Todays Tidbits

Lowlights On the Hill:

Tomorrow, reps will vote on whether to give federal employees “equal” maternity leave as private workers, increasing the 12 unpaid week benefit to 8 weeks paid / 4 weeks unpaid (but can then use vacation days) for any federal employee that births a child, adopts a child, or gets a foster child. 8% of private employees get 8 weeks paid leave for only giving birth. What are you going to name your foster kid? (H.R. 5781)

Also, a vote to outlaw ‘abuse’ at residential programs for troubled teens. Nowadays, if you are bad, you might be forced to miss dinner. Not anymore. Wonder what Mrs. Hannigan or any military school principle would say about this one. (H.R. 5876)


Check out this little discussed moment of history. Democrats filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 57 hours! Amazing that folks don’t bring that up EVER.