Do you like choices in private health care? Oh well.

No matter that the #1 constituent issue in some districts is keeping Medicare advantage plans available…

The House Majority tied cuts in the Republican medicare reform baby to the “Doc Fix” bill that postpones cuts in medicare payments to doctors. The bill passed as many republicans couldnt convince voters of the Democrat trickery.

So by placating Physician organizations, we take benefits away from many of their patients, so their patients cannot afford to go to said doctors…

Someone help me here, even I cannot spin this.

We started with your savings, now we’ll take over oil. Thank you.

This past week many House Democrats have called to nationalize American energy production. If Congress thinks it is a wise move to socialize our energy supply, look no further than Hugo Chavez. This proposal is clearly wrong and goes against every principle of freedom and democracy that has defined our nation.

“Greenies” want us to use less energy. They get excited when gas goes up in price because less people drive. However, this won’t solve anything. The good news is that we’re working on it, without nationalizing, overtaxing or being completely stupid.

Also on Capitol Hill today I saw protesters for the mortgage bailout bill. A sign read “Housing is a human right” or something similar. Really?

It’s a right for me when I work and save money (not buying expensive shoes or Skinimax) and pay my rent. I then have a right to live in my house. But is it a right for those who knowingly take bad mortgages in an inflated market to complain when they can’t afford their payments less than a year later?

I’m sorry, ma’am, you can’t afford that house, but the government will pay it off for you!


Live where you can afford to live and work harder or smarter to be able to afford your dream home, don’t rely on the government dole. When this passes I’m going to a formerly forclosed home and letting my dog run around in their backyard. When they ask me what I’m doing, I’ll let them know since my taxes paid for their house, I’ll be using the backyard every once in awhile. Thanks.

Side sarcastic note: Is it a right for those in Africa who build their own houses in villages out of sticks and mud? Or the miles and miles of refugee camps? I don’t think they have any say in the matter. We should ship the protestors to Africa…

Todays Tidbits

Lowlights On the Hill:

Tomorrow, reps will vote on whether to give federal employees “equal” maternity leave as private workers, increasing the 12 unpaid week benefit to 8 weeks paid / 4 weeks unpaid (but can then use vacation days) for any federal employee that births a child, adopts a child, or gets a foster child. 8% of private employees get 8 weeks paid leave for only giving birth. What are you going to name your foster kid? (H.R. 5781)

Also, a vote to outlaw ‘abuse’ at residential programs for troubled teens. Nowadays, if you are bad, you might be forced to miss dinner. Not anymore. Wonder what Mrs. Hannigan or any military school principle would say about this one. (H.R. 5876)


Check out this little discussed moment of history. Democrats filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 57 hours! Amazing that folks don’t bring that up EVER.