Ohio etches "NO to Obamacare" on its Constitution

Voting YES on Issue 3 today was personally satisfying. Several of us at 3BP were involved in collecting the signatures needed to put the Health Care Freedom Amendment on the ballot.

We don’t believe that the government has the power to compel a person to purchase a product, just because they exist.

Fully 2/3 of Ohioans agreed today. The Obamacare mandate is now unconstitutional in Ohio.

That doesn’t bode well for Barack Obama or Sherrod Brown in 2012.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

16 thoughts on “Ohio etches "NO to Obamacare" on its Constitution”

  1. LOL… Yeah, I bet everyone thinks after tonight Sherrod Brown is in real trouble now… HA.

    Hey, Josh Mandel endorsed Issue 2. So….yeah.

  2. Yeah. Even in Sherrod’s home base of Lorain County, Issue 3 passed by a 67%-33% margin. And that area is blindingly Democrat, who rejected Issue 2 by the same margin.

    Even if this has no legal recourse (and it obviously doesn’t), Issue 3 is a punctuation piece for those arguing the case before the Supreme Court.

  3. “We don’t believe that the government has the power to compel a person to purchase a product, just because they exist.”

    Offer not applicable to auto insurance, workers compensation insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare

  4. Again, Modern puts his lack of reading comprehension on display.

    Auto insurance only need be purchased if you choose to drive on public roads, therefore putting others at risk. You can choose not to partake in the privilege of driving.

    Individuals are not compelled to purchase workers comp insurance.

    Medicare and Medicaid are taxes.

    And we’ve posted plenty about Issue 2’s defeat.


  5. Actually the second you buy a car you are required to buy auto insurance. I bought a hummed old car a few years ago with the intention of restoring it. Eventhough it was totally undriveable I had to buy insurance for it while it was sitting in my garage. Driving a car is a privilege, but owning one is a right.

  6. Not buying it, MJL. They don’t ask for proof of insurance when you transfer a title. Only when you register the vehicle for us on the road.

    Even if that were the case, it doesnt mean we agree with the law.

    Its all beside the point anyway. More Ohioans rejected Obamacare than rejected SB5. Sorry that bothers you so!

  7. I got the notice in the mail requiring me to mail the bmv proof of insurance on a non running car. Believe what you want, bit its true.

  8. Actually, at best, Ohioans rejected a state version RomneyCare, since the Ohio constitution cannot reject federal law. So, Ohioans rejected Ken Blackwell’s ’06 platform… again.

    But really, all Issue 3 says is that if you put the word “freedom” in your proposal, voters will support it. Wow, never knew that before.

    Again, it’s funny how you’re all about Issue 3 all of sudden.

  9. Small business owners sometimes operate as sole prioprietorships, so, yes, individuals can be compelled to buy workers compensation insurance.

  10. And hey, due to the horrible wording of issue three, an ex husband no longer can be required to provide health insurance for his kids, cause hey, can’t make him purchase something…

  11. Modern, how is it you have no honesty whatsoever?

    We have a post up saying “Issue 2” defeated. In fact, we had it up shortly after AP called it last night. Yet you continue to claim we aren’t talking about Issue 2.

    So, I have to ask… are you stupid, or just a liar?

  12. Grow up.

    I didn’t say you haven’t talked about Issue 2 at all. I just said it’s funny how now all of the sudden you’ve switched to talk more about Issue 3 instead.

    But you keep dodging the factual errors in your own comments like how there’s no law that forces individuals to buy something (which is an incorrect description of the HCR law itself.) You have to buy health care in this nation. You can’t avoid it. What the HCR reform mandates is that you have the means to PAY for the health care you receive.

    Crazy notion that is exactly the same rationale behind the auto insurance mandate law. If you’re going to drive, yuo have to have the means to pay for any liability claim that arises… if you receive health care, you have to have the means to pay for the financial liability instead of forcing the unpaid costs on others.

  13. Hey, remember when Modern said Issue 3 was close to failing because Issue 2 was dragging it down?

    Brilliant analysis there, Sherlock.

    More people voted for 3 than against 2.

    In Moderns own words… FACEPLANT!!
    YOU FAIL!!!

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