that propagate terrorism sullying the flag of a peaceful religion by waving it as they wage war.

    Feminism should, SHOULD, be the simple belief that women are capable of anything men are. That women should not be kept out of STEM jobs because women are capable of excelling in math and science. That women are capable of strength, both mental, physical, and strength of fortitude and character. Feminism should KNOW those strengths exist and be a simple celebration of female strength and women’s achievements.

    Instead it has degraded into an unabashed hate movement that rejects facts, readily employs terror and censorship as weapons, and tries to paint women as helpless infants who just can’t do anything on their own.

    1. Actually women are not being “kept out’ of science and engineering jobs. If they pay the price to get a science or engineering degree they can get a job. In fact there are programs and incentives to get women jobs in these fields — have you ever seen a call for ways to help or attract white males find a job? I haven’t.

    2. I should note that that I was not taking issue with your comments Patrick just posted too soon! I wish there was an edit on this blog!

  21. As an engineer, I’ve worked in the STEM world my entire career.

    I went to a university known for engineering in the early 90s. The number of females in my classes was easily less than 10%. It certainly wasn’t because the university was not accepting females. It’s simply because not as many women chose to study engineering. I understand that more women are choosing engineering these days, and I think that’s a great thing. America needs to keep up in the world, and we need as many men AND women to work in technology as possible.

    At three different companies, I have worked with many engineers that are women. They were all as respected, and paid as much, as the men.

    I’m sure there are a few bad actors out there who discriminate. There always are. But in my experience, women are welcomed into STEM jobs if they want them. They only need the same requirements as a man. Ability, a STEM related degree, and a willingness to work.

    1. If the wage gap farce had any validity, companies staffed only by women would dominate every field because of the cheap labor. Leftists are stupid liars who can’t understand the logical implications of their own retarded statements.

  22. None of these feminists believe a word they say. They don’t say what they say because they belive it, they say it because of the effects they intend it to have.

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