Stepping Back

A week ago today a friend sent me a link to a Third Base Politics post which announced, while discussing Governor Kasich’s plan to pay for an income tax cut by raising oil & gas severance taxes, “that’s exactly why we at GOHP & 3BP wholeheartedly support this proposal.” Given that my name is still in the author list here at Third Base Politics and I no-heartedly support the governor’s severance tax proposal, I felt compelled to write a brief response.
This week I agreed (happily, I might add) not to post anything further about the severance tax issue here. Then I saw that I was being quoted and subsequently ridiculed for reporting on what the governor’s office is characterizing as a “push poll” because it demonstrates broad opposition to the logic the severance tax plan is built on.

In lieu of some entertainingly epic meltdown, I will simply link to a recent Third Base Politics story endorsing a huge tax hike in Cleveland.

Considering that I cover nearly everything I’m interested in writing about in my work for Media Trackers Ohio, I’ve decided there is little upside in continuing to write intermittent posts for Third Base Politics. You can find me on Twitter at @jasonahart, and I’ll continue submitting the occasional story to in my free time so long as they keep publishing ’em.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Stepping Back”

  1. Ditto. Jason’s done some great work–particularly in exposing the lies of the liberal left and the union cronies.

    I look forward to your continued work at Media Trackers.

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