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Strickland’s new spokesman described Ted as a “rapidly unfolding, ongoing saga in governmental futility.”

gov-ted-strickland-427ss1-102010Dennis Willard has been cited as a spokesman for Ted Strickland as he campaigns to run against Senator Rob Portman next year.

But when Willard wrote for the Akron Beacon Journal during Strickland’s time as Ohio governor, he wrote several pieces that laid heavy criticism on the one-term failed governor.

In March of 2009, Willard accused Strickland of robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

Gov. Ted Strickland, like a bizarro-world Robin Hood, is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich with his school funding plan.

In September of 2009, Willard wrote about the many resignations and firings within the Strickland administration as a result of various scandals. 3BP wrote about Willard’s piece at the time.

In an editorial titled “Empty promises in Strickland’s barren administration”, Willard offered the following critiques:

Strickland said Sykes had been unreasonable, refusing to wait one month so the administration could study the policy. The maternity issue that the governor wanted to study for one more month is still on hold — 19 months later.

Strickland came into office, probably like all governors before him, boasting that he would search high and low to find the best and the brightest to fill his Cabinet.
But his appointments have been largely politically connected Democrats…

The promise to “Turnaround Ohio” that Strickland made in running for office in 2006 has gone unfulfilled.

…his attempts to fix the school-funding formula, provide more benefits to the needy, even avoid raising taxes by expanded gambling through keno and now slots, have faltered initially or failed because of poor planning, communication and execution.

Later that month, Willard beat up on Strickland again.

Need a working title for a book for Gov. Ted Strickland’s first, perhaps only, term in office? Missed Opportunities would fit.

Strickland’s thin skin and paranoia dictated his undignified response.

…Strickland added another chapter to his rapidly unfolding, ongoing saga in governmental futility.

This situation is not merely awkward for Ted Strickland’s new campaign. It underscores and validates what Republicans have been saying all along. Even fellow Democrats realized during his administration that Ted Strickland was inept at his job.

Now Willard is working for Strickland. What does it say about the crop of Ohio Democrats that the best candidate that Willard can find to promote is one that he personally described as paranoid, thin-skinned and guilty of poor planning and execution?

It says that Strickland is a retread candidate and another desperation pick for Ohio Democrats. We saw what happened in 2014 when they picked a bottom of the barrel candidate to head their statewide ticket.

When even his current spokesman wrote about how lousy a governor Ted Strickland was, why would Ohioans consider sending him to represent us in the U.S. Senate?

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