Pat Fischer is the better choice for Ohio Supreme Court

Lost in the craziness of Trump and the nomination fight is a hotly contested Supreme Court race here in Ohio between two Court of Appeals judges.

Judge Pat Fischer is from the First District Court of Appeals and has the support of numerous groups across a broad spectrum of the Republican Party. Just a few include Cincinnati and Ohio Right to Life as well as several county Republican parties and the ORP. He’s had support in the past from the Cincinnati Tea Party and Women for Liberty.

His opponent, Colleen O’Toole, is a name that some may remember for being sanctioned by the Supreme Court for an ethics violation. She claims to be running an anti-establishment campaign, but the facts don’t add up.

It’s no secret that I disagree with the ORP often, but this time they got it right.

O’Toole has repeatedly told crowds that she didn’t seek the support of the Ohio Republican Party, despite clear evidence to the contrary. In fact, we have been told that when she screened for the endorsement on June 15, 2015 she told the ORP Screening Committee that she wanted to “be their champion.” Hardly the words of someone who now claims to be “anti-establishment”.

In addition, Fischer received a rating of “highly recommended” by the Ohio Bar Association, while O’Toole’s rating is “not recommended”.

These races matter, and having a strong Republican majority on the Supreme Court is important. Pat Fischer is our best candidate to put forward and will help keep that majority.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

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