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Ohio liberals put their class and maturity on display

This is just sad.

The state asked for suggestions for slogans to be put on Ohio’s new license plates.  Suggestions that would show what pride we have in our state.  Suggestions of what Ohio has to offer.  The Plain Dealer has a story on the results.

About three-quarters of the nearly 400,000 responses the state received contained the word God, with most of those settling on Ohio’s motto, “With God, all things are possible.”

The suggestions were solicited by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles as part of a promotional campaign for the new plates.

Of course, with any anonymous suggestion process like this, you’re going to get your share of people who submit entries that are full of profanity and sexual slurs. It’s a reality of life, but still kind of a sad statement on society.

Unless you are the Plunderpals. Then it is something to celebrate and publish with glee. Exhibiting all the class and maturity of your average middle-schooler, the left-wing Ohio blog Plunderbund actually dug through the list to find all the naughty words and proudly published them for all to see.

As of this afternoon, the Plain Dealer has all of the responses online in a searchable database. As they point out, a lot of the suggestions have to do with God or Lebron James, but a great deal of them also refer to John Kasich, and most of those were unprintable in the Plain Dealer’s article.

Thankfully, we don’t have the same constraints.

Not only did they publish them, but judging from the comments, their audience laps it up and thinks it’s all great stuff. Plunderbund actually appears to take some pride in having encouraged people to go online and submit vulgar phrases.

Back in October John Kasich asked Ohioans to suggest slogans to appear on Ohio’s new license plates.

At the time, we made some suggestions, and it turns out we may have had at least a little impact on the over 400,000 responses received by the Ohio BMV.

So, first they suggested that the new plates were some sort of Kasich conspiracy to take a swipe at public employees, and then they boast about the profane suggestions and how they helped to encourage them.

That says more about them and their readers than any criticism we could issue. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Like I said, it’s just kind of sad.

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