Ohio Election Wrap-up

The results out of the election were bad, but not completely so. Here are some good things for Ohio Republicans to take out of 2012:

– Republicans still hold a large majority in the Ohio House, 60-39. ODP Chairman Chris Redfern will return to his seat representing the 89th district, even though he doesn’t live there. He is expected to be the minority leader, and a small minority it will be.

– Republicans also still maintain a super-majority in the Ohio Senate, outnumbering Democrats 23-10.

– The Ohio delegation to Congress is 12 Republicans to 4 Democrats. Come 2013, Betty Sutton and Dennis Kucinich will no longer represent Ohioans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

– Sharon Kennedy was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court, defeating extreme left-wing Strickland appointee Yvette McGee Brown. This was a great win, but unfortunately it is tempered by the defeat of Robert Cupp by rapist sympathizer William O’Neill.

– The defeat of Issue 2. Ohioans weren’t fooled by Big Labor’s attempted power grab and soundly rejected their misguided redistricting scheme.

Finally, Governor Kasich’s approval rating is in positive territory, 52-39 according to an average of recent polls as of this writing. We’ll be sure to see Ohio Democrats focus their attention on him now and attempt to tear those numbers down. But if Ohio continues to see job growth outpace the nation as a whole, as has been the case during his tenure, he should be a tough man to beat in 2014.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

27 thoughts on “Ohio Election Wrap-up”

  1. Cupp was done when he decided that Police have the right to write us tickets just by guessing how fast we are driving.

    I will not vote for justices who rule against common sense freedom. They are there to protect us not make rulings that hurt us no matter what party they represent. Glad to see Brown is gone.

    1. I had the same reaction when that opinion came out, but O’Neill is just about the least qualified person to sit on our state’s highest court.

      Cupp was not perfect, but was just about the most qualified practitioner of judicial restraint on the Court. I sincerely hope Kasich appoints him to fill Stratton’s vacancy at the end of the year.

  2. Really but you would rather vote for a justice who has “sympathies” for rapists and murders? Maybe having a loved one assaulted or killed by a rapist or murder let free by a “compassionate” judge is a bit worse than a specious speeding ticket? Just suggesting. Priorities.

  3. “But if Ohio continues to see job growth outpace the nation as a whole…”

    U.S. job growth numbers in September: +148,000
    Ohio job growth numbers in September: -12,800

    (Seasonally adjusted numbers from last month where both federal & state reports are available.)

    You guys really have a hard time with this whole facts and figures thing.


    1. You know, Modern, sometimes you have reasonable comments. Most times, you’re just being a jackass, and this is a prime example.

      Everyone knows I was referring to per capita rates, and that I was not saying that Ohio’s TOTAL job growth was greater than the entire USA.

      Taking one data point (September only, instead of Kasich’s entire tenure) is also lame.

      Gimme a break. Do you have a civil bone in your body? Why make such an jerk of yourself? You dont come here to engage in intelligent discussion, you only come to throw lame bombs like the above comment.

      Why are you so obsessed? You need a hobby or a girlfriend or something. I’m really starting to pity you.

    2. Over the course of his entire term, Gov. Kasich has Ohio 4th in job creation in the nation.

      Strickland? We were 48th.

      If Ohio stays anywhere in the top 10, Kasich cruises.

    3. Nick- In one out of every three months since Kasich’s been in office, Ohio has lost jobs vs. roughly three years of consistent monthly job growth nationally.

      If you go by per capita, Ohio’s job growth is pretty unspectacular. Yes, it’s been ranked sixth in the nation, but when you’re the seventh largest state in the nation, that’s to be expected.

      Once you adjust for population and look at a per capita, Ohio’s pretty close to the middle of the pack: http://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2012/jan/06/john-kasich/john-kasich-says-ohio-no-8-job-creation-no-1-midwe/

      And that also ignores the fact that Ohio’s economic recovery began under Governor Strickland a full year BEFORE Kasich took office in which the State created MORE JOBS than in Kasich’s first year in office.

      I’m trying to be civil, but it’s hard to show anything but disdain to someone who just constantly lies about the facts like this site regularly does.

    4. I’m stunned, another fact-free, personal attack response from Nick. Mostly because you can’t respond because everything I wrote is factually accurate.

    5. Everything in my post is also factually accurate, yet you can’t supress your obsession with us, couldn’t stop yourself from commenting, and tried to twist my words into something I obviously didnt say.

      Yeah, you’re so innocent and noble. Poor little Modern.

  4. Just curious, Nick, can you provide me an example of an extreme left wing opinion Justice McGee Brown rendered while on the Ohio Supreme Court?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    1. He won’t be able to in the future either because she got booted! Your teacher union spent a million on false advertising against 5 republican reps and they all won anyway!

      Poor teachers they have to pay their hard earned money into Democrat political attack ads that fail to flip one seat! How about your garbage “Jerry Mander” dancing and singing ad campaign also funded by the teachers union? Vote yes on 2? how did that work out for you Modern? Must be nice to seal good peoples money at gunpoint and spend it howerer you like no matter what the results are.

    2. Modern, Brown doesn’t believe parents should know when their children get an abortion. She also earns an F from the NRA. I could go on.

      Her entire judicial career has been left-wing. If you want to qualify it by saying “but not her short OSC career”, go right ahead. Because I don’t care how much of her left-wing ideology was before or during her OSC tenure.

    3. Please. She was highly respected, highly recommended by the bar association, and endorsed by the Dispatch. An interesting defeat, yes.

      (But the histrinoics of ya’ll. You and this modern lawyer need to get laid or something.)

    4. Whooooo Hooooo Hooooo! Highly recommended by a pack of lawyers and editors! Now that’s a set of recommendations to base your life upon. Good to know!! Really good!

    5. You know John Kasich was rated by an F by the NRA? Funny how you forget that.

      No, Nick, you couldn’t go on. That’s the point. Because her judicial career was hardly left wing. She joined the majority of the Court, in virtually all of her opinions. Never demonstrated an extreme left wing bias.

    6. He was at one point. And he lost votes and endorsements because of it. But then he signed the restaurant carry bill that Teddy refused to help move through the legislature.

      Brown is as left wing as they come. When teenage girls know they can count on her to allow them to get an abortion behind their parents back, that’s pretty extreme. And she undermined parents for the sake of promoting abortion over 100 times.

      When you stab parents in the back that many times, clearly flouting the intention of the parental notification law that the legislature passed, you are left-wing.

    7. Wow, Nick, Brown never ruled Ohio’s parental consent laws were unconstitutional. She applied them as enacted by a pro-life Republican General Assembly and a pro-life Governor. She didn’t legislate from the bench but applied the law. A law that was enacted by pro-lifers.

      If she were so radical, how many of those decisions were overturned on appeal?

    8. I didnt say she ruled them unconstitutional, did I?

      In almost every case where an underaged girl came to her court requesting a waiver around the parental notification law, she granted it.

      She used her position as judge to stab parents in the back and promote her pro-abortion agenda. She even said that girls shouldn’t even have to ask a judge if they want to have an abortion without their parents knowldge and called it “humiliating”.

      Seriously, maybe when you stop putting words in my mouth, you’ll stop putting your foot in yours.

    9. Again, Nick, you dodge and engage in personal attacks. Answer the question. If she truly was such a radical judge ignoring the law, how many times were these decisions overturned on appeal?

  5. As to what happened last Tuesday, Sean Trende (former Ohioan) has written a great analysis in RCP entitled “The case of the missing white voter”.

    If you accept its premise — which is based on numerical analysis not political opinion — then this election was not about just changing demographics per se but rather by a democratic voter suppression campaign i.e., suppression GOP votes by making Romney just as unacceptable as Obama. The plan worked.

    Thus, the decrease in percent white participation in the 2012 election (72% instead of 75%) was due to a willful decision by a significant percentage of whites not to vote and not to demographics (i.e., being a smaller part of the population).


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