Stay Classy ODP

You have got to be kidding me.

You might have heard that there was a ceremony at the Statehouse today to honor Ohio’s fallen heroes.  The families of 16 fallen soldiers were present at a joint session of the General Assembly and then followed the Governor to the Statehouse Atrium for a wreath laying ceremony.

By all accounts it was a solemn and emotional ceremony for all involved and worthy of the respect that these fallen soldiers, and their families, rightfully deserve.

Apparently the Ohio Democrat Party didn’t get the message.

Instead of joining the Governor and other elected officials at this ceremony they sent their campaign tracker to videotape the Governor in an attempt to score political points.

Don’t believe me?  We have pictures.



I don’t dispute that campaigns can get nasty sometimes on both sides, but an event to honor Ohio’s fallen heroes is not the venue for such classless behavior.   If you want to videotape the Governor at other public events I get it, but taking advantage of today’s ceremonies is ridiculous.

I am hoping for, but certainly don’t expect, an apology from Ohio Democrats to all of those offended by today’s actions.

12 thoughts on “Stay Classy ODP”

  1. What’s offensive about doing nothing more than recording the event. The tracker didn’t disrupt the event. He just filmed it, Sam, just like the rest of the media did. You’re losing it.

    1. Come on man. The rest of the media wasn’t filming the event hoping to use it in an attack ad against Kasich. Like I said in the post, I get that trackers are part of the game and understand the ODP guys role. However, to film that seemed in poor taste and I know it irritated some friends of those soldiers being honored.

      1. Sam, Kasich/ORP employed trackers who did the EXACT same thing with Strickland in 2010. I would be shocked if FitzGerald doesn’t already have trackers. The guy kept a respectful distance and was non disruptive. Really, this is weak tea to complain about and pretty hypocritical if you aren’t willing to call out Republicans for doing the same thing.

  2. Don’t you guys have a 501(c)(4) application to file? Social welfare organization to create for non-profit tax exempt status? Don’t forget to put the word “party” in your app so you can whine about targeting yourself as political. Freeloaders can’t do anything right.

    1. Tim,

      Why don’t you try to sodomize another child like the one you tried to get to before finding out it was the police.

      You are a sick, sick person who would have molested a poor child if you had the chance.

      You deserve no right to comment.

      1. This stuff used to bother me, but then I ran for office and won the highest turnout precincts in a landslide despite people like you, Dave Ramos….oh…I’m sorry…I meant THEBIGONE…tossing insults around.

        Whatever world you people crawled out of, I’m busy destroying it.

        1. Tim,

          Your society ends up in Detroit, it’s time to quit denying it. Progressivism is a failed system.

          1. We are not living under progressivism, or anything like it. We are living under the total victory of free market purism, where the 1% govern the 99% by virtue of money alone. I realize you folks despise Occupy, but it would have been nice for your 2d amendment rights to show up while the full power of the state attacked the 1st amendment, so forgive me if I get preachy, I’m sick of playing games.

            After the Cold War, we made the same mistake Marx made, only in reverse. We assumed pure free market policy beat pure communism, when in fact pure communism merely collapsed under the weight of a false assumption against the American hybrid of the best of both. We tore off toward free market purism with the zeal of victors. And here we are. And now we know that humans can no more be measured by profit, production, or currency in a capitalist nirvana than they can be in the Soviet utopia.

            I realize Republicans have a problem with admitting wrong, but either you are blind or you enjoy being played for a damned fool so much you’ll spout nonsense on the internet until your eyes turn blue. Wake up. You argue that 1% of the country holding almost half the wealth is somehow “progressivism”? What weed is that “progressive” smoking, I would like some of it.

            Money is evil. It is Tolkien’s ring, all powerful, glistening before us as we quiver like shriveling Gollums begging for one last glimpse of it. It is Satan’s favorite tool, we act so unlike Jesus in its presence, and the more of it there is, the closer to evil we become. It has been set loose by 30 years of policy specifically to set it loose.

            This is not a failed progressive system.

  3. For those wanting to see Tim in action, come to Berea Muni Court on Monday at 1:30 p.m. as Tim has a change of plea for his DUI and resisting arrest cases.

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