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President Obama Doesn’t Support Small Business

President Obama’s visit to Cleveland yesterday included plenty of rhetoric but little else for those wondering what he stands for.

Plenty of Ohioans still can’t figure out whether President Obama stands in support of small business owners.  He claims to support the American worker, but how can you support the worker but not the person that employs them?

Ultimately, Ohio’s small business owners are left to deal with his unnecessary rules and regulations that do nothing but slow their growth.  These are the same people that hire the workers Obama claims to support.

I think most people would agree that 4,200 incoming regulations upon small businesses makes it harder them to expand their business and hire new employees.

How about $515 billion; the estimated cost of these regulations?  You can’t be pro worker by forcing small business owners to lay off employees so they can pay for duplicate and overbearing regulations.

I’ve wrote about it before but it’s worth mentioning again, if President Obama wants to get a good look at government encouraging business growth he should look no further than Ohio.

Our unemployment rate is significantly lower than the national average.  Part of the reason is because Ohio has made it a priority to create a business friendly environment.  Governor Kasich recognizes the need to streamline the bureaucracy that business owners face and knows that small businesses will only hire more employees if they aren’t bogged down in duplicative and expensive paperwork.

It isn’t hard to tell that Ohio is doing things right.  The rest of the country could use our model as a blueprint for success. 

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