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Public employee union bosses won’t allow their members to be asked questions

More video from Friday’s union protest, this time from Christian Hartsock

He asks a SEIU union member why they are protesting. She said that because of our new governor, they “will soon not have any seniority benefits and insurance benefits will go out the window.”

Apparently in this lady’s world, the definition of “going out the window” means only a mere 85% of your health care costs will be paid for. Funny. Only 75% of my health care costs are paid by my employer. I wonder how she would describe that.

Then she says that they won’t have any rights to “bargain for safety.” Which is an outright falsehood. In fact, Senate Bill 5 specifically grants collective bargaining power for safety equipment, something that they do not even have under current law. The interviewer then asks about this being part of the new bill. Watch what happens.

A union muckity muck comes along, blocks the camera and insists that their members are not allowed to answer questions.

Which makes one wonder…why?

I think we saw the answer to that question in the woman’s answers before her union boss came to save her. When you get past the overly generic, misleading and vague talking points such as “Stop attacking the middle class!”, and start asking specific questions like “what exactly is so bad about this bill?”, the unions don’t want you to hear the answers.

Because the answers that come from members’ mouths are either outright lies, such as this lady’s. Or even worse, the unions are afraid that their members might actually tell the truth!

How much worse would it have been if she had answered, “Because they want me to pay 15% of my health insurance. Can you believe that? Why, that’s more than halfway to being a…private-sector worker! It’s an outrage!” How well would that go over playing on the six o’clock news?

Of course, there’s another possibility as well. Maybe it’s not about what the interviewer might learn from the members, but what the members might learn from the people asking the questions. Perhaps they know that many of their members will not bother to read the bill or learn about it, because the bosses have told them The Truth. They wouldn’t want this lady learning that Senate Bill 5 actually GIVES them the right to bargain for safety equipment now, would they?

So, in retrospect, you can see why it’s much better to train them to just go out and shout simpleton sayings like “Where are the jobs!” (umm…since they are are union members, don’t they already have jobs?) and “Save the middle class!”. Because the last thing the unions want, is for you to know what they are really trying to protect.

Their privileged status and their power.

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