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Stick a fork in Lee Fisher

Guest posted by Bytor

He’s done.

Quinnipiac has its most recent poll of the race out this morning. Last month, Rob Portman was destroying Fisher by 20%. This month, it’s basically unchanged, with Portman winning 55%-36% among likely voters. Portman leads among women by 4% but is humiliating Fisher 63%-30% among men, and 67%-25% among independents.

The latest Fox News Battleground Survey is more of the same. Portman ahead by 16 points.
Lee Fisher never really had any real support behind him. Portman has destroyed him in fundraising, in some quarters by as much as 8-1.

This race is not shifting, and the DSCC knows it. They won’t come out and say it, of course, but they aren’t touching Lee Fisher with a ten-foot pole.

The DSCC tells us repeatedly and on the record that it hasn’t written off the race and supports Fisher, and its absence from the Ohio airwaves doesn’t mean it won’t be on the air eventually. No one believes it. For Fisher supporters, eventually was, like, yesterday.

Even though they are Democrats, they do tend to be fiscally responsible with their own money, and they know a sure loser when they see it. I think it’s safe to say they won’t be spending any money in Ohio this cycle.

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