Slick Eddy Fitzgerald was parked with another passenger after midnight

Fitzgerald-sucking-a-lemonThe Cleveland Scene is reporting that there was another incident where a suspicious vehicle was reported late at night, and it turned it out to be Ed Fitzgerald and another passenger in the car.

While he was mayor of Lakewood, Ed FitzGerald was the subject of a call for a suspicious vehicle to the Lakewood police department.

A call for a suspicious vehicle in the west lot of the city hall parking lot came in, Malley said. The officer does not remember a month or year, but said after he pulled up behind the vehicle, Ed FitzGerald exited the car and approached the officer. There was a passenger in the car, but the officer did not speak to that person. FitzGerald told the officer he was working late and on his way home.

The Plain Dealer also has a report up now.

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – A Lakewood police officer investigating a “suspicious vehicle” parked after midnight at City Hall at least four years ago discovered then-Mayor Ed FitzGerald and another person, city Police Chief Timothy J. Malley said Thursday.

Malley said the officer who approached the vehicle cannot recall if the passenger was a man or a woman and did not obtain an identification.

Police did not ask FitzGerald for his driver’s license in the incident in Lakewood, Malley said.

The FitzGerald campaign said the candidate will not take questions about the Lakewood chief’s remarks.

I think its time to roll this tape again…

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