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Ohio Dems honor woman convicted of voter fraud…at a voting “rights” rally.

Ohio Democrats, still pushing their phony “voter suppression” meme, kicked off a campaign tonight to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. They even brought in known race-baiter Al Sharpton.

Sharon Coolidge of the Cincinnati Enquirer had been tweeting coverage of the event, and it seemed to be the same tired arguments they have been squawking about for weeks.

Until she reported this.

Remember Melowese Richardson?


She was a poll worker who used her position to vote for Obama multiple times. She is one of the few who ever gets caught, and was sentenced to five years in prison.

CINCINNATI – A long-time poll worker who admitted to illegal voting was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday and received a rebuke from the judge, who cited her criminal past.

Melowese Richardson, 58, pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting in 2009, 2011 and 2012. One count charged her with voting for her sister, who is in a coma. Four other counts were dropped in exchange for Richardson’s plea.

During a passionate sentencing speech, Hamilton County Judge Robert P. Ruehlman laid out a laundry list of past charges against Richardson – from witness harassment to theft to assault – as Richardson stood before him.

“I’m Melowese Richardson. I take the law into my own hands. I do what I want,” Ruehlman said. “It’s about criminal activity. You are a criminal.”

That was only 8 months ago. For some reason, she has already been released.

At an event that was all about voting law, Ohio Democrats invited a person guilty of multiple counts of voter fraud up to speak. To “welcome her back” and applaud her.

They invited her up to the stage, like some sort of hero.

Democrats seem to oppose any changes in the law that make it harder to cheat. Their embrace of Melowese Richardson shows where their intentions actually lie.


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