Ohio poll: Kasich approval falls, Trump more popular; Mandel slight lead over Brown

Gravis Marketing has published a new poll and it contains bad news for Governor John Kasich. It appears that his approval rating has taken a huge hit as a result of his weeks-long 2020 presidential campaign book tour out of state, combined with his insufferable preaching about how he was the only reasonable alternative to Trump.

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AP photo

Kasich’s approval in Ohio is now down to 42%. Compare that to 50s at various points in 2016 and record high 60s in 2015.

The same poll found President Trump at 49% approval in Ohio.

Kasich’s faltering approval in Ohio could be due to several factors, including:

  • The jobs Kasich promised for years never arrived. The governor loves to talk about all the jobs regained since the recession, but he always implies that those are part of an “Ohio Miracle”. Its a lie, because every state in the union has regained jobs since then. But under Kasich’s leadership, Ohio’s job growth can’t even outperform the national average.
  • Kasich is now a part-time governor, flying all over the country to do interviews about his book and telling an adoring media how he is the only reasonable Republican left. In fact, he is literally “phoning it in”.

    From Darrell Rowland: “These phones do work all the way back to Ohio,” Kasich told The Dispatch in — yes — a phone interview on his way to a CNN appearance Monday in New York City. He noted his next call was with his budget director, Tim Keen.

  • His enormous ego is now on full display. From the same Dispatch interview, Kasich said,

    “I think I helped Ohio when I ran for president. People are proud of Ohio. They learned a lot about Ohio,” Kasich said. “The message that I have I think is a very good message and a very positive message for the country,” he said. “And I don’t think it should be just confined to the state of Ohio.”

    Reminiscent of Barack Obama, there are a lot of Is in that statement. The governor wants us to believe that he doesn’t need to be in Ohio doing his job, because getting his message out to the country is more important. The country needs John Kasich so bad, you see. Never mind that he had a chance to do that for months during his presidential campaign. People didn’t want to hear it then, so why would they want to hear it now?

    More narcissistic is his assertion that people are now proud of Ohio because of him.

Other tidbits in the poll are that Josh Mandel has a slight lead, 45/42 over Senator Sherrod Brown, whereas Congressman Pat Tiberi is slightly behind Brown at 41/43.

Attorney General Mike Dewine is leading the pack of candidates in the primary to succeed Kasich. DeWine registers at 31% with Secretary of State Jon Husted at 14%, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor at 10% and Congressman Jim Renacci at 6%. 40% are uncertain.

Even more wide open is the Democratic primary. Connie Pillich, Joe Schiavoni and Betty Sutton are all declared candidates, but they are all bunched around 10% with 2/3 of Dem voters undecided. There is also speculation that Rich Cordray will enter the race.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

5 thoughts on “Ohio poll: Kasich approval falls, Trump more popular; Mandel slight lead over Brown”

  1. The Kasich hate here is a might interesting as six years ago he was comparable to The Second Coming. Trump’s firing of the man investigating his slightly obvious ties to Russia will probably cause his popularity to skyrocket with Ohio’s high intellect Red Hat Crowd (Hi Bernie) and if Mandel’s Trump love and support is used as a campaign tactic….well…..we’ll see how that pans out. MAGA.

  2. Here’s a question, Nick, that I’d appreciate you answering honestly:

    Who would you you rather have in the White House right now, John Kasich or the individual who currently occupies it?

  3. Gee whiz, after this evening’s revelation of Trump sharing highly classified intelligence information with the Russkies in the Oval Office I’m sure his popularity will soar……..at the Kremlin.

  4. So not even three days later and we know that not only did Trump ask Comey if he(Trump) was under investigation (ethical violation), ask Comey to pledge his loyalty to him, but Trump asked Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn’s contact with the Russians. Trump goes on national television and announces that the reason he fired Comey was because of the “Trump-Russia thing”. Despite the White House’s assurance that a Special Counsel would not be necessary, the acting deputy Attorney General (not the Attorney General who has his own Russia problems), convenes a Special Counsel to investigate Trump’s Russia ties. Then we find out Flynn informed the Trump transition team (Jan. 4) that he was under federal investigation by the FBI BEFORE he was made the Trump administration’s national security adviser, before Sally Yates warned them of such. And who was the head of Trump’s transition team ? Why Mike Pence, of course, the same Mike Pence who stated on national television after Flynn’s firing that this was the first he’d heard of any of this (Brave General Flynn has not cooperated with any of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s request thus far, reports say.).

    Any comment from Bernie or Rachel the cheerleader? (Nick’s probably just shaking his head and pouring himself another drink)

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