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ODP’s Redfern whines that fellow Dems wouldn’t help him

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern

We’ve been talking about how Ohio Democrats refuse to accept that elections have consequences for some time now. They lost huge at the polls last year, but have engaged in overuse and abuse of the state referendum system in an attempt to still have their way. When legislation was passed that they disagreed with, they simply spent money to go out and buy signatures to put it to a referendum.

Their latest attempt was to block the new congressional maps. A few days ago, we shared with you that showed that without big labor money pouring in to go and purchase those signatures, they might fall short of the required number before time elapsed.

It turns out that that’s exactly what happened, and that’s why we saw the map approved last week with the necessary 2/3 majority. They knew they weren’t going to make it. So, instead of letting the Christmas deadline go by, which would have resulted in the original map becoming law, they decided to save some face and go with the compromise map proposed by the GOP majority weeks later, with very minor changes.

Chris Redfern, Ohio Democratic Party chairman and wannabe pirate, is now whining that his national Democrat friends wouldn’t swoop in to save the day for him. He had asked the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for money to hire paid circulators again. They said no.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern blasted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for refusing to help fund the party’s efforts to fight the state’s new Congressional map.

“I’m deeply disappointed by the response from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,” Redfern told Roll Call. “Knowing that we had a chance to limit our losses as a Congressional delegation and actually, we were in one of those rare situations, where we could have dictated our future from a map-drawing standpoint.”

You had a chance to limit your losses last year, chairman Redfern. Ohio voters handed you those massive losses because of the extreme agenda that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi had engaged in for 2 years. It was nice of you to go ahead and throw your volunteers under the bus by supporting the Ohio GOP and voting to scrap the referendum drive altogether, though! Do you think they’ll remember that next time you ask them to go out and spend their free time helping you?

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