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State Senator Shirley Smith moved out of her district, still ran for reelection

With all of the scuttlebutt we are hearing from Democrats about new legislative districts, there’s one Ohio Senate Democrat who isn’t worried about the issue at all.

Why? Because Senator Shirley Smith doesn’t seem to care about the law stating that you must live in your district. She moved out of hers a long time ago. From WKYC in Cleveland:

CLEVELAND — State lawmakers are supposed to live in the district they represent. It’s the law.

But a Channel 3 News investigation found State Senator Shirley Smith living outside her district.

Records show Smith owns a home on Woodworth Avenue in Cleveland in District 21, the district she’s represented as a state senator for almost five years.

But Channel 3 news hidden cameras found her living at a much more expensive home in South Euclid in District 25.

Smith was seen on three randomly-chosen days in July and August relaxing on her front porch and entering and exiting the home, which is located in a subdivision with homes valued near $300,000.

Why would the Senator do that? Well, I used to live in Smith’s district. A lot of it…ain’t so great. South Euclid, however, is a very nice place to live. Watch the video for a good comparison between the two neighborhoods.

After trying to dodge the issue the whole time, she finally admits to Tom Meyer that she lives in the South Euclid house. Not the house that she told the Board of Elections she lives in. Not in the district she is required to live in. NOT among the people of the 21st district, who she is supposed to be live among, as their representative.

On her website, Smith says her “committment to the 21st district is unchanging.” Really, Senator Smith? It seems that it certainly IS changing, seeing as you couldn’t even stand to live there!

And while South Euclid is certainly a lovely place to live, the 21st district also has some beautiful and upscale neighborhoods as well. Cleveland Heights and University Heights are great suburbs with good schools and low crime. Why didn’t you move there, and you’d still be in the correct district? Dumb, Shirley. Dumb.

Hey Chris Redfern, why don’t you get your people to actually live in their districts before you go off whining about how they are drawn, eh?

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