The Cost of Voting No on 2

Opponents of the reforms in Issue 2 blame busted local budgets on the way Governor Kasich handled the $8 billion deficit Ted Strickland left behind. In effect, government union bosses who thrive on a broken status quo insist the problem is too little spending. Like all leftists who decry spending cuts, union bosses want to raise our taxes.

For proof, consider Ohio school districts’ five-year forecasts from October 2010. Based on papered-over Strickland state figures – before Governor Kasich was even elected – districts projected major shortfalls by 2015. If we vote down Issue 2, how will local leaders cover these deficits? Layoffs, higher taxes, program cuts… choose any combination of the three.

Without Senate Bill 5, every resident of these Ohio school districts would have to pay between $1200 and $1500 in 2015 to cover the deficits forecast last fall:

Lakewood Local School District $1,498
Princeton City School District $1,383
Upper Scioto Valley Local School District $1,376
Hudson City School District $1,368
Avon Lake City School District $1,345
St. Marys City School District $1,333
Osnaburg Local School District $1,314
Maple Heights City School District $1,293
Berlin-Milan Local School District $1,292
Nordonia Hills City School District $1,283
Russia Local School District $1,276
Huber Heights City School District $1,273
Northmont City School District $1,273
Valley View Local School District $1,266
Bradford Exempted Village School District $1,262
Southwest Licking Local School District $1,260
Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District $1,251
Oakwood City School District $1,249
North Olmsted City School District $1,242
Medina City School District $1,240
Beachwood City School District $1,213

In 2010, more than 450 Ohio school districts forecast deficits amounting to more than $100 per resident by 2015. These 21 districts aren’t even the worst examples!

Unfortunately for Ohio union bosses, heated rhetoric won’t melt mathematical reality. With your Yes vote on Issue 2, you can make it easier for school districts throughout state to address deficits without raising taxes, reducing services, or firing teachers.

Get the facts behind the anti-reform smear campaign, check out county-by-county school district forecasts, and then vote Yes on Issue 2!

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16 thoughts on “The Cost of Voting No on 2”

  1. Um, Issue 2 won’t solve this problem since Kasich’s budget cut overal school funding by billions, making the problem WORSE than this projection which is now outdated.

    By raiding the kilowatt tax and other property tax reimbursement programs, Kasich’s created a school funding crisis, and passage of Issue 2 cannot solve it. Yet again, this site repeats verbatim something it was spoonfed by someone else without any independent thought process.

  2. Since Modern feels the need to comment on every single post on 3BP, maybe we need to remind readers of how intellectually dishonest his own blog is everytime he comes here to make his comments. See here, where Modern was spoonfed an email that said something bad about Kasich. Using that email as the sole evidence, PB has featured the “story” on top of their page for weeks. Got any evidence to back up your smears yet, Modern? Or just that email from a guy you never heard of?

    You have zero credibility, Modern.

  3. Mr. Modern,

    you don’t seem to understand the economics of the micro situation, let alone the macro situation at the state level in a global economy. your input continues to lack substance.

  4. Anonymous’ input lacks substance and he doesn’t understand the micro or macro of his own rear end, let alone at the state level in a global economy.

    The fact is that Kasich’s budget eliminated funding to our schools and local communities, and he instead just asked the local citizens to pick up the bill. Thanks for passing the buck to me, John.

  5. What is Modern’s Blog called? Would love to read the garbage he/she posts. A full blog containing no facts, no substance, just scary stories about dieing waiting for a fireman or cop (which we will have more of after issue 2 passes). Should be a great read!

  6. The “school funding crisis” Modern is concerned about speaks in no way to district forecasts from October 2010. My point is that We Are Ohio claims powerful government unions were no problem before Kasich was elected – which is plainly untrue.

    Oh, and if you’re confused about how I was “spoonfed” research I conducted using figures from the Ohio Department of Education and US Census Bureau… that makes two of us. If I’m being accused of repeating myself verbatim – guilty!

    Issue 2 will help local officials solve budget problems. Modern can be forgiven for thinking higher taxes are all we need; Modern’s far-left political allies get millions every year siphoned to them from government workers via union bosses.

  7. Bytor, I refused to be lectured about credibility by a guy who wrote an entire post about the polling on Issue 2 who reported old data as current data, or a guy who claimed he got an exclusive from finding a video on YouTube someone else put up.

    You keep bring up the Superintendent e-mail, forgetting that we interviewed the guy before we post it and just about everything he reported in that e-mail John Kasich has since said in other speeches.

    Issue 2 won’t help with local governments deal with the budgetary pressures Kasich made worse with his pass the bill, keep the buck budget. Just look at Lancaster.

    The fact is Jason, if you had any williness to be objective, you would concede that Kasich’s budget has made the problem far worse and worse than anything collective bargaining has done.

    But you won’t because you don’t do research, you pull whatever you get from the Buckeye Institute or some other pro-Issue2 organization.

  8. Aww…is someone getting under Modern’s skin? Thats too bad.

    So what if you interviewed him? He could be a liar and you have no proof he isn’t a liar. You are reporting something as a fact, based on something one guy said, who cant back it up with ANYTHING. You were “spoonfed” a lie and ran with it because you want to believe it.

    You want to compare that with my clicking the wrong poll? Go ahead, pal. I publicly admitted I screwed up and POSTED AND CORRECTED IT. Duh!

    Until you retract the bogus “we are at war with these people” story, you have ZERO standing to go around criticizing the credibility of anyone else. And whenever I see your comments doing so, I will continue to link to that story, so people can tell for themselves whether anything you say shouldn’t be disregarded as garbage.

  9. Also, Modern, if you “refuse to be lectured” about your obvious lack of even a shred of credibility, you can always stay away.

    No one forces you to comment here. It’s cute that you are so obsessed, though.

  10. How many posts have I written about you? Zero. How many posts have you written about us? Several.

    Talk about your delusional obsessions.

    You’re entire basis of discrediting this superintendent is that I can’t prove he’s not lying when I have been given no evidence or motive of why he, a guy in management, would make up a story like this.

    We’ve confirmed he was, in fact, at the meeting, and at least one attendee has backed up his story.

    The DDN and the Dispatch also reported the story and Kasich’s denial.

    So you can cite that post all you want because you have no evidence that the post isn’t credible.

    Unlike your post when you claimed a firehouse in Chillicothe would be open if Issue 2 was already law (even though it’s still open today.)

    You can’t even smear me factually:
    “Modern was spoonfed an email that said something bad about Kasich. Using that email as the sole evidence, PB has featured the “story” on top of their page for weeks.”

    It wasn’t even my post.

    Then you write:
    “So what if you interviewed him?”

    Pick a story, and stick to it. Either we ran with nothing but the e-mail or we confirmed its authenticity with the author and another attendee. You can’t make up your own facts to smear me.

    It’s sad to watch you coming publicly unglued as it finally dawns on you that Issue 2 really is going down in flames.

  11. Hahaha Modern’s story is coming undone.

    “It wasn’t my post! I didn’t write it! Don’t blame me!”


    You = Plunderbund

    Plus, I can think of 2 posts you have written about me. Don’t make me link to them and show you to be lying yet AGAIN.

    Your credibility here is already bad enough.

  12. “But you won’t because you don’t do research, you pull whatever you get from the Buckeye Institute or some other pro-Issue2 organization.”

    My data are from the Ohio Department of Education and the US Census Bureau, as I cite everywhere I share numbers and on each of the 88 county PDFs I put together. It’s one thing to be wrong about everything, Modern, but if you’re going to troll comment threads it’d be a good idea to skim the posts first.

  13. Sorry Bytor but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think about if I’ve written about you. I’m sure it was for yet another factually error ridden post you refused to correct.

    Oh no, my credibility is bad at a site virtually nobody reads and only gets comments when I visit? How will I manage to survive being called not credible from a guy who whined about not getting media credit for his “exclusive” he found on YouTube?

    Jason- You dance around the issue. Doesn’t Kasich budget make the problem worse? And are you HONESTLY telling me you don’t get fed stuff by the Buckeye Institute?

  14. Sorry Bytor but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think about if I’ve written about you.
    Really? Because YOU are the one that brought it in the first place.
    How many posts have I written about you? Zero. How many posts have you written about us? Several.
    Nice walkback there, Modern! Its tough keeping your lies straight huh?

    Want me to post the links to the posts you and PB have written about me? Or are you going to go back and delete them to cover your latest lie here in the comments?

    You keep claiming how nobody reads this site, but you obviously don’t really think so, or you wouldn’t have racked up over 1000 comments here.

    Dude. Seriously! You have more comments than anybody at 3BP. Why are you so obsessed with us?

  15. Issue 2 is all about separating union contributions from the Democratic party. Tom Zawistowski, president of the Ohio Liberty Council spoke Oct.24th at the Marietta 9/12 meeting. He spoke about supporting Issues 2 and 3. He urged us to vote YES for Issue 2 because without it, the level of spending is not sustainable. He said, “We the taxpayers are the victims of a system that is designed to take advantage of us at every turn.” Ninety-nine percent (99%) of public union dues left after bills are paid go to Democratic candidates. “Passing Issue 2 fundamentally defunds the Democratic Party.” He then said, “We have to ‘go to war’ and make calls, go door to door , put up signs, etc.” The preceding is from their newsletter.

  16. Show me where in SB5 there is anything that would keep dues from going to the Democratic party.

    We’ll be waiting for your answer.

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