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Ohio Dems to fall short on redistricting referendum?

In their continued refusal that elections have consequences, Ohio Democrats have been engaged in abuse of Ohio’s referendum system all year. First, they teamed up with unions and spent tens of millions convincing Ohio voters that it was better to lay off public workers than to ask them to chip in a bit more towards their own benefits.

They have successfully mounted 2 challenges to laws passed by the representatives voters chose to represent them last year. Sounds impressive until you discover that it was only possible with the use of tons of special interest money used to pay people to go out and circulate petitions. They call themselves champions of the middle class and grassroots heroes. But in reality there was no grassroots involved at all.

On their referendum effort to put new congressional districts on the ballot, however, they seem to have run into a snag. They lack the cash to pay their hired guns to collect signatures this time, and are forced to actually rely on volunteers. The Plain Dealer reports:

An Ohio Democratic Party-led petition drive aimed at blocking the state’s newest congressional map is in jeopardy because a lack of money has ruled out hiring paid signature gatherers.

While the original Democratic plan was to hire a professional signature collection firm, Ohio Democratic Party officials have gone the all-volunteer route after funding for the effort has not materialized.

Ian James, CEO of the firm that Dems have paid to collect signatures previously, doesn’t think they can do it.

James said Democrats most likely don’t have the time needed to get the needed signatures using just volunteers. “I think it’s going to be very difficult to get the signatures for this issue in the timeframe they have been given and considering the weather,” James said. “Not impossible, but it’s going to be very difficult and challenging.”

We will see. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear that some union cash or Soros money suddenly becomes available very soon to pay people to go out and do the Dem’s dirty work again.

Another little nugget about this ordeal was in the Toledo Blade yesterday. Guess what’s keeping the legislature from striking a deal on a new map that could get enough bipartisan support to end this whole squabble? It isn’t Republicans, it’s a political fight among Democrats over who Dennis Kucinich runs against.

Rep. Matt Huffman (R., Lima) said Cleveland Democrats worry that if the shore-hugging 9th District becomes too friendly to U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Toledo, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich may opt instead to challenge one of their own in Cleveland. Mr. Kucinich has made it clear he prefers the district map that will become law next month.

“The obvious problem is Kucinich versus Kaptur,” Mr. Huffman said. “Even within the black caucus, there are folks saying, ‘Wait a minute. If Dennis isn’t running against Marcy, he may be running against our two ladies over here, so we like [House Bill] 319.’ It’s like if we solve that problem, then this one pops up, maybe on our side, maybe on the other side,” he said.

The “two ladies” refer to U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge and state Sen. Nina Turner, who are expected to square off in a Democratic primary fight in the newly redrawn minority 11th District stretching from Cleveland to Akron.

So, Ohio House Democrats aren’t even in agreement on this.

I think it would be a nice Christmas present to see them fall short on this petition and be done with it, so I finally know what district I am in. Bring on Old Man Winter!

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