Sherrod Brown starts off negative

Sherrod and his liberals pals are scared.

If you haven’t heard, Sherrod Brown released his first TV commercial today. An incumbent Senator with statewide name recognition shouldn’t need to go on the air this early. Of course, we’ve been telling you for awhile that Sherrod has reason to be nervous. When an incumbent is polling below 50%, he is considered to be vulnerable. When he is below 45%, he’s in trouble. That’s where Sherrod is.

So, to no surprise to us, Sherrod Brown came out with a negative attack ad. Of course, this is to be expected, because there is nothing positive to say about Sherrod Brown’s record in the Senate. In Sherrod Brown’s last 10 years in Congress, the national debt has increased by TEN TRILLION dollars. His answer to every problem is more government and more spending.

What is Sherrod’s answer on how to pay for it? The Buffet Rule. Seriously, he just sent out an email urging us to fight for “tax fairness”. Sherrod and his Democrat pals are racking up deficits of $1.4 trillion per year, and Sherrods answer is a tax increase (of course) that would bring in $4.7 billion. That means it would take until the year 2312 for the Buffett rule to pay for just THIS YEAR’S deficit. Even CNN says that it “won’t do much to eat away at the nation’s debt and it won’t create jobs.”

With a history of irresponsible spending and absurd solutions like that, it’s clear that Sherrod Brown, just like his buddy Barack Obama, can’t run on his record. Look for the same tactic out of Brown all year that we will see out of Obama. More and more negative ads and personal attacks. Make sure you help us get Josh Mandel the help he needs to fight back.

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Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

8 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown starts off negative”

  1. “moneyed” ??? You know, because the GOP is made up of only rich people, and the DNC is all about the poor people (like hypocritical celebrities, athletes, business cronies, Soros, GE, green energy companies, his bundlers, etc.)

    Learn the truth lefties, and quit being force fed wrong facts.

  2. Its funny that Brown’s ad is criticizing the hiring of inexperienced people in leadership posts when he helped get an inexperienced man into the White House…

  3. While we are arguing with one another, our liberties are being stripped from us one at a time. Let us not forget why so many Dems were elected in 2008.

    There is too much money being thrown around on both sides. No way the rank and file on either side will have a voice. But there is a candidate for the U.S. Senate, in Ohio, that represents a solution the real problem; electoral politics.

    Our crippled economy is but a symptom of a dysfunctional government, and that is but a symptom of a corrupted electoral process. Scott Rupert is running as a true independent candidate, to fix the electoral process. Check him out at

  4. Okok says:

    After reading post from lots of sites I agree w/anonymous. It’s insulting and shameful to keep putting failures back into office to keep doing what they do year after year, since they are the one’s who created this mess to begin with saddling their flipant life games on the people.
    I don’t se them getting into their pockets or savings to survive day to day living or struggling to put food on the table or paying bills and having to tell your children “NO” all time because you can’t afford it any more.
    I say anyone backing or supporting those in office is trading their loyalties for money or pay off of some sort.
    WE need new People in these seats so that the People get the control of Government back. There are plenty of new faces with great ideas,values common sense to get things done besides taxing and ripping the people off.
    People need to start thinking about the end results. So far 99.7% of who already holds office doesn’t do squat until it’s election time then afterwards they drop off the map going back to their old ways of spending putting us further into debt.
    Stop being puppets and sheep following the old one’s in office. Career politicians are in it for the money not the People and never held accountable for their actions.
    Time to change it People don’t be a traitor for government benifits that they are going to jerk after the elections.
    Get a back bone like your telling the elected officials. Change starts with the People electing people in who are fresh and in the interst of the people not career politicians who think they own the seats and the people to do with what ever they want.
    BTW – I did check out this Scoot Rupert fella and for Ohio I’d say he’s on the right track and his ideas aren’t spending or adding new Taxes, it’s using whats there but in a better way and in some of it giving back to the People’s pockets the way it should be. Check Scott Rupert out and others that the Media has done a black out on.
    People “WE” do have choices and I for one have been looking at these People and going to “Vote” for them so I am not wasting my vote for the same old crap that has put my Family in Poverty over the last 4 years.

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