Pro-Trump Ohio State Representative Announces Congressional Run

State Representative Christina Hagan, one of President Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic Ohio supporters during the campaign, has announced her intention to run for Congress in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District. The current Representative from the 16th, Jim Renacci, has announced his run for Governor which has created a flurry of speculation for who will be the next Congressman from the area.

Representative Hagan has made a name for herself not only in Northeast Ohio, but around the state. Hagan’s resume is full of notes that make her one of the more notable Representatives in Columbus. Hagan was appointed to her current seat in 2012, making her one of the youngest to serve in Ohio’s history. Hagan has also been on of the most prolific pro-life public servants in Ohio, as well as one of then Candidate Trump’s most energetic spokespeople on the Ohio campaign trail.


State Representative Christina Hagan

Hagan’s entrance in the 16th district’s race will soon be crowded by other contenders. Several other names have already been discussed, with each having as much, if not more name recognition than Hagan. Lt Governor Mary Taylor, although now currently in the beginnings of a gubernatorial race, is a popular name for the seat. Other names include State Representative Tom Patton, State Senator Frank LaRose (although LaRose is now campaigning for Secretary of State), Senate President Larry Obhof, Wayne County Commissioner and former State Representative Ron Amstutz, and even Cuyahoga County Chairman Rob Frost (the district runs clear into Cuyahoga county). At this point, it may be easier to discuss which politicians from in and around the district are not considering running for the seat.

2018 will have several competitive races, for Republicans at least. At this moment the Democrats’ shallow Ohio bench is embarrassingly apparent; no legitimate name has emerged as a contender for the 16th race. Beyond Northeast Ohio, the Democrats’s bench for statewide offices is just as poor; the best that has been able to step up for the Democrats include a recently defeated Congresswoman and a State Senator.


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Author: Jim

I was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and my Master’s degree from The University of Akron. Since college I have worked in the political field with campaigns, the party, and conservative groups.

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  2. During the 2016 presidential campaign I did my own survey of Ohio Republican office holders asking them if they were supporting Donald Trump for president. Ms. Hagen was the only one to give me a personal response. She said that she would be supporting Trump because of his stand on abortion (which I’m sure he was really genuine on). I congratulated her on the birth of her new infant daughter and asked her if, 18 to 20 years on, a man made the same type of comment about her daughter in her husband’s presence that Howard Stern made about Ivanka Trump in Trump’s presence (“that’s a piece of as*) and if her husband had the same response as Trump (nothing) how she would feel about her husband. She never answered.

    I also asked Jim Renacci if he was supporting Trump. His response was that he wasn’t my congressman. I replied that I was aware that he wasn’t my congressman and that wasn’t my question and would he please answer the one I asked.

    No response.


    1. Perhaps you should have asked Ms. Hagan how she would feel about her daughter working for Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Wiener, or Ted Kennedy also? Democrats.

      1. Point is she never answered after making a point that she was initially answering with her personal email because she felt I was questioning her values. Weak response, Bernie. What else is new.

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