So, what the heck is going on out there?

While we do expect some exit polling to be less than ideal, the real numbers on the ground are looking about as well as we could have hoped.

Turnout is heavy in red counties and underperforming in blue counties.

Rich Lowry from NRO has the rundown:

  • Absentee and early vote activity is over 17 percent higher in counties McCain won than counties Obama won, compared to 2008.
  • Turnout is higher in counties and media markets McCain carried in ’08 than in counties and markets Obama carried.
  • There are 34 counties in Ohio that John McCain won where absentee and early vote turnout is over 120 percent of 2008. There are only 9 counties where Obama won four years ago where this is the case.
  • @HotlineJosh: Overall, early vote turnout OH up 2.44% in state. Down -4.1% in Obama/Kerry counties; up 14.39% in Bush/McCain counties.
GOP county turnout up
· Geauga County early vote was 125% more than 2008 early vote
· McCain won Geauga County with 57% and Bush got 60% in ‘04
Dem county turnout down
· Athens County early vote was 10% less than 2008 early vote
· Obama won Athens County with 67%