Ohio liberals blame would-be NYC bomber on…SB5?

Yep, the loonies over at Plunderbund have gone and jumped the shark again.

How does anyone take these guys seriously? They falsely quote the governor with no evidence to back up their slander. They claim that advocating for a right-to-work amendment is racist. And now they have found another new reason to oppose government union reform: it turns people into terrorists!

Yesterday, a man was arrested in New York City for planning to bomb various targets around the city.

A Manhattan man who became fascinated by the American-born Muslim militant Anwar al-Awlaki was arrested on charges of plotting to build and detonate bombs in New York, city officials announced on Sunday night.

Holes had been drilled into pipes, sulfur had been scraped off matches, nails were ready to be used as shrapnel, and wires were used to fashion an ignition device, according to a law enforcement official.

Mr. Pimentel planned to test his abilities by detonating mailboxes before embarking on a bombing campaign around New York City, Mr. Kelly said.

“Pimentel talked about killing U.S. military personnel returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly Marines and Army personnel,” Mr. Kelly said. “He talked about bombing post offices in and around Washington Heights and police cars in New York City, as well as a police station in Bayonne, N.J.

“Once his bombing campaign began, Mr. Pimentel said the public would know that there were mujahideen in the city to fight jihad here.”

Plunderbund posted a link to the story, and actually blamed what they call “the GOP’s anti-union rhetoric.”


The intellectual dishonesty coming out of that blog is staggering. Can someone please explain to me how this wannabe jihadi’s actions have anything to do with labor unions? We’ve commented before about how much these guys are filled with rabid hate for John Kasich. Well, that hate is blinding them to a point where, somehow, they made the connection. I sincerely look forward to the full post where they explain how the two issues are related.


Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

21 thoughts on “Ohio liberals blame would-be NYC bomber on…SB5?”

  1. There you go Bytor, lying again.

    You know falsely accusing someone of libel is itself libelous, right?

    “How does anyone take these guys seriously? They falsely quote the governor with no evidence to back up their slander”

    No evidence? We interviewed someone at the meeting and verifying that what was claimed he reported to others was, in fact, his words and based on what he observed.

    You’ve been told this COUNTLESS times. For you to say we had “no evidence” and committed libel in printing it is a knowingly false statement. I know you don’t believe the word of this school superintendent, but you’ve never given any reason WHY he would be motivated to make up such a story.

    Seriously, I’d choose your words more carefully in the future. This making outrageous allegations about us that have been deunked time and time again is getting really old.

  2. You quoted the governor based on the hearsay of some guy.

    Hearsay isn’t evidence. You’re an attorney, Modern. You know this.

    I’m sorry that you are so sensitive that you can’t stand somebody pointing it out.

  3. Hearsay is evidence, just that it’s not admissible in a court of law under certain circumstances.

    Second, we’re not in a court of law, and no media outlet based its decision to print something based on whether it would be admissible as evidence in a court of law… as demonstrated by the fact that the Dayton Daily News and other media outlets reported the same story we did.

    Third, there are situations in which hearsay evidence is admissible in a court of law. See, Evid. R. 803, 804 & 807.

    So, again, you are wrong both factually and legally and are speaking about things that you have no obvious understanding.

    Seriously, Bytor, are you just pretending to be this ignorant or does it come naturally to you?

    Bytor, if you’re going on hearsay then you couldn’t have written virtually any of the posts you have here because they’re all based on what someone else reported. Get a clue.

    I’m only sick of a know-nothing like you constantly libeling us with knowingly false claims that have been pointed out as false to you time and time again.

  4. It isn’t libel, Modern. Its hilarious how you post a lie, and then call me a liar for calling you out on it.

    You ran a headline quoting the governor. One guy says he said it. TWO, including a cop, says he DIDN’T.

    Based on the word of that ONE guy, you ran with it. No wonder you’re so defensive about it. I’d want to distance myself from that, too.

    Back to THIS post…how was this Al-qaeda loon influenced by “GOP anti-labor rhetoric”, exactly?

  5. I realize I came in late, but this is extra confusing; the Plunderbund Pals attempted to pin a jihadist plot on public union reform, and then Modern came a-trollin’ the 3BP comments to call Bytor outrageous?

    This discussion of the semantics of libel and hearsay regarding the last big Plunderbund lie is super interesting! I especially like the way Modern avoids the fact that Plunderbund tried to blame a would-be jihadist on union reformers. Modern is always so helpful at steering conversations to their most logical conclusion!

  6. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Modern, was that your tweet? Or one of the other plunderpals?

    When does the full post go up? We are anxious to see the Plunderlogic behind this one!

  7. For the millionth time, Bytor, we confirmed the superintendent’s account of Kasich’s speech with another attendee. In elementary school, they teach you that number is TWO, not ONE.

    Regardless, you now have admitted (yet again) that your own post contains knowingly false statements by you about us. That is libelous.

    I wasn’t the person at PB who tweeted that, bu tnowhere in there does it say SB 5 or John Kasich motivated that terrorist. That’s something you inventing into the meaning (in other words, you made it up entirely.)

    This entire post is a falsehood. So forgive me if I’m not moved by criticisms about credibility from a guy who has admitted that he continues to make defamatory statements about us.

    We didn’t blame it on “union reformers”. We blamed it on heated rhetoric like can be found regularly by people like, oh the two of you who vilify police officers, fire fighters, and teachers as “union thugs.” That uncalled for rhetoric has nothing to do with “reform.”

  8. Riiiiiiight.

    PB has spent months fighting GOP union reform aka SB5. Then they tweet about “anti-union rhetoric” and referred to “public workers”… but they weren’t referring to SB5 at all.

    Swing and a miss! Nice try!!

    Maybe you should go delete that tweet.

  9. We were talking about rhetoric, not legislation… Geez, can’t you read?

    After publicly admitting on your blog about intentionally publishing a knowingly false statement about us (yet again), maybe you should consider your own house first.

  10. So how did that work in the dude’s mind, Modern?

    Let’s say you’re right, and he did hear somebody say “union thug”. (Something I never called any cops, firefighters or teachers.)

    That caused him to go start building bombs?

    LOL!!!! Plunderlogic at work!

  11. Modern, you and other Progressive hacks have repeatedly attacked my use of the term “union thugs” despite the fact that I’ve never used it.

    Now that you’ve come out and said your fellow Plunderbund Pal was talking specifically about eeeevil commentators like me and Bytor, I would love to see one example of a time I’ve vilified a teacher, cop, or firefighter. One example doesn’t seem like too much to ask, since you’re blaming me for motivating for motivating a would-be terrorist.

    Really, Modern, that you would even use the phrase “uncalled for rhetoric” proves you have absolutely no sense of irony.

  12. That’s an interesting take, Joseph.

    I don’t agree with assigning terrorists to “your side” or “our side”. I prefer to think that neither “side” supports guys like this or others like him.

    Your response only further shows you to be a hyper-partisan ideologue who jumps at any chance to politicize ANYthing, even if it makes you look like a fool.

    At least you had the humility to admit you jumped the gun, however. Modern never admits he ever got anything wrong.

  13. I’m not saying you support it, but it’s hard to deny that modern terrorism, domestic or foreign, is almost the exclusive domain of right wing extremists.

    Obviously neither of us support racist militia members killing state troopers any more than we support some lone-wolf Al-Qaeda wannabe trying to blow up police stations in NYC.

    I’m just saying it’s not always easy to tell the difference.

    Thanks for breaking this story, by the way. I’ve received a number of calls from the media today asking for comments. This one is definitely going to go national.

  14. Joseph, I can only assume you haven’t heard of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street movements. Compare the amount of violence in those two groups and get back to us; there’s a wealth of recent history that exposes your comment as total hogwash.

    As for this would-be bomber’s “M.O.” – what exactly is the “standard right-wing domestic terror nut” you’re concerned about? If you’re lumping American conservatives in with Islamist terrorists, you’re even farther off the reservation than first glance would suggest.

  15. Joseph,

    I guess the environmental wackos are right wing now, remember the guy who took hostages at the Animal Planet Building because he didn’t think they did enough to educate people about global warming? Oh and remember the UnaBomber….


    How about the guy in texas who hated Bush and flew his plan into the IRS building? He often quoted the communist manifesto, not exactly a right wing document.


    Another Left winger Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist who disliked capitalism, He also supported Cuba’s Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. I know you lefties think Che is great and all, but in reality he was a brutal murder of not only men, but women and children.

    It’s the left that is violent, but keep trying Joseph…

  16. Thanks for breaking this story, by the way. I’ve received a number of calls from the media today asking for comments. This one is definitely going to go national.

    Plunderpals can have a sense of humor? We thought you all angrily went around stomping your feet all the time like Modern. Go figure!

  17. So…Modern still hasnt produced the Dayton Daily News article that he claims also quotes Kasich the same way Plunderdumb did.

    Gee…I’m SHOCKED!

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