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Friday Funny: Left wing blog accuses reporters of trying to steal the election

You can’t make this kind of stuff up, folks.

The left wing blog Ohio Daily is extremely upset over the implosion of Ed Fitzgerald’s campaign in the past week. They’ve written multiple posts over that period lamenting that Fitzgerald’s campaign has “cratered”.


Who do they blame for this mess? Do they lay the fault on Ed Fitzgerald for brazenly breaking the law thousands of times for 10 years by driving without a license? Do they blame Chris Redfern for not checking Fitzgerald’s driving record while vetting him?

No. They blame reporters. In fact, according to Ohio Daily, the current state of the campaign is not the fault of Fitzgerald himself. The real fault lies with The Plain Dealer’s Henry Gomez and The Columbus Dispatch’s Joe Vardon, whom they have singled out in multiple posts.

Yes. They’re serious.

Today, Derek K. warns us that Joe, Henry and others are trying to steal the election.

In Ohio, the governors race may be on the verge of being stolen. The Democratic nominee for governor is on the cusp of being forced out of the race after enduring a breath taking number of slanted articles designed to crater his campaign, by two newspapers, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Columbus Dispatch. There may have been stronger than normal collaborations between the Republican Party and the Cleveland Plain Dealer to produce some of the articles.

What’s happening is the ultimate in voter suppression. I and every other registered voter in Ohio will have no choice when casting a vote for Governor if Ed FitzGerald is pushed off the ballot. Is this what America was founded on? Is that Democracy? What is going on?

Excuse me for a few seconds…


OK, I’m back.

Yesterday, he accused Vardon of lying when he wrote that Fitzgerald had not previously discussed his son’s illness on the campaign trail. How is Vardon lying? Fitzgerald posts pictures of his kids on Facebook!

In Joe’s article, he tries to state that Ed FitzGerald’s kids have been kept out of the campaign. That’s completely false. When FitzGerald announced he was running for Governor, the only people on stage with him were his wife and kids. I mean there’s a picture of this on his Facebook page. I’ve seen plenty of tweets from his campaign of him and his kids.

According to Derek’s logic, there is no distinction between making your child an issue in the campaign and posting a picture of your family.

Then Derek really springs the trap on Vardon. Look! He tweeted Happy Easter with a picture of his kids!

Seriously, there’s even more waiting for you over at Ohio Daily. Go check it out. I’m not sure that Gomez and Vardon will be able to keep their jobs in the aftermath of this scandal that Derek K. has uncovered.

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