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Sherrod Brown: Porker of the Month

Guest posted by Bytor

Congratulations, Senator! For continuing to insist on funding* for GE to develop an engine that nobody wants, you’ve won a prize! Despite both the Obama and Bush administrations, not to mention the Pentagon, saying that this alternate engine project is a waste of money, you pressed on anyway.

With George Voinovich winning the award just two months ago, it seems this is becoming a problem for Ohio’s Senators. For this reason, and others, not too many conservatives shed tears at Voinovich’s retirement.

The news isn’t all bad, though. Our new Senator, Rob Portman, voted for the GOP Senate caucus ban on earmarks.

Our federal government has a spending addiction that is a serious problem. Rob Portman gets that. Sherrod Brown doesn’t.

*UPDATE: A new earmark is not the basis of CAGW award, as is usually is the case with CAGWs Porker of the Month. Rather, an insistence from the 3 Senators to Defense Secretary Gates that Congress WILL spend this money despite strong opposition from the Pentagon and the threat of an Obama veto.

It’s still unnecessary pork spending, at a time when the electorate is clearly calling for measures to deal with the record trillion dollar deficits that we have had since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006.

Both parties are guilty of earmarking in the past. But one has almost unanimously sworn them off going forward in an effort to exercise fiscal restraint. The other doesn’t see any problems and wants to keep running trillion dollar deficits for years to come.

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