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ODP Chairman Chris Redfern changes his story

Last week, we told you about how Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party and wanna-be pirate, is running for state representative in the 89th district. Problem is, the 89th consists of Erie and Ottawa Counties in northern Ohio along the lake, and Redfern lives in Bexley, over 100 miles away.

When the ODP published its list of delegates to the DNC Convention, Redfern even listed his residence as Bexley there as well. After we exposed this on their website, they removed the file to try to hide the truth.

Further, Redfern just bought a new house in the Columbus area this year, his second, and his Port Clinton house in the district is for sale.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman laughs at Erie and Ottawa County voters – Toledo Blade Photo

Tom Jackson from the Sandusky Register picked up on our story and questioned Redfern.

A conservative blog, Third Base Politics, accused Redfern on Wednesday of living outside of the district where he’s running for office.

The posting cited Redfern’s real estate holdings in Franklin County and the delegate list, among other items.

Redfern’s Catawba Island house on North Bluff Ridge Drive is currently listed for sale at an asking price of $990,000.

He said he’ll live elsewhere in the district if the house sells.

But why did he declare Bexley as his residence on the delegate list? Redfern still doesn’t have a good answer for that. He gives the same answer my children do when I ask them why they did something they knew was wrong:

“Uhh..I don’t know

As for the delegate list, Redfern said he doesn’t know what happened, but said it might have gotten on the document as a mailing list.

First Redfern says he lives in Bexley. But under scrutiny after our story, he now says that was a mistake.

He bought a second house in Columbus, and is trying to sell his house in the 89th. But he still wants the voters of Erie and Ottawa County to believe he will live there.

Do you believe him?

Watch this video of the home. The house was for sale as early as February, just 2 months after Redfern signed documents to the state that he lived there. Does this house look lived in to you?

As a final insult, Redfern said to the Register, “I am looking at beautiful Lake Erie from the my back deck.”

As you saw in the video, Redfern’s back deck overlooks a pond. Not Lake Erie.

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