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Ohio Dem Gives Occupiers Tickets to Disrupt Kasich Speech – UPDATED

For Governor Kasich, Tuesday’s annual State of the State address offered an important venue to talk up his administration’s achievements and goals. Kasich gave this year’s speech at Wells Academy, a school in Steubenville, instead of the traditional Statehouse venue.

The Ohio Democratic Party is led by Chris “Tea Party F***ers” Redfern, best known for a profane 2010 outburst against Obamacare opponents. Based on their behavior in Steubenville, even November’s Big Labor victory against fiscal reality hasn’t improved the attitudes of Ohio leftists!

State Rep. Bob Hagan (D – Youngstown), a Progressive kook’s Progressive kook, bused in 35 protestors for the event. Worse, Hagan handed out several tickets for Kasich’s speech to Occupy protestors ranting outside.

Rep. Bob Hagan (second from left) and Rep. Dennis Murray (second from right) are thanked by Occupy protestors for Hagan's tickets to the State of the State address.
Rep. Bob Hagan (second from left) and Rep. Dennis Murray (second from right) are thanked by Occupy protestors for Hagan’s tickets to the State of the State address.

Why would Hagan give tickets for a taxpayer-funded speech to obnoxious Occupy protestors? From The Columbus Dispatch‘s live coverage of the speech, shuffled into chronological order:

2:36 […] Cat calls and chants have started from the balcony from protestors.

2:38 […] People have been removed from the auditorium, but more calls coming from the balcony. […]

2:39 One particularly loud woman has just been led out…”John Kasich is selling out Ohio!” she yelled as she was led out the back. Now a male voice can be heard.

2:40 […] Meanwhile, man is led out of the room. Things seem to have quieted down now.

Rep. Hagan, too pathetic to face the derision that comes with disrupting a state event, sent in Occupy protestors to attack Governor Kasich. Wonder if he’s any relation to the “Hagan” who rallied protestors before Kasich’s speech?

“Governor Kasich has crossed the line many times,” Hagan said to the crowd.

Yep. Same guy. No matter how low the Ohio Republican Party sinks, there will always be Ohio Democrats like Bob Hagan waiting to out-sink them!

The Dispatch has video of an anti-fracking protestor screeching, “We can capture the air! We can capture the sun!” after being escorted out of the event (watch for the obligatory Occupy mic-check). The same protestor is shown exiting a bus – Hagan’s? – in an earlier Dispatch video which features perpetual union shill Bruce Bostick. Funny thing about Bruce Bostick: he’s a Communist.

When Big Labor, environmental activists, Democrats, and Communists are all equally enraged by your governor, it’s likely your state is on the right track!

UPDATE (Bytor): Hagan seems to be proud of what he did. He retweeted my tweet about Jason’s post.

Then, he indirectly admits it, and certainly doesn’t deny it.

This is the same guy who called a black Republican “Buckwheat” last year. He’s a jackass.

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