The new Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee

Folks, here is a complete list of who the new committee will include after Tuesday’s elections. It has come to my attention that even some members of the press are having a hard time finding the complete results.

Funny, in years past, the secretary of state’s website provided results for these races. But not this year. I wonder why…oh wait.  Isn’t the current SOS a very close ally of Kevin DeNial?  Hmmm….

I have indicated incumbents and unopposed candidates in the updated list:

1 M Frank Guglielmi Unopposed
F Judy Miller Incumbent, beat Angela Snyder
2 M Mark Wagoner Unopposed incumbent
F Dee Talmage Unopposed incumbent
3 M David Goodman Beat Roland Lane (DeWine ally)
F Jo Ann Davidson Unopposed incumbent 
4 M Tim Evans Incumbent, beat Richard Alderson
F Patricia Alderson Beat incumbent Bea Lyons (DeWine ally)
5 M Darryl Mehaffie Incumbent, beat Mark Altier
F Lisa Hays Unopposed incumbent
6 M Pat Flanagan Unopposed incumbent
F Judy Westbrook beat Sharon Lowry
7 M Bob McEwen Unopposed incumbent
F Rebecca Heimlich Raga (DeWine ally) withdrew
8 M Richard Finan Unopposed
F Mary Ann Christie Unopposed
9 M Alex Triantafilou Unopposed incumbent
F Christa Criddle Unopposed incumbent
10 M Kevin DeWine Beat Michael Boerger
F Brenda Lewis Beat Mary Ann Schmidt
11 M Joe Stainbrook Beat Jon Binkley (DeWine ally), Sean Binkley
F Meghan Gallagher Unopposed incumbent
12 M Keith Cheney Unopposed
F Susan Ranae Lentz Beat Tess Elshoff
13 M Bob Rousseau Unopposed incumbent
F Joyce Houck Incumbent, beat Kirsten Hill
14 M Scott Nichols Beat Greg Simpson, Curt Hartman
F Kay Reynolds Unopposed incumbent
15 M Doug Preisse Unopposed incumbent
F Carolyn Petree Unopposed incumbent
16 M Mike Colley Incumbent, beat Paul Brown, Paul Baker
F **empty** No one filed for this seat
17 M Phil Bowman Unopposed incumbent
F Bonnie Ward Beat incumbent Kay Ayres (DeWine ally)
18 M Andrew Manning Incumbent, beat Jamie Callender
F Amy Sabath Unopposed incumbent
19 M Rich Cochran Beat incumbent Steve Cuckler
F Teri Morgan Unopposed incumbent
20 M Pat Hennessey Unopposed incumbent
F Diana Fleegle Beat Lindsay Kuhn
21 M Joe Miller Beat Dave Gunning, Steven Bennett
F Susan Rodman Unopposed incumbent
22 M Jim Woods Beat Charles Calvert (DeWine ally)
F Sharon Ray Beat incumbent Sandy Calvert (DeWine ally)
23 M Bob Bennett Incumbent, beat David Morris
F Diane Stover Beat Doris Dorica
24 M Jeff Dean Incumbent, beat Stephen Sabolich
F Nancy Suhadolnik Incumbent, beat Kim O’Malley
25 M Dan Carter Beat Ron Lisy, Joe Bosolt, Stephen Emmert
F Brittany Williams Incumbent, beat Phyllis Mosley
26 M John Matthews Beat incumbent Charles Knight (DeWine ally)
F Lisa Cooper Beat Karyle Mumper
27 M Roy Ray Beat Scott Sigel, John Sullivan
F Marilyn Slaby Unopposed incumbent
28 M James Simon Unopposed
F Debbie Walsh Unopposed incumbent
29 M Curt Braden Unopposed incumbent
F Sarah Brown Incumbent, beat Beth Williams
30 M Jim Carnes Beat Michael Young (DeWine Ally)
F Marilyn Ashcraft Incumbent, beat Lisa Haas
31 M Gary Burkholder Incumbent, beat Stephen Fleming, Curtis Johnson
F Betty Montgomery Beat incumbent Kathy Johnston (DeWine ally)
32 M Casey O’Brien Incumbent, beat Haberstroh, Law and Pikor
F Melissa Pope Beat incumbent Kathy Creed (DeWine ally)
33 M David Johnson Unopposed
F Tracy Monroe-Winbush Unopposed

Kevin DeWine suffered some major defeats, even as he spent hundreds of thousands of party money on those races to try to keep his own job.

For some other good analysis and further data on the SCC races, be sure to check out this post from GOHP Blog.

Author: Nick

I was born and raised in Ohio. After growing up in the Columbus area, I moved to Cleveland to study at Case Western Reserve University, and have lived in Northeast Ohio ever since. I live in Wellington with my wife and son. I work in the private sector and have never worked in the political field.

9 thoughts on “The new Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee”

    1. I came up with 24 D’s, but I was wrong. Closer to 18 D’s. I had a few unopposed incumbents on the wrong team.

  1. Ugh, disappointed to see that Dean/Suhadolnik were re-elected–what’s up with the folks up here in NE OH–always voting for the same ole, same ole–but then again, we were bombarded virtually daily with mailings from the ORP to vote for these 2 so NE Ohioans probably didn’t know anyone else was on the ballot (do your homework people!!!)

  2. Anonymous, I will refrain for now in part from identifying the exact goods guys. First all of, the Chairman reads this web-site and if he know exactly who is against him, he will try to pick a few off. I will say that it looks like only 4 of the 33 Districts (including him own) voted for two pro-chairman candidates. Every other District vote for one or two Pro-Kasich candidates. On a side note, the last I looked, one of our candidates was only winning by a few votes so the list is not final.

  3. There was no list on the SS from the last election either, it has to be piecemealed by county just like this time.

    It find it interesting that The enemy of my enemy is my friend is the new Republican slagan in Ohio.

    Anyone who is please to see Nancy Suhadolnik win and Kathy Johnston and Kay Ayers lose is an idiot. Remember the McFan folks, good people, endorsed Bob Bennett. Now isn’t that a hoot.

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