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Ohio Democrat’s Press Secretary was fired for plagiarism. UPDATED

We’ve previously discussed the ridiculous story of a supposed accent that Ohio Democrats accused Josh Mandel of using at an appearance in Beallsville last week. Yes, the ODP and Sherrod Brown were talking about serious issues and pointing their fingers at people, yelling about accents.

Andrew Zucker, the Ohio Democratic Party’s press secretary, said Mr. Mandel “was caught shockingly faking a Southern accent.” Mr. Zucker said the “odd speech” was Mr. Mandel’s “latest attempt to mislead Ohioans.”

Well, if there’s one thing that Andrew Zucker knows a thing or two about, it would be misleading people and faking things.

Zucker used to write for the Ohio University newspaper. Until they kicked him out for plagiarism.

Plagiarism, as it would be with any course at Ohio University, is completely unacceptable at The Post.

This newspaper prides itself on original reporting done with honesty, and that is just as true on the opinion page. You, the reader, deserve nothing less. That is why Andrew Zucker’s column does not appear here today.

This also explains how Andrew Zucker got his job with the Ohio Democratic Party.

Something to keep in mind as you continue to see Zucker bashing Josh Mandel: A guy whose previous experience is getting fired for plagiarism is running his mouth about a United States Marine whose previous experience involved risking his life for his country and serving 2 tours of duty in Iraq.

Update: Sherrod Brown is a plagiarist too.

– Rep. Sherrod Brown wrote to Sen. Mike DeWine last Friday, voicing concern about Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito’s labor record.
Brown’s language was crisp — and was plagiarized.

Roughly 90 percent of what Brown, an Avon Democrat, wrote in his letter was lifted from an Internet posting by a blogger, as Brown’s office acknowledged Monday when The Plain Dealer presented the similarities.

Brown had not credited the blogger, Nathan Newman of, or any other source.

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