Photos: Ted Strickland’s bus tour draws huge crowds

As I’m sure you have seen from the massive traffic jams around the state, Barack Obama has once again asked Ted Strickland to take a bus tour around Ohio. Appropriately enough, Ted’s bus is labeled “Wrong for the Middle Class”. He is calling this tour his “counter convention”, intended to draw attention away from Mitt Romney and the Republican convention. Let’s take a look at some of the stops and the crowds Ted Strickland is drawing.

First, we’ll check in on his stop in Youngstown. From WKBN

“We want to talk about the impact of a potential Romney-Ryan administration,” Strickland told a group of about three dozen supporters outside the Golden Dawn Restaurant in Youngstown.

The Governor, who is a co-chair of the President’s Obama For American campaign, downplayed new polling showing both the president and Mitt Romney in a virtual tie in the Buckeye State.

Don’t worry, Ted. I’m told it was more like 40 people.

Next, he stopped by my neck of the woods in Lorain County.

LORAIN — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s economic policies will hurt the middle class, seniors and students, said former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland on a visit to Lorain.


I asked the MJ reporter how many people were at this event. He told me 20, maybe even 30 people!

And just check out the massive turnout for Ted Strickland in East Toledo!


They should save some gas and send Ted around in a short bus. He’d still be able to fit all of his crowds on it. I feel kinda sorry for Ted, actually. This is just pathetic. And it isn’t the first time Obama has sent Ted out to embarrass himself. It’s obviously taking a toll on Ted, because frankly, I don’t think he looks so good.

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  1. Oh please, oh please, oh please, let Ted run again for governor. It would be so sad if we didn’t have this fool to bring levity to Ohio politics.

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