Sherrod Brown is a Serial Tax Delinquent

News broke Wednesday that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was delinquent on his property taxes due September 2011 until last week. Sherrod, who angrily demands bigger central government and higher taxes from “The Rich,” paid the nearly $900 in taxes, penalties, and interest due for his $222,000 D.C. condo only after being questioned by a reporter.

Sherrod Brown, Tax Delinquent

Pathetic as Sherrod’s story was early in the day, things got worse for America’s most Progressive senator in the afternoon. His conference call to defuse the situation must have been one of the week’s most hilariously uncomfortable:

“I was late,” he said on a conference call with reporters when asked about the recent delinquency. ”I misplaced the bill and I paid it as soon as I found out. I paid a penalty for being late, and it won’t happen again.”

Senator Brown lost a tax statement and forgot to pay until a reporter came calling months later, but there’s no cause for alarm! He paid the penalty for his delinquency, and it won’t happen again.

When a reporter noted that it also happened five and six years ago, Brown said, “I misplaced it then. This is a small apartment. I’m not in D.C. nearly every week, I’m here when the Senate’s in session, I’m here three or four nights a week. I paid the penalty. And in no way, obviously, was I avoiding taxes.”

Because “the dog ate it” worked so well the first time around, Sherrod tries the same excuse for three consecutive property tax bills in 2006 and 2007. With no reporters reminding him, Sherrod actually fell so far behind on property taxes his condo was listed for public auction! Odd that a U.S. Senator would forget the existence of taxes for months on end, springing into action only when his property is on the line.

I love Sherrod’s volley of additional excuses. It’s a small apartment! He’s there less than 57% of the time! He’s been serially delinquent with payments, but was in no way avoiding taxes by not paying taxes! Obviously.

Since his election to the Senate, Sherrod has paid over $850 in penalties and interest for his failure to submit D.C. property taxes on time. That’s peanuts for a millionaire who promises trillions to interest groups and insists soaking the rich & slashing the military will pay for it.

Remember, Sherrod is a Progressive who thinks a republic of 300 million can – and should – be ruled by a few thousand bureaucrats in Washington. He’s unable to keep track of his mail and pay his taxes on time twice a year, but that doesn’t stop Sherrod from making big plans with your money!

Demanding bigger government while failing at his most basic civic duty: one more way Sherrod Brown resembles President Obama’s worst cabinet appointees and staff.

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11 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown is a Serial Tax Delinquent”

    1. Jason is an award winning blogger. He’s not lazy, he is actually correct. Sherrod Brown is a tax evader. Don’t be mad at Jason, be mad at Sherrie Brown, he’s the one who pretends to be a working class hero while living it up as a social elite, big labor slush-funder and tax cheater.

  1. Josh Mandel is delinquent as Treasurer of the State of Ohio. He hasn’t performed in his office since entering it, as he has spent the entire time chasing campaign contributions and his senatorial aspirations.

    1. Funny, this article is about your current Senator who wants to raise your taxes while not paying his. What are your thoughts on that? Who cares about Josh Mandel, I bet he pays his taxes.

  2. Josh Mandel is the fellow that the boys here at 3BP are so taken with and want to run against Sherrod Brown. As stated, he’s been delinquent in his duties as treasurer as he has simply used that position as a stepping stone to a run in the senatorial race. Maybe he pays his taxes, but he hasn’t performed as treasurer. He’s been too busy chasing campaign donations.

    1. Where was your outrage when Sherrod Brown abandoned his House Seat to run for senate? Just wondering. Sometimes when duty calls, it is your responsibility to answer it.

      Josh did it in Iraq and now he is doing it in the Senate. He needs to beat the most liberal senator in america, Sherrod has turned his back on the voters to peruse his own radical far left agenda. He does not represent the values of Ohio, he represents San Francisco. Sherrod needs to go and you progressives know Mandel will win and it’s killing you!

      Think Sherrod and his wife Connie Schultz both fired in the same year!

  3. Actually, it’s not killing me as Brown still retains a sizable lead over Mandel in the polls. Now you’ll cry that they are left leaning polls.

  4. Look, everyone, this particular anonymous commenter clearly sees “lazy” as a compliment. Spend time researching ridiculous union boss pay? Lazy. Highlight union partisanship at member expense? Lazy. Inform voters Sherrod Brown is an incompetent leftist kook? You get the picture.

    Ohio’s “lazy” treasurer improves the state’s credit rating, while 3BP’s Anonymous comments “UR LAZY LOLZ” over.. and over.. and over again. Thanks for being a standard-bearer of Progressive thought, Anonymous!

  5. This blog should be a free speech forum. It should not however give license and space to anonymous morons like the UR LAZY grafitti artist who has so soiled this thread and others. Argument and disagreement are the lifeblood of politics, of the nation, but this content free slobber is an offense to thinking, politically conscious citizens of any stripe.

    You have their URLs. Publish them. Ban these jerks, say so, and say why. You have more inportant things to say here, and more inportant arguments to respond to. Stop feeding the trolls.

  6. We will keep the forum open. Our only rules about commenting are that vulgarity and racial/ethnic slurs are not tolerated.

    I can assure you that we can take sticks and stones like “lazy”. If that were the extent of my wittiness, I’d stay anonymous, too.

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