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Plunderbund: government employees have to pay for parking, or something…

I have to thank our pals over at Plunderbund.  They posted a spoof article last night that had me in stitches.  It turns out that despite being pertually angry liberals, they can occasionally crack a pretty good joke.


It wasn’t a spoof?  Good Lord, that was serious?

Apparently upset that the Columbus Dispatch would DARE to point out that the benefits enjoyed by government employees are much more generous than those in the private sector, they decided to turn the tables.  Behold, some choice items on Plunderbund’s list of “benefits public sector workers can only dream about.”

First, they list items that I put into the category called “things hardly anyone gets.”

  • signing bonuses for new hires
  • referral bonuses for employees who refer a friend who is then hired
  • paid paternity leave
  • paid adoption leave
  • Lake Tahoe ski cabin (I’m not kidding. You had to pay to get there, but the lodging was free if you reserved the dates)
  • employee game room (pool table, foosball, ping pong, air hockey, pinball, xbox, etc)
  • on-site daycare
  • airline lounge memberships (no waiting with the riff-raff at the gate)

Seriously, who is he kidding?  To try to list these as common perks in the private sector, is ludicrous.  But, its the items in the next group that had me howling.

  • unlimited free coffee, hot chocolate, candy and soda
  • bagel friday, birthday parties and staff happy hour (all free)
  • unlimited free coffee, hot chocolate, candy and soda
  • free parking

Free parking?  Seriously!?  Did they start putting parking meters in the parking lot at fire stations?  Free candy!?

I can see the new ad.  A closeup of a teachers face with a tear streaming down her cheek because she dreams of, but doesn’t get to experience the pure joy of….“Bagel Friday”

Whether the post was serious or not, thanks for the laugh, Plunderpals!  Now, I’m off to grab another handful of free candy!

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